Whitney Wolfe Creates Billion Dollar Dating App

There are lots of reasons to celebrate the success of Whitney Wolfe and her Bumble app. She has become very successful in the world of app technology because she has stayed on top of the innovations. This commitment to innovation is the thing that is allowing people to build a better relationship with potential mates. Whitney Wolfe was an important part of the dating app community in recent years because she was able to really give women a different perspective about dating.

Whitney Wolfe has stated that she feels that women will often lose their confidence in real time when they are meeting guys in bars or club settings. They may not quite have the confidence to actually go up to a man and make the first move. This is because of hundreds of years of tradition where men have always been the ones to make the first move and interact with women.

Whitney Wolfe knew that she was on to something good in the tech industry because she felt that the app world had started to mimic real-life with bars and clubs settings where singles would approach the situation the same. The man would be in position to make the first move, and the lady that was utilizing the dating app would have to wait on the man. Whitney Wolfe did not like this at all, and she also believed that with the poor treatment of women there was a need to change dating apps. This is what Bumble became. It was the change that Whitney Wolfe was anxious to see, but it would take courage to actually bring this change about.

Whitney Wolfe would change the dynamics of the dating app, but she was also aiming to change the control of networking and everything that women were fighting for with workplace equality through Bumble Bizz. This is another aspect of Bumble that allows women to connect with other females that are serious about the business of building their own business enterprises.

Whitney Wolfe created Bumble as a dating app early on, but now this app has become something of a social media movement. This may be the reason that the valuation for this app is a billion dollars. This type of money landed Whitney Wolfe on the cover of Forbes Magazine. Her dating app has become the thing that has fascinated millions of young single women and men.

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