To Understand the Underpinnings of the Financial Industry Like Mike Nierenberg Study the Past

Mike Nierenberg started out his career at Lehman brothers for quite a few reasons. Mike Nierenberg probably saw the way that Lehman Brothers had progressed over the course of the many years it has stayed in business and realized that there was much that he, Mike Nierenberg would be able to learn from a firm with such significant past history.

He was right, Mike Nierenberg, was able to learn a lot from starting his career at Lehman Brothers. Mike Nierenberg chose wisely because of the fact that Lehman brothers had been around since 1850, was a well organized institution, and certainly lasted through many different trials.

Let us learn a little bit more about the firm that Mike Nierenberg started his career with in a little more detail.

The Story of Mike Nierenberg’s First Place of Financial Field Employment

Started by immigrants, Lehman Brothers started out in a singular fashion. It was first a dry-goods store, it then became something much more. Helmed by three brothers with the last name of Lehman, the store became successful because of some significant insight by the brothers.

The store was started in the 1840’s and by the time the 1850’s rolled around cotton proved itself to be a significant cash crop. The brothers went ahead and saw an opportunity, instead of accepting currency for the goods they provided, they would accept cotton as a form a payment.

Their financial aptitude was already starting to show and they would now be able to branch out and diversify their business, their staple and foundation would be their store but now they would be able to have a trading component. Yes, that’s right, they would start to trade, in the high value product that was cotton.

It is no wonder why Mike Nierenberg was attracted to this firm, it had a compelling past.

Sandy Chin Provides Tips on Mentorship

As an investment management expert, Sandy Chin boasts of over 20 years of experience in her respective sector. Ever since launching her own financial services firm by the name of Tidal Bore Capital, Chin has been working tirelessly to bring optimal management solutions to those are in need of them.

Having launched her own firm with the support of her mentor, popular investment expert William Leach who currently serves as Head of Research at Tidal Bore Capital, Sandy Chin has been a vocal advocate for mentorship and guidance.

Drawing from her own experience and how it helped her reached heights of success, Sandy Chin has vowed to mentor young women who are starting out in the world of finance.

Considering her dedication to the cause, Sandy Chin recently sat down with an online publication to share her top tips of mentorship for those who want to help others with their experience.

  1. Show Your Protégé That They Are Important

Sandy Chin maintains that a mentor should acknowledge the importance of their protégé. This establishes a two way cycle of respect. She mentions that a mentor should always ensure to never turn down a chance to listen to them, and should show a deep interest in what they have to say by asking relevant questions.

  1. Make Sure to Share Your Knowledge Whenever You Can

Sandy Chin mentions that a mentor should always be open to sharing their knowledge on industry matters. No matter how small an anecdote could be, it could be very valuable to a protégé.

  1. Understand the Power of Networking

Sandy Chin also maintains that a mentor should be able to open new doors of opportunities for their mentees. This helps them explore their options as they advance in their careers and forge meaningful professional relationships on the way.

  1. Be Open to Answering Questions

According to Sandy Chin, a mentor should always be open to answering questions whenever they can without a frown on their forehead. This allows the protégé to be more comfortable in their learning experience.

  1. Don’t Be Hesitate in Sharing Lessons of Past Mistakes

Sandy Chin maintains that a mentor should never hesitate from sharing their past mistakes with their mentees, so the younger minds could learn from them and only walk the route of success.

For some mentors, it can be difficult to grasp the concept of their actions having a profound effect on their mentees. Sandy Chin maintains that is what needs to be changed, since they need to understand that their actions have a deeper meaning to their protégés than they might think.

Make certain to follow these tips and dive a little deeper into the relationship to provide value that lasts.


“Marc Beer: Securing a $42 Million Fund for Renovia Inc. “

Marc Beer aims to provide better health for women across the country. With his goal in mind, he established a startup called Renovia Inc., and through this company, he introduced the Leva Pelvic Digital Health System. Formerly a chief executive of a different pharmaceutical company, Marc Beer has the experience to run a business successfully. One of the recent highlights of his career serving Renovia Inc. would be the closing of a $32 million funding from investors who wanted to help out the company. In addition to this, Marc Beer has also secured a $10 million venture debt. The $42 million funding that he secured will be used to improve the products and services offered by the company, and he also highlighted the possibility of creating new treatment methods that would benefit the public.


Renovia Inc. is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and the company has been developing therapeutic and diagnostic products that would help women who are suffering from different conditions. Marc Beer focused the company’s research on pelvic floor disorder, which is believed to affect 250 million women, with the majority of them experiencing urinary incontinence. Pelvic floor disorder is triggered normally by childbirth, but there are other causes on why the disorder develops. Renovia Inc.’s Leva Pelvic Digital Health System was submitted to the FDA early in 2018, and they received the approval from the government agency by April.


Marc Beer felt thankful to everyone who invested with the company, and he said that the fund given to them will be put into good use. The Longwood Fund, which is an investment firm that focuses heavily on medical companies, provided the largest amount of investment to Renovia Inc. They said that they are willing to invest in a company that has a clear goal, and their interest was captured by Marc Beer’s plans of creating a new generation Leva Pelvic Digital Health System. They said that investing in women’s health is a great idea, and they are seeing optimistic growth with the company in the coming years. Marc Beer said that The Longwood Fund is supportive of their plans on creating new products and services that provide treatment for a variety of conditions affecting the females, and he also revealed that their research department is already working to find out new treatments for many diseases. Learn more:


The career of Marc Beer has seen a lot of improvement after he holds the position to become the CEO of the startup company that he founded. He is now regarded as one of the top business people in the country, thanks to the success of the products that his company introduced. He also gained recognition from different organizations because of his goal to help women who are suffering from different disorders


The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy has been a great school for those looking to start their career in real estate and investing. Nick teaches his students how to make sound investments and finding the best real estate in the country. The real estate industry is great for entrepreneurs who want to make their own hours and generate substantial residual income.

Nick Vertucci went through a tough experience at a young age but didn’t let this tragedy keep him down for young. He was able to start a tech business at the age of 18 until the dot com crash of the 2000s left him millions of dollars in debt. What makes Nick’s story so inspiring is the fact that he did not let anything keep him from moving forward with his career. Nick decided to enroll in real estate school which ended up being the best thing for him to do.

Nick opened up the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy in January 2014 and quickly began the school to be to learn how to find great properties to invest in. Nick was able to put together an impressive portfolio of real estate and properties which turned out to be sound investments. Nick was then able to teach this knowledge to the students at his academy.

Nick Vertucci has some of the top real estate professionals in the industry teaching at his academy. These professionals have experience with the ins and outs of real estate and students are able to receive the best education around. Nick also allows the students to have as much fun as possible and hosts a VIP bus ride across the town. Real estate is an amazing field to get into and students are in great hands over at Nick’s real estate academy.

“The RealReal” Deal and Online Haute Spot for Fashionistas

In-the-know fashionistas have been scoring haute couture brands on the consignment website TheRealReal since 2011. Now the secret is out as more and more fashion lovers catch on that gently-used and even new “tags on” luxury apparel can be purchased for much less than “new,” although prices still reflect their designer status.

The RealReal is the brainchild of Julie Wainwright. She recognized the need for a convenient online destination dedicated to “haute” second-hand shopping. Wainwright created a website for people to buy and sell women’s and men’s high-end clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, watches, and other accessories.

Top-selling designer labels on The RealReal include Gucci, Louis Vuitton,and Chanel as well as many other famous and in-demand brands. The fun doesn’t end with fashion; The RealReal also caters to high-end treasure hunters shopping for upscale home decor and art.

The RealReal even offers sellers high-touch home pick-up services for items intended for consignment. Sellers send their pieces to The RealReal’s e-Commerce center in Secaucus, NJ for processing. This ensures the company has complete oversight to guarantee condition and authentication of all merchandise sold on the website. Next, their expert team of designers, marketers, and merchandisers work to best showcase each item, while emphasizing special details and unique features, including runway looks, season, and year if applicable.

It’s a success formula for seller, buyer, and company as most items sell in 90 days or less. The RealReal has moved 80 million pieces and made over $173 million dollars–even more by the time you read this.

Not so surprisingly, even high-end retailers including Nieman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue acknowledge the value of luxury resale shopping. They recognize that their customers are more willing to buy new, knowing their investment retains a good resale value.

The Real Real has also opened opened brick & mortar haute spots in New York and Los Angeles. Items in stores are also available online and likewise, items online can be shipped to the stores.

S visit The RealReal for exciting fashion finds that are well-made, high quality, and have a lot of life, glamour and style left in them for you to enjoy and make your own.

Bernardo Chua the shooting star in the marketing arena

Bernardo Chua is the initiator of Organo Gold. Organo Gold commenced in the year 2008, and it is a firm designated to be a marketing institution. It offers a variety of goods alternating from personal care to coffee and tea. Learn more about Bernardo  Chua at

Media outlets featuring Bernardo Chua

Organo Gold was rated at position 55 as a leading organization in direct selling globally by the Direct Selling News.

Benefits of utilizing his services

Organo Gold coffee is beneficial for human consumption as it contains Ganoderma. Ganoderma has been ranked as a herbal medicine by the Chinese. The product also;

  • Boost the immune system

Organo Gold coffee boosts the immune system as it fights virus and bacteria present in the body. The coffee is from natural extracts.

  • Manage Heart-Related Diseases

Diseases like high blood pressure and high cholesterols are related to the heart. By use of Organo coffee, it enables the body to fight such infections and even prevent stroke.

  • Cancer Prevention

The growth of Cancer cells can be fought against by Organo coffee as it has Ganoderma Lucidum which boosts the body’s immunity.

Bernardo Chua Accomplishments

Bernardo Chua is known to be a hardworking person. Over the years, he has received a couple of awards. In 2014, he won the Dangal ng Bayan award. The award was a business and industry related to National Consumer Quality based on consumer selection.

In Jan 2015, Bernardo Chua was recognized as an exceptional worldwide entrepreneur. Additionally, Organo Gold also received an appreciation from National Shoppers Choice for being the best Network Marketing Company internationally and even the most excellent Gourmet Organic Health Coffee.

Bernardo Chua Business Model

Bernardo Chua is passionate that Direct selling is the best business model any entrepreneur can use. According to the street, Bernardo Chua saw some positivity accompanied by using a direct sale.

See more:


Chamonix’s subsidiary, Genucel partners with Women aware in the war against domestic abuse

Even though domestic violence is an issue of universal concern, it is quite more rampant in some regions of the United States than others. For instance, acts of domestic violence are quite widespread in the state of New Jersey because in every seven minutes, someone somewhere within this state becomes a victim of abuse.

Even though all genders experience domestic violence, women are often on the receiving end more than men. The statistics further show that in the US, approximately one in seven men has undergone domestic abuse while 25% of women have experienced some abuse.

Unfortunately, such acts tend to lower the self-esteem of the victims, causing them to lack self-worth and indulge in acts of violence. It is, however, important to note that self-violence among such victims is not always physical. In fact, the majority of the victims are violent towards themselves by harboring thoughts of self-harm.

Fortunately, there are ways that these victims can attain self-love again. One way is through tangible self-care methods as they tend to restore the victim’s ability to note their self-worth. For instance, having a self-care routine helps the victim regain physical as well as emotional stability.

It is for this reason that Genucel, one of Chamonix’s affiliates recently joined hands with a nonprofit organization known as Women Aware to offer beauty bags to women and children who have undergone domestic violence. These beauty bags from Genucel by Chamonix contained toiletries and a string of Genucel products which will promote self-care among the victims, hence promoting healing.

Based in Middlesex New Jersey, Women Aware is a charity organization whose primary initiative is to give a helping hand to battered families in New Jersey. As noted earlier, women often experience domestic violence at a higher rate than men which is why the organization primarily focuses on providing essential amenities as well as a recovery programs to women and their family. The organization organizes various charity activities through which it raises money so it can continue offering support to such families. For instance, last year, it launched the moving beyond abuse 5k race &charity walk which besides raising funds, is also a way that victims can recover from the emotional trauma that they undergo after abuse.

How Genucel supports Women Aware’s initiatives

With the help of companies like Genucel, the nonprofit organization is able to help even more victims of domestic violence. For instance, besides offering financial support to the 5k walk, Genucel continuously offers grab bags which contain the company’s anti-aging products to the victims, to aid in their self-care routines, and promote recovery.

According to chronicleweek, anti-aging products are of the essence to the victims as they help prevent premature aging caused by depression, sleeplessness, and other mental disorders brought about by the acts of domestic abuse that they may have undergone. In conjunction with Women Aware, Genucel hopes to help those who are victims of domestic violence regain their self-esteem so that they can face life with confidence again.


Steve Ritchie the CEO of Papa John’s

Business is a great way to escape financial struggles and finally have economic freedom. Many people seek to venture in business for the purpose of getting additional income and also to have some sought of fulfillment. However, to own a business, one must be ready to face all the challenges that come along with it and be able to emerge victoriously. Owning a business also requires great leadership skills and the CEO must know how to interact and treat the employees since they play a great role in the success of the company.

Steve Ritchie has been working with Papa Johns for quite some time now. He got interested in the pizza company when he first tasted pizza from one of the pizza restaurants of Papa John’s. He fell in love with the pizza and this inspired him to want to work at the company. Lucky for him, he got employed. Steve Ritchie has been an ambitious and very hardworking person who has always worked to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. These qualities have made him become very successful and made him become promoted to be the company’s CEO.

Papa John’s is a famous pizza company that gained popularity not only because of the delicious pizza it makes but also the spectacular delivery services it offers to its customers. This made the company rise to greater heights and soon was ranked as the third largest pizza delivery company. Steve Ritchie started working with the company as a service representative and was paid a minimum wage. This did not kill his spirits but rather it motivated him to do better.

His hard work and determination in his work soon landed him the Franchise owner position. His great leadership skills and his ability to meet the company’s goals and objectives led him to be promoted to become the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Steve Ritchie worked his way up until he was recently made the company’s CEO. Papa John’s has absolute confidence in the leadership of Steve Ritchie. They trust his judgment and believe he is the best person that will lead the company to greater heights.

The Life of Orthopedic Surgeon Panos Gikas

Panos Gikas is a renowned orthopedic surgeon in London. Upon completion of the medical and postgraduate training in London, Mr. Gikas specialized in knee cartilage injuries, primary and revision hip, and the overall surgical management of the primary and metastatic bone cancer.

However, his journey began when he completed the Seddon Travelling Fellowship in the field of orthopedic oncology. The training was based at the Royal Alfred Hospital in Sydney.

Panos Gikas further concentrated on the specialist skills in the management of bone tumors. Among his accolades includes the completion of the clinical fellowship hosted in Geneva. It was here that he developed the use of the anterior muscle sparing technique to the hip joint. Afterward, he embarked on a consultant post at the celebrate Royal National Orthopedic Hospital.

Most of his research and clinical endeavors have revolved around the hip and knee reconstruction with the treatment of bone and soft tissue cancer. Among his major works includes the presentation and publishing of the different aspects of the hip, bone and knee cancer surgery.

Mr. Gikas is also a frontrunner in the field of leadership research and the laboratory research. Some of his other hobbies include traveling, water skiing, and sailing. He also is a master of the Greek language.

The passion and commitment of Panos Gikas have been crucial in the clinical research concerning the orthopedic surgery. It is in the same field that holds a master’s degree and doctorate. His commitment to the field of research has landed him various grants as highlighted here Throughout his career, he has also won a couple of the highly-coveted academic prizes.

Among his published works that have made an impact include the 7 book chapters and close to 30 peer-reviewed research works. Some of the research works he carried out has been integrated into the national guidelines for the management of the cartilage and the defects of the knee joint. See more here.

Panos Gikas is a board member at the Specialty Register of General Medical Council. He is also a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Among other orthopedic organizations and associations he is affiliated to includes; The Royal Society of Medicine, European Musculo-Skeletal Oncology Society, International Society of Limb Salvage and the British Orthopedic Oncology Society.

Shafik Sachedina Opens state of the Art Gym for Community Residents

Doctor Shafik Sachedina owns the Sussex healthcare. The main focus of the healthcare facility is to provide support to people who are suffering from dementia. The facility offers its staff with continuous education facilities to ensure that they know of the recent development in dementia. He has always been passionate about entrepreneurship, and it’s led him to start the Sussex healthcare center. Shafik Sachedina has a compassionate team who provide residents with quality service. The Sussex healthcare also offers care for those who require neurological attention and those with illnesses like multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease, and Huntington’s disease. He is the chairman of the focus humanitarian assistance international coordinating committee. Shafik Sachedina first appointment began when he was 41 years.

Shafik Sachedina talks about the state of the art gym Sussex healthcare opened for its residents. The gym is open to individuals who have cognitive disabilities. The gym, located in West Sussex near Horsham, has state of the art equipment to improve movement. The gym boasts of stationary bicycles, free weights, elliptical machines, and underwater treadmills. The gym also has a pool with hot tubs and resistance currents suitable for hydrotherapy. It also has experts staff with extensive training in different areas such as neurological, respiratory and musculoskeletal. The fitness team members are qualified to work with individuals who have Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and other chronic ailments.

The program for fitness is open for adults who want to use the gym equipment. There are exercise plans to ensure that the resident not to lift too much weight. There are also programs to improve mobility. The specialist at the Sussex healthcare has programs to help those with mobility limitations. For instance, those with joint conditions are recommended to do swimming exercises the specialist has an understanding of how to handle different situations. Sussex healthcare facility has been in operation since 1985. Over the years, it has evolved to provide a wide variety of services. The healthcare center has expanded and now has over 20 facilities with most of them being in Sussex. Some of the activities offered by the facility include swimming, gardening, reminiscing, crafts and many more.