PRN Covers Securus Technologies Crime Prevention

In a recent PRN Newswire article, they were proud to announce a new crime prevention initiative created by the popular Securus Technologies network. CEO and president, of Securus, Rick A. Smith, has been a strong part of the development of their crime prevention program. They have processed over 2.4 million minutes annually and helped more of their customers get the minutes that are allotted under their contract. You can rest assured that with Securus your talking to your love ones and friends in a correctional facility over a government regulated network with proven effective crime prevention strategies.


Securus Crime Prevention Solutions


– Eliminate illegal inmate money transfers

– Stop telecommunications crimes

– Provide additional facility monitoring

– Stop inmate gambling

– Prevent inmate cellphone use

– Increased public safety measures

– and more…


They have also created a customer feedback platform allowing their customers to report crimes and kept track of their crime prevention success stories. In fact, since they have initiated their program, they have been able to prevent or solve telecommunications crimes as a result of customer support. In connection with their crime prevention program their has been one arrest of a facility employee.


Visit the Securus Technologies website to learn more about their interactive services and features for inmate calling.