Jeunesse hits health and beauty market with great new products

It’s not often that a completely new competitor enters into a well-established industry and shakes things to their core. But such is the role that startup Jeunesse has played in the world of health and beauty. Although the company was not exactly founded by novices, the growth trajectory of Jeunesse has been nothing short of spectacular. Today, the company is doing hundreds of millions of dollars in sales each year. And it’s still growing.

Founded by health and beauty industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse was created as a way for the couple to continue occupying themselves through their third effort at retirement. Lewis states that she was interested in bringing the miracles of modern health and beauty science to those located not just in America but across the globe. For his part, Ray was interested in helping people throughout disadvantaged regions to have the opportunity to start their own business.

Today, Jeunesse Global has nine innovative products. Taken together, the company’s product portfolio forms what’s known as the Y.E.S. system, which stands for Youth Enhancement System. This is a holistic approach to health and beauty, focusing on keeping the user feeling healthy and retaining the glow of youth. Follow Jeunesse Global on Twitter.

The system features some of the most innovative products to come along in decades. Included are products such as Reserve, a health drink that contains a number of so-called superfruits, including concord grapes and other fruits that contain the health-saving substance resveratrol. Resveratrol has been scientifically shown to decrease the negative effects of aging and to protect the heart from coronary artery disease and other diseases of aging. It is widely acknowledged by scientists that resveratrol is the substance that accounts for the increased longevity seen in wine drinkers.

Another great product in the Y.E.S. system lineup is Nevo, an energy drink made from all-natural fruit juices. The drink comes in four great flavors: lemon ginger, peach mango, mixed berry and acai grape. Users report that Nevo has such a great, natural flavor that it becomes almost addicting from the first sip. Read more at about Jeunesse Global.

These are just a few of the great products currently offered from Jeunesse.