Bruno Fagali Elaborates The Case Of Raj Nair

Employee dismissal is not a new terminology in the career world. All too often, it is appended to grievous misconduct subject to investigation. The past few weeks have been tough on one Raj Nair who served as the president of Ford Motor. Appointed in June 2016, he has now been ousted after a long career profession in the corporate ladder. His career as an engineer dates to 1987 when he was promoted to serve as the chief technical officer and later the president of product development. Later on, he was assigned to serve as the president and has since contributed to the growth of Ford Motor in numerous ways with increasing the share market being the most pronounced.

Background Story

Even so, the Ford Motor’s disciplinary laid him off citing misconduct. According to the panel of investigation, Raj Nair failed to conduct himself in the required manner as per the stipulations of the organization. Although the management was not specific about the ordeal, it was clear that he was on the wrong side of the company’s laws.

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The elaboration of Raj Nair’s case encompasses the widespread disclosure of an open letter to the company. Truthfully speaking, there is more to the situation than just a dismissal letter and an apology statement from the perpetrator. Unfortunately, there is no clear explanation for the deliberate confession. It goes without saying that indeed, Nair was aware of his misconduct. In this matter, employees and employers can learn a few lessons when it comes to compliance.

Despite the position an individual holds in an organization, they must uphold the ethics of the firm. In the opinion of Bruno Fagali, the image is an essential function of an organization and must be protected. Without which, the brand will be diminished. Attorney Bruno Fagali insists that compliance is paramount.

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Bruno Fagali is an expert in administrative law, civil law, compliance, ethics and regulatory law. He graduated in University of Sao Paolo. Over the years, he has garnered vast experience in legal matters. Consequently using his knowledge to write blog posts on his website and disseminate critical information on the law, Bruno Fagali has been instrumental to many corporate firms.

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