EOS Racks up Sales and Fast Company Racks Up Details on New Lip Balm Star

ChapStick was always the star of the show when it came to chapped lips. This was the company that was supplying the needs of the millions of people that did not want to resort to home remedies involving Vaseline. This days ChapStick is just a company that is hiding backstage as EOS lip balm takes the center stage as the star of the lip balm industry. Some people may not have seen it coming, but millennials that stay wired in to social media knew that this change of guards was on the way.

EOS lip balm is actually using commercials and reaching out to people. This is an interesting idea when one considers the instant competitor that is ChapStick. There are few ChapStick commercials out there. The marketing department has become so self-assured of the dominance that the ChapStick name has built. It seems as if the executives put advertising on the back burner because it didn’t seem like it was relevant. Evolution of Smooth has come through and proven that this was a mistake.

There is a lot that people can say about the failure of ChapStick in advertising, and it comes down to more than commercials. There is also a lack of innovation found here. Fewer people are looking at ChapStick because this company has not provided anything innovative. Some Lucky Vitamin customers are switching over to EOS just because it brings something new to the lip balm industry. The abundant flavors like Lemon Drop and Honeysuckle Honeydew are much more inviting than the waxy generic lip balm that has no flavor.

The Evolution of Smooth is a company with workers that are bringing some serious change into the lip balm industry. Safer lip balm products are being created by EOS and this means a lot to customers that have sensitive skin. Visit the company’s Linked In page for more information.


Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen

You might have already been familiar with a snack called Sweetgreen. This snack might be part of your quick lunch routine these days anyway. Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet, and Nathaniel Ru founded Sweetgreen. They wanted to provide everyone a healthy and affordable snack, and that’s the reason why they founded this amazing firm. They wanted to create something and solve a problem in their lives, and they founded Sweetgreen right away. These men are also well aware of the amazing firm they have just created from scratch. They did not have a clue about how to start a business in the food industry.

The firm was committed to getting high-quality ingredient and sustainable products from the very beginning. They understood that the culture of a community can shape a brand in many ways. They also learned about a value-driven business plan in their business classes. Sweetgreen also does some community service as part of the firm`s committed to giving something back to the community right away. Sweetgreen is more than just eating right or getting the right food: it is an extraordinary company working hard to make things happen in the food industry these days. Sweetgreen has also involved in many public parties as well.

The firm has a decentralized environment, as they don’t have headquarters in any way. When we say that this firm is amazing we mean it. For instance, the company shuts down its important corporate offices five times a year so that the whole staff can work in the chain of restaurant, and that’s what we call performance these days. Mr. Ru has also said that they don’t believe in any type of corporate headquarters anyway so the firm is working hard to decentralized its headcount as much as they can. The founders of the firm have been taking entrepreneurship classes together, so they know what they are doing these days.

Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is committed to creating a company that stands for something. Feeding people better food is what Sweetgreen is all about. Sweetgreen is a new concept in the food industry, and traditional chains can learn a lot of things from this firm these days. The founders of Sweetgreen are also tech pioneers. For instance, the firm is generating an important part of its revenue from their mobile app and website. Mr. Ru has stated that technology is an important part of the firm, so the company will be working hard to make things happen on the Web. Mr. Ru is also working hard to re-think what management is all about. For instance, Sweetgreen is striving to keep its staff close to their customers.


The Life Of Wearing Makeup

There are a few makeup struggles that most girls know about when they try to get ready in the morning or before going out with friends. Wengie offers a few of her major struggles and how you can fix them.


One of the things that some girls experience is to have a fake eyelash fall off. An easy way to fix this is to not wear them at all and use a black liner to make the eyelashes appear fuller. Getting lipstick on the teeth is very common. You might not even know that you have a yucky color on the teeth if you don’t apply lipstick in front of a mirror. Don’t use your finger to try to remove it because it’ll only smear. Carefully brush the teeth with a bit of water until the lipstick stain is gone.


Another makeup struggle is mascara that runs when you cry or when you wipe your eyes for any reason at all. There are waterproof mascaras available that can help prevent the product from running on the face, keeping the eyes and face beautiful. If you’re in the sun, then you probably know that your foundation can easily be wiped away, so unless you really need to wear it on the face, then don’t use concealer if you’re going to be playing sports or spending a lot of time in the heat. If you lose your makeup, consider getting a container to keep on the bathroom cabinet or on your dresser so that it’s all in one place.

A Great SEC Whistleblower Attorney

When someone has decided to make a report against the internal avenues of the SEC, they should take the time to find an attorney who will be able to back them up no matter what happens with the report or what is done as a result of the report. While the SEC is able to make some protection guarantees, an attorney will be able to further protect the whistleblower from anything that could happen that is related to the report to the SEC. There are many things that attorneys can do and they can be helpful if they are well-versed in the world of the SEC.

A good attorney, like Labaton Sucharow, is able to provide the SEC whistleblower with the information that they need to get a report started. They can direct the person to the place where they need to make the report and they are able to get the information out about what is going on within the SEC. They can help people get what they need from he SEC and they can even help them get greater rewards through the connections that they have with the program that was created by the SEC.

One thing that they recently did was secured one of the biggest rewards the SEC has ever given to a whistleblower. They helped the whistleblower get the reward and it ended up being the second largest one that was given out by the program at the time. They are going to continue to strive to make sure that they continue to do this for people who want to be able to report the bad things going on within the commission to the whistleblower program at the SEC. They are experts at helping whistleblowers for the SEC and continue to do their best to provide this help.

There are many times in which the SEC is able to provide the protection that is necessary for whistleblowers but it does not hurt for them to have the help that they need in the form of an attorney. The attorney will work as someone on the outside of the SEC and will be able to lend a third party view to the situation. They will also ensure that the person gets the reward that they are entitled to as a result of making the report against problems that are in the SEC.

Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/second-largest-sec-whistleblower-award-granted-to-labaton-sucharow-client-300282555.html

The Business Prospects and Charity Works of Keith Mann

Keith Mann serves as the Co-founder and Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners. The firm specializes in alternative investments and hedge funds. It primarily offers outstanding executive search services and staffing solutions to major equity companies. Since its launch in 2001, Dynamic Search Partners has played a critical role in filling over 2,000-customer mandates. It has expanded its portfolio of services outside staffing investment position.

The firm has transformed into one of the biggest databases of investment professionals in the nation. Mann started his business career as the Manager of Dynamic Associates’ Department of Alternative investments. As the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners (DSP), Mann is in charge of the daily management of the firm. He chairs the investment committee responsible for coming up with DSP’s growth plans. Under his guidance, DSP has forged a meaningful relationship with companies across the alternative investment sector in Europe, the U.S., and Asia. It fills more than 200 client mandates on a yearly basis.

Philanthropic Ventures

Professional Achievement Scholarship

Keith Mann is the brain behind the Professional Achievement Award (Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship), a scholarship that targets ambitious young business leaders. Keith and Keely Mann will collaborate with Uncommon Schools, a well-known New York-based non-profit charter management group. They will offer a scholarship opportunity to one graduating senior every year at one of the Brooklyn-based high schools chartered by the Uncommon Schools. The successful candidate will receive a record $5,000 scholarship to cater for the college tuition.

Keith Mann orchestrates a fundraising event to benefit Uncommon Schools

In a fundraising event hosted at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden: Mann, financial services community’s members and other donors raised more than $22,000 to finance programs of Uncommon Schools. The aim of this fundraising event is to fund pupils testing for the 2014-2015 academic year at the Charter School’s new high school. Mann supports the mission of Uncommon Schools of closing the achievement gap and helping economically disadvantaged students to earn not only a college degree but also establish a successful career. Dynamic Search Partners has committed $10,000 to make sure that all students’ testing requirements are addressed.