Why Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are the Most Notable Leaders of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health Solution, Inc. is a leading company in the managed healthcare sector. It specializes in various fields such as physician practice services and managed Medicare plans. InnovaCare Health has displayed the ability to integrate cost-effective, sustainable models with modern technologies in a bid to provide access to affordable and high-quality healthcare services. The success attained by the company is owed to its solid and able leadership team made up of Dr. Richard Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides among other individuals.

Richard Shinto

Richard Shinto is the current CEO and president of InnovaCare health. Before assuming his current capacity, Shinto worked as the CEO of Aveta Inc. up to the period it was sold. Aside from Aveta, he has worked for other companies like NAMM California, Cal Optima Health Plan, Med Partners and Medical Pathways Management Company. To add to his experience, Shinto is also highly educated. He holds an MBA from the Redlands University, a B.Sc. from the University of California and a degree in medicine from the State University of New York.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides currently serves as the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health. Before joining the company, she worked for Aveta Inc. as the chief operating officer. She was among the three additions announced by Rick Shinto on July 28, 2016. In fact, Penelope holds vast experience in the managed care industry spanning for more than two decades. AmeriChoice, Centerlight Healthcare, Touchstone Health are some of the companies that Penelope has worked for in the past. Her academic record is nothing short of exceptional. She holds two master’s degrees in social work and public health from NYU and Columbia University School of Public Health respectively.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health has strived to maintain a positive reputation as one of the main providers of managed healthcare services in the United States. The company is driven by its mission to redefine the managed healthcare services in an attempt to counter the existing problems affecting the healthcare environment. In fact, InnovaCare is one company that is devoted to maintaining reliable patient-provider relationships. InnovaCare also works closely with its subsidiaries to create sustainable models or structures of managed care, which are driven by quality, motivated, cost-effective and coordinated.

InnovaCare’s success is mostly driven by its core values. Some of these qualities include delivering quality medical care, priority to patients, teamwork, growth as an organization and many others. As a leader in managed care services, InnovaCare operates two leading plans in Puerto Rico including PMC Medicare Choice, Inc., and MMM Healthcare, Inc. The two plans boast of a membership base of more than 230,000 individuals who are served by about 7500 providers.