EOS Racks up Sales and Fast Company Racks Up Details on New Lip Balm Star

ChapStick was always the star of the show when it came to chapped lips. This was the company that was supplying the needs of the millions of people that did not want to resort to home remedies involving Vaseline. This days ChapStick is just a company that is hiding backstage as EOS lip balm takes the center stage as the star of the lip balm industry. Some people may not have seen it coming, but millennials that stay wired in to social media knew that this change of guards was on the way.

EOS lip balm is actually using commercials and reaching out to people. This is an interesting idea when one considers the instant competitor that is ChapStick. There are few ChapStick commercials out there. The marketing department has become so self-assured of the dominance that the ChapStick name has built. It seems as if the executives put advertising on the back burner because it didn’t seem like it was relevant. Evolution of Smooth has come through and proven that this was a mistake.

There is a lot that people can say about the failure of ChapStick in advertising, and it comes down to more than commercials. There is also a lack of innovation found here. Fewer people are looking at ChapStick because this company has not provided anything innovative. Some Lucky Vitamin customers are switching over to EOS just because it brings something new to the lip balm industry. The abundant flavors like Lemon Drop and Honeysuckle Honeydew are much more inviting than the waxy generic lip balm that has no flavor.

The Evolution of Smooth is a company with workers that are bringing some serious change into the lip balm industry. Safer lip balm products are being created by EOS and this means a lot to customers that have sensitive skin. Visit the company’s Linked In page for more information.