Dr. Mark McKenna’s idea on starting OVME was derived from him working in the medical aesthetics for over ten years. He grew his practice to become the biggest in America and he ultimately sold it a publicly traded company. It is during this process that he took notice of the many opportunities disrupting the industry.

In order to bring his idea to line, Dr. McKenna practice visualization and sets goals. He meditates at least once a day in a quiet place. He considers the combination of active goal setting and meditation a success recipe. The decline of smoking in America is a trend that excites him. Given a chance to start again, Dr. McKenna would find his passion at a younger age and avoid the rush to get through school that led him to rush some things. He believes that speed without direction is senseless.

Dr. McKenna wishes to share mortar cryptocurrency and retail brick to cash exchanges business ideas. He uses the basics Microsoft Office software and web services. He recommends think and grow rich book as an entrepreneur must read as it dives deep into the visualization power. Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, and Elon, Musk are some of the people who influence Dr. McKenna thinking.

Mark McKenna’s education and work background

Dr. McKenna attended the Tulane University School of medicine and currently serves at OVME as the founder and chief executive officer. He is a medical doctor with a license of practice in surgery and medicine from Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. After his training, he launched a real estate development firm, McKenna Ventures while he practiced medicine with his father. McKenna launched or acquired Universal Mortgage and Uptown Title, Inc. A firm that provided real estate closing, finance, and turnkey design-build services.

McKenna major business interests were destroyed during the 2005 Hurricane Katrina that shattered the city of Orleans. He was actively involved in the city of Orleans rebuilding through the low-moderate income housing redevelopment.

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