Rocketship Education Unleashes Student Potential

Public charter schools are increasing in popularity in the United States. They are making tremendous strides, and improvements in the education of children across the country. Rocketship Education is an innovative public charter school headquartered in San Jose, California. They have made strong impacts on the communities in which they serve. Their program of personalized learning has benefited students, teachers, and parents. Along with the tradition of parents visiting the schools and sitting in on a teacher’s classroom, Rocketship uses this concept to enhance student learning. The teachers go to the homes of students, and sit in on the home environment.

This allows for a better understanding of how to best serve a student. The system believes that in order to make a change, they had to create much more demand. Parents are requesting a K-12 system, so the school initiated a parent program for them to use their power to demand equality in schools, to gain political attention, and to hold various leaders accountable. Parents needed to organize, engage, and advocate for a quality middle and high school. Rocketship does not segregate students with disabilities as many public schools do. These students spend eighty percent of the school day mainstreamed into the classrooms.

Established in 2007 in San Jose, Rocketship started as a K-5 school, and has now grown to K-12 education. Their belief is in the insurmountable possibilities of great human potential. The belief of the Rocketship Education is that they are a combined effort of teachers, parents, students, and leaders. These entities work together to make it possible for low income communities in every state in the country to have better futures. The non-profit network of elementary schools guide student accomplishments, and achievements. It also essentially develops exceptional excellence in educators, as well as partnerships with parents.

When the public charter school system was first opened ten years ago, it set some very high goals for their growth. This has drawn much attention to the growth in student growth, and narrowing the the achievement gap. Rocketship Education is also a great place to work, where student potentials are being unleashed.