Market America Exclusive Distributors Provide Quality Products and Convenience for Consumers

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President J.R Ridinger, founded Market America in 1992 with the mission to change online retail sales using a business plan and a belief that was missing in the industry. The belief was that the company could create a platform that would change consumer’s lives for the better.

From the beginning, the company had a vision for the resounding success that has resulted in consumers being able to purchase exclusive products that are otherwise unavailable. Categories such as home and garden, auto care, cosmetics and pet care are just a few of the popular selections made from the 180,000 exclusive distributor products.

With business operations all over the world such as Taiwan, Mexico, Australia, and the United Kingdom, Market America reaches the global online sales industry through The business practice conducted by Market America exemplifies the types of relationships that build successful companies. Customers are the recipients of the remarkable alliances that have been constructed with the company’s continued strategies to find distributors that meet the needs of the consumer, while also creating an abundance of value with savings by offering cash back deals and higher available quantities than other online retailers.

After 25 years, Market America is now the largest online retailer with exclusive distributor relationships. Earlier this year, the company celebrated its enormous success and 25 year history during the Market America Convention 2017, in Miami, Florida at the American Airlines Arena with 25,000 independent partners and entrepreneurs in attendance. The event was a spectacular celebration with numerous celebrities attending including Actor, Singer and Comedian Jamie Foxx, along with actress Lala Anthony (also wife of NBA star Carmelo Anthony) who collaborated with Senior Executive Vice President Loren Ridinger with the new cosmetics line- Motives.

Market America has fulfilled a vision of the company’s business plan with a clear and un-mistakable direction for the online consumer. In its far-reaching and innovative approach, the company has been able to successfully gauge the needs of the consumer and provide quality products that are not only affordable, but also available with convenient on-demand shopping.