End Citizens United Dedication to Battle Big Money in America’s Political Landscape

Faced with the need to combat the wealthy Americans who control political arenas through big money, End Citizens United has put aside more than $4 million in the past three months of the year 2017. The PAC , also known as the political action committee is dedicated to amassing approximately $35 million towards the next elections that will be conducted in 2018. The raised amount would be helpful in the elections given that the End Citizens United used $25 million in 2016, during the just concluded presidential elections. It is vital to note that the 2016 elections were the first elections for End Citizens United to have participated in.




According to the president and executive director of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, more than 100,000 people have come forward to contribute to raising the stated amount in show of support. Tiffany said that in this year, 40,000 people had made their first contributions. According to the objectives of End Citizens United, this is an excellent additional number to the existing membership. End Citizens United is capitalizing on ensuring that the people elect candidates who hold closer finance reforms.


Jon Ossoff


According to the members of End Citizens United, only the wealthy Americans have influence on the political landscape and policies reforms. Towards that, the team is planning to fight back through supporting one of their own. Mr. Jon Ossoff will run for Congress in 2018. In preparation for this, Ossoff has contributed more than $4 million towards to see him succeed in bagging the seat that was vacated by Tom Prince, who was nominated as the secretary of health and human services. Feeling undermined by the cabinet of President Donald Trump, End Citizens United is committed to ensuring that Ossoff wins come 2018.




Although the donors of End Citizens United have the allowance of donating approximately $5,000, the PAC has managed to amass more than the stated amount. This gesture had a positive impact in the 2016 general elections. During the elections, End Citizens United merged with other political groups to discourage two Republicans from the Senate not to vote. The result was a tie in the elections. This required a break of the tie by Vice President Pence. Betsy DeVos won the nomination. She is the current secretary for education.


 End Citizens United


End Citizens United was established in 2015. The foundation was inspired by a court ruling in 2010. The decision to voice the opinion of the voiceless in politics has seen America acquire a new political landscape. The court ruling implemented the End Citizens United. This move opened doors for massive political donations. The organization was, therefore, founded to control the big political money circulating in America.