Handy: A CEO Team That Learned From Their Missteps

Handy CEO Oisin Hanrahan and his partner Umang Dua run an uber for house cleaning. They had a new idea in 2012, an online onboarding strategy to match their cleaning pros with customers in 28 markets. Oisin and Umang had no problem getting investment funding, as they quickly painted this as the next big idea. This was a key advantage at the time as the other like minded companies were not successful in acquiring as much funding.

With this funding they focused on outspending their competition. It was during this time that the investment bubble bursted, and they had to make some hard cuts. They looked at their company as a whole and saw the biggest issue was their customer satisfaction. They hired a huge staff for customer service phone calls, and started to program chat bots to handle the first interaction with an unhappy customer. After that they started to lay off these customer service reps since they realized it was just not profitable to have so many human customer service representatives on their payrolls. They added more chat bots and more chat bot levels, and soon found that advice they had taken two years ago from investors had paid off huge.

They had wanted to break into all the markets they could at first. They were in 28 markets when their investors stopped them from going further. This was during the golden days of uber for this and uber for that. To compete, you had to grab all the land you could get as fast as possible. If a market didn’t have you in it, a competitor would quickly seize the market with their similar product and approach. Now however they found that by not going land grab crazy they could reap the benefits of a much more diverse, and happy customer / employee base. Visit https://www.handy.com/ for more info.