Tony Petrello Is A Visionary: However Tony And Wife Cynthia Never Dreamed That Vision Would Be Used Someday In Finding A Cure For A Neurological Disease In Their Own Child:

Carena Petrello, according to Nabor’s CEO and President, Tony Petrello, is the inspiration behind his and wife–Cynthia’s support of research conducted at the Texas Children’s Hospital. Tony is, also, a Director at the Houston-based hospital.

The small child was born 24 weeks premature. She developed a neurological disease that resulted in Cerebral Palsy. Her motor skills were critically challenged. Cynthia Petrello, stated, that it was truly a miracle to witness Carena chewing solid food, after millions of repetitions. She attributed the child’s accomplishment resulted from the child’s strength of spirit and her purity of heart.

Tony Petrello has been a tremendous career success as well as an excellent student, throughout his life. Cynthia Petrello mentioned that her and Tony have handled challenges by facing forward and taking them “head on”. (Not her words–exact.)

She mentioned that they were “brought to their knees,” upon finding out little Carena had a neurological disorder.

Tony searched the globe in order to find a solution. He found it in his own backyard, in way of Texas Children’s Hospital. The couple have provided the hospital’s area, for neurological research with a five-million dollar donation, in order to find a cure, for pediatric neurological disorders–such as Carena’s. The couple are committed to providing two million more dollars to neurological research. This strength of spirit and collective parental concern is greatly humbling.

Tony has had an outstanding history of career success stories. He attained Degrees in way of a Bachelor and Masters degree in Math from the Ivy League College of Yale University. He went on to study law at the prestigious University of Harvard Law School. At Harvard, he attained a J.D. degree.

He used his academic training wisely. He went on to work for the prestigious law firm of Baker & McKenzie. He became the firm’s Managing Partner–a position requiring a great deal of leadership skill. He worked out of the firm’s New York Office.

He made a terrifically challenging career move by way of joining Nabor’s Industries, Ltd. Making the transition from that of Managing Partner to that of a Leader of a Major Producer and Servicer of Well-Drilling Equipment and Off-Shore and On-shore work was quite a challenging step. However Anthony Petrello has never been one to “hide his Light under a barrel.” He stepped up to the challenge. He oversees operations and provides strategic initiatives.

He is a Director of other major organizations. He is a Director of Texas Children’s Hospital and is a strong advocate of researching Children’s Neurological disorders and diseases. It is this strength of spirit and, endurance as a leader, that is most humbling and inspirational.

Mr. Petrello believes that little Carena shows clearly that work is relative in way of finding the answer in curing pediatric neurological diseases.

Mr. Petrello, demonstrates, that regardless of our position: We must never back away from our challenges. Anthony Petrello is a visionary and sees our challenges as opportunities.

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