The Political Work of Andrea McWilliams

Austin’s political scene is very broad, with many people being involved one way or another. In politics, there are people called lobbyists. Lobbyists are individuals who go before politicians in their state and fight for the issues that are concerning the citizens. Lobbyists also work to enact laws based on what the public wants. There are many lobbyists for both sides. Lobbyists also work to raise money for certain causes they believe in. In the state of Texas, there is one lobbyist who has garnered the respect and the loyalty after years of hard work. That person’s name is Andrea McWilliams.

Andrea McWilliams started her career quite early. At 21 years old, she became Chief of Staff for a politician. She then went on to work for Public Strategies, Inc. She has been on almost every mainstream news media outlet, including BBC, CNN, NPR, FOX News, and Newsweek. Andrea McWilliams has been profiled in numerous Texas publications and she is a known political commentator.

Today, Andrea McWilliams, along with her husband Dean McWilliams, founded a firm called McWilliams. McWilliams is a firm that specializes in governmental affairs. They employ consultants to handle government issues. Their firm is respected on a federal and state level.

Andrea McWilliams is known for philanthropy as much as she is known for her political career. She has served on numerous boards for non-profit organizations. She has worked with Susan G. Komen Foundation to get fundraising efforts underway for breast cancer research. She is also a mentor to young women in the Austin, Texas area. Andrea McWilliams has won numerous awards from the Texas Chamber of Commerce, the Austin Business Journal and the Girl Scouts of Texas. Her awards were given to her based on her hard work and dedication to the community of Central Texas.

The Career of Brian Bonar

There are many people who need help with their personal finances. Brian is the type of person who is always willing to help others. Over the years, he has provided a great deal of service in the area of personal finance.

Not only that, but he is the type of person who is willing to go above and beyond what you may expect. Many people today are excited about the changes that he is making in his business to make things easier on customers. There are a lot of people today who want to work with him in a variety of ways.

Brian Bonar

From the time he started his career, Brian Bonar has always been passionate about others. There are many people who look up to the hard work that he has done in this area. Not only that, but he will help you get to the next level in a variety of ways.

Come on by today to see what he can do to help you with your finances. The great thing about personal finance is that it is not complicated on what you need to do to have success. The problem is making a plan and staying on it over time. Brian Bonar is the type of person who can help with this portion of that decision.

Financial Advice

Over the long term, financial advice is really easy. You need someone who will help you in a variety of ways with all of the challenges and plans that you are going to face.

Developing a financial plan takes a while on the front end, but over the long term it will take much longer to execute it. For many people, just making a couple of small changes could radically change the way they live their life.

If you are ready to start investing for the future, he is a great person to go to.  Bonar will help you get to the next level in a variety of ways.


One of the newest ventures in the life of Brian Bonar is a new restaurant. He has always wanted to run his own business in this area, and he is doing a great job figuring that out. Over time, he has proven that he understands how he is going to change the way other people live with their money.

With his experience, he can help you get to that next level as well. Come on by today to see what he can do to change your personal finances and your life. Brian Bonar will invest with you to help you get to that next level in life, and he has a track record of success to back it up.

Contributions of Mikhail Blagosklonny in Curbing Cancer

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a scientist who has specialized in the study of cancer and aging. He is currently a professor and teaches Oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Mikhail studied at First Pavlov State Medical University and attained his M.D and, later on, Ph. D. in experimental medicine and cardiology. He worked at the New York Medical College as an Associate Professor before becoming a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute. In 2009, Blagosklonny left Ordway and joined Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Follow Mikhail on Loop.

Study and Research

Mikhail Blagosklonny has had an interest in various studies. In his studies on cancer, he emphasized his research on targeted cancer therapies, which prevent healthy cells from being damaged by radioactive rays or chemotherapy. His other studies include the aging mechanism and anti-aging treatments, molecular and cellular biology, and clinical investigations. His research has focused on cell cycle, cellular senescence, signal transduction, and cancer therapeutics. He furthered the study of signal transduction pathways, which results to aging. In his signal transduction research, Blagosklonny discovered potential targets that decelerate age-related illnesses and aging process.

Mikhail postulated a theorem on the possible role of TOR in aging and cancer. He proposed that the rapamycin, which is a renowned drug for treating cancer, can be used as a treatment for extending the life of a person. Read more on Impact Journals

Publications and Editorial Works

Mikhail contributes widely to cell cycle, aging, and Oncotarget. He is also an assistant editor of biology and cancer therapy. Mikhail Blagosklonny is the founding and chief editor of International Journal of Cancer, Cancer Research, American Journal of Pathology, Cell Death, and Differentiation, and Autophagy. In 2010, Mikhail and Andrei Gudkov launched the Oncotarget, which is a weekly journal focusing on oncology research. Mikhail has written over 170 research articles.

His Role at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Mikhail joined the institute in 2009. The staff received him with enthusiasm. At Roswell, experts share their ideas and the possible approaches that can help to curb cancer. Tissue-specific therapy and ways cancer can be prevented through slowing aging are some of the ideas that are worked on at the Institute. Given that this is Mikhail’s specialized field of study, he is considered as a great asset to the Institute.

Why Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are the Most Notable Leaders of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health Solution, Inc. is a leading company in the managed healthcare sector. It specializes in various fields such as physician practice services and managed Medicare plans. InnovaCare Health has displayed the ability to integrate cost-effective, sustainable models with modern technologies in a bid to provide access to affordable and high-quality healthcare services. The success attained by the company is owed to its solid and able leadership team made up of Dr. Richard Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides among other individuals.

Richard Shinto

Richard Shinto is the current CEO and president of InnovaCare health. Before assuming his current capacity, Shinto worked as the CEO of Aveta Inc. up to the period it was sold. Aside from Aveta, he has worked for other companies like NAMM California, Cal Optima Health Plan, Med Partners and Medical Pathways Management Company. To add to his experience, Shinto is also highly educated. He holds an MBA from the Redlands University, a B.Sc. from the University of California and a degree in medicine from the State University of New York.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides currently serves as the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health. Before joining the company, she worked for Aveta Inc. as the chief operating officer. She was among the three additions announced by Rick Shinto on July 28, 2016. In fact, Penelope holds vast experience in the managed care industry spanning for more than two decades. AmeriChoice, Centerlight Healthcare, Touchstone Health are some of the companies that Penelope has worked for in the past. Her academic record is nothing short of exceptional. She holds two master’s degrees in social work and public health from NYU and Columbia University School of Public Health respectively.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health has strived to maintain a positive reputation as one of the main providers of managed healthcare services in the United States. The company is driven by its mission to redefine the managed healthcare services in an attempt to counter the existing problems affecting the healthcare environment. In fact, InnovaCare is one company that is devoted to maintaining reliable patient-provider relationships. InnovaCare also works closely with its subsidiaries to create sustainable models or structures of managed care, which are driven by quality, motivated, cost-effective and coordinated.

InnovaCare’s success is mostly driven by its core values. Some of these qualities include delivering quality medical care, priority to patients, teamwork, growth as an organization and many others. As a leader in managed care services, InnovaCare operates two leading plans in Puerto Rico including PMC Medicare Choice, Inc., and MMM Healthcare, Inc. The two plans boast of a membership base of more than 230,000 individuals who are served by about 7500 providers.

Anthony Petrello : The Man Gearing The US Oil Industry

G. Petrello, commonly known as Tony is the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors. This is a role that he has assumed from the year 1991 when he joined the company. He was appointed to be on the executive team and serve in various capacities including the deputy chairman, the president and CEO of the company.

Nabors is one of the largest and most influential energy drilling companies in the world. As such, Tony is one of the most envied man in the corporate world. Not only for his role at the company but also for his remuneration and popularity within and without the industry. What many people don’t know is that this man has humble beginnings and has that success wasn’t handed to him on a silver platter. Here is his story.

His success is built on a very strong education foundation. He is a math’s genius and an expert at law. He studied at Yale University where he obtained his postgraduate degree in Mathematics. His passion for law led him to apply for his Juris Doctor at the Harvard University School of Law. He graduated in the year 1979. Talking to his college buddies, Lloyd Grove you will learn that Tony was always a math’s geek. Sure, most expect him to excel in this field but no one would have imagined that he would come to be the head of one of the world’s leading oil companies. And, that the success of this company is heavily connected to him.

When Tony graduated college, he started working at Baker & McKenzie. This multinational law firm molded him to be the fierce expert at legal issues that he is today. Working at Baker & McKenzie, Tony dealt with taxation, arbitration, and corporate law. His tenure at this law firm came to an end in the year 1991 when he joined Nabors. In the year 2012, when Eugene Iseberg resigned, he was appointed to serve as the chairman for the board of directors.

Being one of the wealthiest men in Texas, Tony finds joy in giving back to the society. He is committed to funding health research projects. Tony contributes towards a research that is being done to find cure for cerebral palsy. He hopes that a cure will be found and his daughter and other children suffering from this devastating illness will be able to lead a normal life.

Working Hard to be A+

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, is the go-to source to find ethical and trustworthy companies. The BBB has a set of strict standards and guidelines that companies must adhere to before they will be given any type of rating. The highest rating is an A+ and any company who wishes to have that rating has their work cut out for them.


One company who has earned an A+ rating is Securus Technologies. They are a prison technology company, and they are headed by CEO, Richard A. (Rick) Smith. Rick has said that they are glad to have this accreditation, and the rating shows what the company can really do.


The Senior Vice President of Operations is Danny de Hoyos, and he has said that the company has worked very hard to meet all of the standards set by the BBB. A huge effort was made to make changes within the company to make sure all of the BBB’s standards were met and even surpassed.


Not all companies set out to receive a rating from the BBB. Those that wish to have the rating know that they have a hard task in front of them. Securus Technologies took the BBB’s standards and used them as a guideline for how the company should be run. The BBB approved everything that Securus Technologies did and gave them an A+ rating.


Securus Technologies works with law enforcement agencies and criminal justice systems all across North America. By having this A+ rating, customers and clients know that Securus Technologies is the best in their field and offer stellar products and services. The work for Securus Technologies is not over, and they will only get better.


Simple Ways To Care For Your Hair

There are many ways to care for your hair and make it healthier as well as shinier looking. Many different things affect the health of your hair so being sure to have a good hair care routine is a great way to ensure it is always it’s healthiest and looking it’s best. These are just a few simple ways to make sure the hair is always at its healthiest and shiniest.

One of the first tips to having healthier hair is to not over wash it. Over washing the hair can strip it of essential oils and cause it to look dull and lifeless. Instead try only washing the hair a few times a week. This will ensure you are not stripping the hair of its natural oils.

Another great tip for having healthier hair is to have a diet that is full of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables offer tons of healthy nutrients that help the hair to grow. Many of the vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables can also make hair look shinier and feel softer.

Avoid using harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals such as sulfates can strip the hair of the essential oils it needs to remain soft and healthy. Using products such as the cleansing conditioner from Wen by Chaz is a great way to cleanse the hair while also conditioning it. Wen hair care system was created over 15 years ago to give women cleaner healthier-looking hair. The Chaz Dean brand of cleansing conditioner offers a deep cleaning while also offering a nourishing conditioner. Wen hair care products are available on QVC, Sephora and many other stores nationwide.

These are just a few simple ways to care for your hair. Caring for your hair is very important as hair can become dry, damaged and brittle. Being sure to follow a diet that is rich in healthy ingredients as well as avoiding harsh chemicals is the best way to have healthier shiny your hair.

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Fundamental Information Surrounding Cotemar

Cotemar is a renowned company in the energy industry. Since its launching in 1979 it has grown to be the leading supplier in the oil and gas industry. The company has specialized means of ferrying their products, and the fleets are increasingly growing. The position it holds across the world is splendid, and they are devoted to grow their markets even stronger.



They focus on modernizing their services especially in the offshore rigs. This is the case even with the transport segment. They have fire-fighting tools, surges boats and also hauling gadgets that assist in towing the heavy machines. In order to make it safe for their personnel, they regularly monitor all their gadgets.



Cotemar is at a high technological stand. To enhance the quality of their service, they operate their vessels by linking them to computers via GPS. They also have the ability of maintaining them in a stationary state and controlling the autos. Apart from their personnel, light materials can be done in the Campeche Bay.



In a bid to gain a high standing, they also have refrigerators that serve the purpose in the case of transportation of provisions. Again the construction products are allotted a yard where they are safely stored. They focus a lot on maintaining their high standards by following the strict regulatory control measures.



Core Values That Govern the Successful Running of Cotemar



The main values that guide them are four, and are actually institutional. Integrity helps them in acting in an exceptionally ethical manner in their relations with the clients; reliability keeps them accountable to their clients, while humility helps them maintain team work and an attitude leading to growth. As well, they list innovation as the fourth value, and it is aimed at challenging them not to remain in the same state, but rather desire to keep growing through improving their services and generating other nonexistent varieties.





Without doubt, Cotemar is the company to look up to as one with admirable global scale. Their offshore oil and gas services are efficient and satisfying. Apart from just embracing technology, they also employ people who are success-oriented.

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