Dr. Dov Rand Contributions to Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine

Medical complications are some of the harsh realities associated with getting older. However, Dr. Dov Rand believes that this should not be a reason to fear to be a senior citizen. Although there are tons of medical facilities that treat complications brought by age, his organization is different in its approach to these complications.

Dr. Rand — fluent in English, Russian, and Spanish — believes that technology and well-thought procedures are the solutions to all aging complications. Under Healthy Aging Medical Centers, he has continuously invested in better technologies and more importantly — in research. Dr. Dov Rand understands the significance of research and better facilities in medicine.

Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Of Yeshiva University) graduate also understands the importance of qualified and motivated employees. In the last 15 years, for example, he has set the precedence of rewarding his employees with some of the best salaries. Remunerating employees well — according to Dr. Dov Rand — is one of the simplest yet significant ways to improve productivity.

In addition to giving his employees some of the best salaries, he understands the importance of providing each employee a chance to advance in their career. Through these approaches, Dr. Rand has created one of the best working spaces in the medical world — specifically in rehabilitation and physical medicine.

Dr. Dov Rand also understands the importance of professionalism and expertise in medical practice. He is one of the few medical professionals that do not have any reports on malpractice by the relevant boards. He is also one of the few experts that have smooth relations with the medical boards.

This record exhibits Dr. Rand as one of the most proficient individuals in the competitive world of rehabilitation and physical medicine. According to him, this record also reflects his personal beliefs on medical professional and more importantly, the responsibility he has on his clients. In addition, Dr. Rand is one of the best ranking medical professional — rehabilitation and physical medicine — in the USA.

The story of Dr. Rand is incomplete without mentioning his love for technology and more importantly medical technology. He is an avid follower of tech-related trends, and Dr. Dov Rand is one of the believers that the future of the medical world depends on technology advancements.

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Are You Experiencing Newswire Services or Pitching Reporters for Publicity?

Can you utilize a press release distribution website lately? If your response is yes, how did you land a positioning of your narrative?

The chief factor marketing professionals as well as Public Relations associates function use newswire services would be to land a networking plan. Regrettably, lots of reporters still favor getting exclusive pitches because they assume constructing connections problem prior to any media outreach method.

What is a pitch?
Pitches are brief and normally contains the needed information. It includes links to a new media set, video clips, photos, support products and also info concerning the business.

Marketing professionals and PR professionals throw into the media that are extra likely to pay their very own story. They comply with the concepts in nurturing and also consists of all of the needed details to improve the probability that they have actually insured.

If they authorize it, then you will certainly notice your story obtains printed in the paper. Press reporters might request extra info or brand name resources or might request a follow-up interview. Make certain you’re promptly in supplying a reply, or they are a lot more likely to continue to some other narrative.

Some guidelines to follow before pitching make up:

Prior to the nurturing, business owners need to research-related media.

Develop connections together via social websites.

Know their beats, fashion of creating, topics and also newest article they’ve created.

What exactly are newswires?

As soon as you’ve composed your news release, it is feasible to either toss it into a press reporter or use a news releases distribution internet site to receive your tale in the front of the media. There are two Kinds of circulation networks present in the Advertising sector:

Some made up carriers also supply social networks sharing which permits your news releases to be shared on various social networking platforms. This characteristic makes it possible for the narrative to acquire your desired target market, boost engagement and also brand name awareness.

When you use a paid web site, you obtain records from time to time to be aware of the variety of your launch, where it’s published and the variety of web page sights.

Free supply web sites publish tales for some time on their site. There is no assurance your tale can be printed on various websites. Do not make use of the assistance is you’re sharing substantial information.

As it’s cost free, you do not find lots of benefits like when you use a paid web site. Do not expect you’ll get analytical reports that might give you an idea, while it’s a power or not.

Typically, working with wire services does not provide you with a warranty that reporters and also information electrical outlets will certainly compose on your brand name. Yet one point for certain, when you use a paid circulation site, you can gain mentions you can later on make use of as a foundation in establishing a long-term connection with the press.

In the event, you pitch or use a distribution web site?

Pitching to colleagues provide even more hold with the media considering that it includes building a connection in the procedure. Using a relationship with appropriate press reporters can increase the risk your story is mosting likely to be covered.

If you pitch, it requires customization to permit reporters to pay attention to a story as opposed to making use of a supply station. You need to excite them by providing them relevant story, and including enough info to enhance their passion.

On the other side, making use of distribution internet sites takes a large amount of concern in your marketing professionals as well as PR professionals. You do not need to construct a link, but there is no certain method which you’re able to have promotion.

Whether you’re likely to pitch or use a web site is dependent upon your targets. Examine your purposes, after that examine which of those two selections can enable you to reach them finest.

Talkspace – Therapy of The Future

Talkspace is a groundbreaking app that provides remote therapy. The app allows people to connect with licensed therapists almost anytime and anywhere. It’s convenient, affordable and breaks down the barriers that frequently stop individuals from seeking help.


Talkspace is available on PC, Android and iOS devices. Users can choose between text, voice, or video-based sessions. Some opt to have a single video session a week, supplemented by weekly text check-ins. If you want to talk, you have options – regardless if you’re home or on the go. This flexibility makes it possible for you to have communication with a licensed professional round-the-clock.

Read more about the organization of Talkspace at crunchbase.com


Therapy is notoriously expensive; however, Talkspace plans begin as low as $49 a week for individuals, and $79 a week for couples. More information on pricing can be found on the official website. There’s also Talkspace for teens. With Talkspace’s deals, quality mental healthcare is within reach without breaking the bank.


Once you sign up, Talkspace carefully matches you to a therapist. No two therapists are alike; they all have different specialities and personalities. Talkspace ensures you’re paired to the best therapist for you. Once chosen, your therapist can be contacted anytime via direct message. Gone are the days of having to wait for your appointment; take your issues to your therapist as they’re happening, not in the aftermath.


Talkspace therapists have all the training and knowledge of traditional, in-person therapists. If you have a problem or concern, your custom Talkspace therapist will most likely have an answer. You can rely on them the way you would any other therapist. You can rest assured knowing your mental well-being is being looked after by licensed, professional counselors.

Getting to traditional therapy is sometimes hard. There’s the matter of cost, scheduling, transportation, not to mention the dread that accompanies walking into that office. Talkspace takes the burden out of therapy. As long as you have wi-fi, you can talk to a therapist. Talkspace keeps the lines of communication open, and makes your therapy sessions work for you.

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Article Title: Zeco Auriemo – The Personal Who Brought Luxury Brands to Brazil

Article Text:

Zeco Auriemo is known for helping JHSF grow to new heights of success after he took over the control of the company from his father, Fabio Auriemo, who founded the company in 1972. JHSF has real estate development operations running in not only in Brazil, but also in Uruguay, Argentina, and the United States. Zeco Auriemo understands that the real estate market is highly competitive and to grow and expand, one has to continually push the local boundaries to build a reliable brand and reach out to the target audience.

Zeco Auriemo also helped JHSF become a public company, and its shares are traded in the Brazil Stock Exchange. Along with developing residential and commercial complexes, JHSF also participates in hotel and shopping mall construction and management. It has developed some of the iconic shopping malls in the country, including Metro Santa Cruz and Cidade Jardim Mall. Some of the biggest international fashion brands were roped in by Zeco Auriemo to his malls, which have helped his malls achieve phenomenal success. Most people had to travel abroad to purchase luxury products, but Zeco made it possible for the locals and tourists to purchase them right in Brazil.

Zeco Auriemo is regarded as one of the brightest and most successful young entrepreneurs in the country. Recently, Zeco Auriemo has been keeping busy in the development of a luxury apartment in New York, which he plans to let out after construction. He believes that it would help JHSF establish itself as a brand in the United States, and would also add a steady source of revenue to the company’s turnover annually and help build a reputation outisde Brazil. He also has plans to expand its company to other countries as well where there is a great demand for luxury real estate for residential and commercial purpose.

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OSI Food Solutions, Big Hearts Distributing and Delivering Kindness

Imagine having the ability to order food based on personal taste on a large scale. With the capacity to serve buyers on a worldwide basis, OSI Food Solutions, as a supplier, understands the balance between clients and customer demands. Find out, how you can purchase from this established company offering quality, nutritious edibles.

History of Company

With an acclaimed, respected presence, dating back over a century to 1909, OSI Food Solutions began with a Meat Market facility. By the 1950s, a secured contract with McDonald’s burgers was a huge success. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, dreams of success grandly emerged.

  • Demonstrated Ability to Serve on a Large Scale

Locations Around the Globe

From North America, Europe, the Asia Pacific and beyond, expansion has continuously grown throughout their history. For example, the company serves countries; such as, China, Australia, India and the Philippines, too.

  • Reaching Countries Around the World
  • Phenomenal Growth of Demand, Creates Remarkable Job Opportunities

Current Expanded Choices

Beside hamburgers, chicken, sausage, pork, hot dogs OSI Food Solutions offers restaurants and food chains the ability to select a variety of other personalized entrees and sides. Ordering products is an unique process. Buyers can purchase secularized spices based on local population’s preferences.

  • Unlimited Selections Offered Based on Specific Cultural Tastes Sets OSI Food Solutions Apart from Competitors
  • Products Offered Fresh and Frozen at 65 Facilities and Growing

Superior Quality Guaranteed

The company pledges to only serve products that meet the highest standard of excellence. There is a Branch within the organization that specifically deals with regulations and compliance’s. Headed by a team led by the esteemed Dr. Kenneth Petersen, every item carefully prepared.

  • Food Safety and Regulations Carefully Followed According to Region Specifications

Associations and Charitable Support

Staying connected to every community is of utmost importance for OSI Food Solutions. One way to do this is through locally, supporting and generously helping based on particular needs within a municipality. Sharing their success allows them to remain respectably associated in all of their public metropolitan locations. Examples include: food banks and the Ronald McDonald House.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries

Earning an Extra Income Through Socialization

Paying bills and taxes are two of the most dreaded activities in the United States, and people are wishing to have a way on how they can earn additional income. The rise of freelancing in the United States opened a lot of opportunities for people who wanted to earn a decent amount of money. However, everyone started to feel confused because of the rules and regulations about their plans for creating a small business inside the university.

One of the most common products being sold by agents working for Organo Gold is their coffee products. Each sachet of products sold by an authentic reseller are being examined, to see if it would match what was shown in the microscope awhile ago.

People wanted to invest in a fast food restaurant because it can sell a lot to people, especially during the peak days. And they can also use the Organo Gold products to get more people into working with them.

Many resellers of the product have already resorted to Google to search what the real deal for Organo Gold is, and a majority wanted to open up their place at the picnic area. People who rely on Organo Gold for their income should practice hard work and determination, and they can use it freely without other people dictating them.

Organo Gold, according to its founders, will continue to grow for another set of years. There will be many changes that can be seen, especially for those who are viewing the night sky from the balcony.

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The History of OSI Group is Tied to McDonald’s and Chicago

For more than a century, OSI Group has been innovating the world of food production. It all started in a meat market in Chicago run by a German immigrant named Otto in 1909. After the company grew to be a wholesale market, Otto gave a lot of the responsibilities for the company to his sons who continued to help the company grow even more. If you have ever eaten at McDonald’s, you have more than likely eaten a product that was produced by OSI Group. This is because the sons of Otto struck an important deal with the company that would later lead to them expanding to the international market of food production. Even today, they are still one of the few major suppliers that McDonald’s trusts to produce their food.

When the company began as a meat market, it only employed a few people as a small operation run by a German immigrant in Chicago. In 1928, Otto rebranded the company to Otto & Sons. As OSI Group has expanded, they have managed to employ tens of thousands of people in their facilities in 17 different countries. As of now, there are approximately 65 facilities with plans to open more in the near future as part of their extensive expansion plans. The company has grown to be a part of the economic history of the United States and the midwest in particular.

After World War II, the United States saw a large amount of expansion economically. The modern suburb became popular and they were popping up all over the country and people were looking for new ways to make their lives more convenient. It was this combination of factors and more that caused McDonald’s and subsequently OSI Group to grow so quickly in the United States and later the world. When McDonald’s started its expansion outside of the United States, OSI Group began theirs as well and opened their first international facility. McDonald’s has become one of the most recognizable brands throughout the world and while OSI may not be as well known, they have become very important as well.


Career life of DonataMeirelles

DonataMeirelles has brought a lot of growth at the Vogue firm. She serves as the director of the style in the company, and she is known for the classy and innovative ideas she has continued to bring for the sake of the company’s growth. She holds a lot of expertise in fashion and design. Her knowledge is visible from her style of dressing as well as her overall makeup. She has also taught many people on the various issues they should focus in case they want to succeed in the field of fashion.

Throughout her career, DonataMeirelles has learned to do things differently. She has continued to achieve significant successes, and she believes that her ability to adopt different approaches form their executives in the field of fashion and design has enabled her to be a great woman. Besides, she advises people to work hard and try out new things as this posses as a challenge to them to keep putting more effort into their careers. DonataMeirelles work is also perceived to be an extraordinary one, and she continues to overcome many problems through the encouragement she offers herself. She has also successfully brought a new dawn in the industry through the thoughts she shared with other people. To learn more about Donata Meirelles view her Crunchbase profile

On the other hand, the duo advocates for many research when it comes to moving forward in the fashion industry. According to Donata Meirelles, analysis enables one to earn new things and be on the know with the latest technology that keeps bringing changes in all the industries. She believes that research also allows one to acquire tactics to overcome the problems that they may experience while running their fashion and design company.

Additionally, she also encourages people to embrace creativity. She believes that visual acuity is the primary thing that showcases the level of creativity of an individual. According to her, an inventive entrepreneur must show diversity and flexibility. She also believes that a creative fashion stylist must be sure to attract the eyeballs of people from she dresses and handles herself. Her advises profoundly helped many people achieve their successes in the industry and the appreciation she continues to receive from many individuals has encouraged her to continue sharing her counsel with them. On the other hand, she also engages in charitable operations in the local community and she is known for the great support she offers at the AmFar firm.

Learn more: https://www.business.com/advice/member/p/donata-meirelles/

Richard Liu Outlines The Start Of His Company At World Economic Forums Annual Meeting

Richard Liu, the founder of JD.com recently took to the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting to talk about his company and the growth and potential within the e-commerce industry across the world.

The interview starts out by Richard Liu giving his account on the emergence of this multi-billion dollar company. Richard Liu had always been someone who was passionate about doing something to its fullest. He always wanted to make a name for himself and was taught the values of hard work at an early age. He attended University but soon realized that the skills being imparted here were not adequate enough to keep up with the real world. This led him towards coding, and he taught himself a number of programming languages during this time.

After University, he proceeded to work at a company that sold a number of health products across East Asian markets. Staying true to his values, he worked hard to reach one of the most prominent positions within the company. After reaching these positions, he realized that his true interest was in leading his own company. He decided to leave his corporate position and started to build his own company. He started out with one store that sold genuine products at a time where Chinese markets were filled with counterfeits and knock-offs. His shop was successful, even though it was on a small scale.

The SARS outbreak was when Liu experienced a true shift in perspective. Being homebound during this time seriously impacted his business, and caused sales to drop. However, he realized that if people had a way to shop from home, an occurrence like this would not plummet sales. This led him to shift his entire business from a brick and mortar store to an e-commerce retailer. Within no time, the site took off and started to see a much wider range of customers than it ever saw before.

Ever since JD.com first came up, it has risen to become one of the more prominent names within the e-commerce industry. The vision and determination of Richard Liu to succeed was something that truly impacted the overall growth that the company saw, truly making JD.com an e-commerce giant.

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Agera Energy’s Contract with Cambridge City

Agera Energy LLC is a retail energy supplier headquartered in 555 Pleasantville Rd, Bradcliff Manor NY 10510. It supplies 1.8 million customers both retail and commercial with electricity and natural gas.

In July 2017, the city of Cambridge Massachusetts entered into a contract with Agera Energy whereby Agera Energy was to supply the residents and businesses of the city with energy for the next 18 months.

The Cambridge Community Electricity Program saw the city put to use the bulk buying power of the entire community to negotiate with Agera Energy a better price for the supply of electricity. Agera Energy would purchase electricity from different electricity producers and sell it to the residents and businesses in Cambridge. The electricity would be distributed to the city’s residents, for a small fee, by the local electric utility company Eversource.

Agera Energy was to purchase at least 25% of the electricity to be supplied from renewable energy. This was higher than the 12% required by Massachusetts. All residents who were already enrolled in Eversource basic services became automatically enrolled in the Cambridge Community Electricity Program standard green option of 10.486 cents/KWH. Residents were also given the option of enrolling in 100% green providing 100% renewable energy electricity for 12.180cents/KWH. In addition to that, residents were given the option to opt out of this program at any time and with no penalty. The contract between Cambridge City and Agera Energy ended in January 2019.

Their LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/agera-energy