The Success of Arthur Becker

Investor of real estate, bio tech, and info tech, Arthur Becker, has established a successful and influential career in what he’s been able to accomplish. He has acted as Chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC, Managing Member at Atlantic Investors, LLC, as well as serving in different roles at other organizations. Specifically addressing his investment in some properties in New York ultimately shows his knowledge of real estate and his success in it.

Arthur Becker’s involvement in real estate investing is profound considering what he is able to do. For instance, in the summer of 2016, an article was written about how he became the owner of three adjacent townhouses. These 6500 square foot townhouses are estimated to cost more than 20 million. His investment in these townhouses shows how adept he is in the real estate market by how much he can profit from these townhouses. These townhouses, for example, are located in a desirable part of New York City, in the SoHo District, allowing Becker to make a considerable profit when he does sell them.

By buying these townhouses, Becker is investing in the SoHo District in New York City. His investment in this area of New York show how much he is willing to spend in order to find success in these townhouses. These properties, according to various articles, are located at 30, 40, and 50 Sullivan Street. Furthermore, these townhouses are in luxurious areas of New York, showing the prestige of where Becker chooses to invests in real estate.

The New York Times describes Arthur Becker as a very successful businessman for his work in real estate. An example of what he’s been able to accomplish by investing in real estate is with the three townhouses he bought in the summer of 2016. These townhouses reflect his knowledge of real estate in New York. It demonstrates that he knows where to buy because of how much profit he will be make. His ability to buy three townhouses in a desirable part of New York reflects his knowledge of real estate and what’s been able to accomplish in it. Learn more about Mr. Becker, view his profile on