Krishen Iyer Taking Entrepreneurship to another Level

Entrepreneurship has been an integral part of Krishen Iyer, and as such he has ever since endeavored to pursue his dreams to the best of his capabilities. Currently, Krishen Iyer is the founder as well as the chief operating officer of Managed Benefits Services which is based in Carlsbad. It is an insurance marketing firm the first of its kind that offers both services under one roof. Krishen Iyer grew up in California where he attended San Diego State University and specialized in public administration. As he already knew what he wanted to do in life, he went head first into the insurance filed where he encountered substantial success.




The result was that he established MNP insurance. Krishen put a lot of effort and commitment into it, and in 2015 it was ranked in the Inc. 5000 list due to its exceptional performance as well as service delivery. Afterward, Krishen saw a niche that many had overlooked and decided to act upon it. That was when Managed Benefit Services was born which was initially Quick link Marketing. The company merged two services at once as it aims to generate leads for its clients as well as provide tailored marketing tools to fit their specific businesses.




This is coupled with offering insurance packages that suit different purposes without restricting options as regular insurance firms do. Krishen Iyer has shaped his company in a way that they use quality analytic tools to generate leads which have a high probability outcome. Krishen Iyer is not all business as he makes time to donate top philanthropic endeavors that give back to the less fortunate. He has been involved with the relief efforts in Haiti to the Krishen Iyer also makes time for his family as it is the next item that has most priority after his passion.


Rocketship Education Fights For The Rights Of Its Students

The charter school sector has always attracted criticism from some sectors of the press, but Rocketship Education founder Preston Smith believes his school system has been treated unfairly by NPR. Rocketship Education has been one of the successes of the education sector after being created in 2006 by former California public school educators, Preston Smith and John Danner. The pair began their charter school in a Church hall with a handful of students and now see their charter schools operating in four states and Washington D.C. just a decade later.

Now known as Rocketship Public Schools, the overall aim of the program developed by Smith and Danner has been to provide a supportive, creative learning environment for students at elementary level. Co-founder and CEO Preston Smith believes the NPR article was not a personal attack on his charter school system but showed a lack of understanding of how students are educated in the 21st-century. Among the complaints detailed in the NPR blog was a critique of the classroom management of educators across the charter school sector. Preston Smith and his staff work with similar regulations and school policies as those seen at other charter schools, including KIPP and Success Academy to provide a positive learning environment. Designated bathroom breaks and silent time are common practices in most schools where the day is broken up into manageable chunks.

The other two main criticisms leveled at Rocketship Education were the amount of technology in use each day and how long a student spends on school-approved technology. Rocketship Education believes its school policies are in line with those recommended by the former Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. who has often detailed his own classroom management issues. The educators at Rocketship Education are as hard-working as found in any area of the U.S. and use technology when it suits their own needs and those of their students. In using technology successfully, Rocketship Education believes students can receive more personal attention when their peers are using the educator-approved software.

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Hussain Sajwani: Efforts to Train More Coders in the UAE

Hussain Sajwani believes that the youth in the Middle East should spend more time in learning ICT skills. He knew that the digitization experienced around the world opens up new opportunities, and he wanted the people from his country to benefit from it as well. He addressed that there is a serious gap between the Middle East and other developed regions when it comes to technology and ICT skills and is trying to address the issue. Real estate investor Hussain Sajwani spoke at the World Economic Forum last January 2018, expressing his opinion regarding the rapid changes that the world is currently experiencing. He said that the rising demand for skills related to the digital age will continue to increase in the coming years, and people without basic computer knowledge would experience more difficulties in securing a job.

Hussain Sajwani, the founder of DAMAC Properties, is one of the driving forces behind the recent changes in the field of ICT studies in the United Arab Emirates. He supported the One Million Arab Coders program which aims to create more highly skilled computer workers in the United Arab Emirates. Skills like programming, web design and networking are among the subjects that will be taught to the students who will be attending the training, and they will also be taught about other subjects related to ICT to hone their skills and become an asset for the kingdom. The United Arab Emirates is aware that they are lagging when it comes to talents in the field of ICT, but they believe that it is not yet late for the people to learn about complex computer skills.

Hussain Sajwani stated that with practice, Emiratis will be able to do complex programming tasks, and they will also become competitive when it comes to the job. Hussain Sajwani continues to demonstrate that he is not only a wealthy businessman, but he also cares for the transformation of the Emirate society to face the changing global demand for workforce. Aside from the One Million Arab Coders program, he is also participating in other programs that aim to provide relief to people who are living in poverty, as well as donating money for charities and foundations based in the UAE.

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Key Acquisitions By OSI Industries That Made It A Major Player In The World Of Meat Distribution

Started over 100 years ago, OSI industries has reported persistent growth in all its fields of operation, characterized by its continuously burgeoning size. This transition has seen it evolve from a stand-alone corner butcher shop on the outskirts of Chicago in 1908 to a family-owned meat distribution company and the eventual meat processing and distribution giant it has become.

To achieve this fete that saw it feature among the top meat distribution companies in the world, the OSI management has made several acquisitions to complement their processing facilities. Some of the most impactful acquisitions include:

Moy Park and Amick farms

The turn of the millennium saw OSI Industries speed up its expansion and diversification program, a Sheldon Lavin’s brainchild started in the 1970s. This program would see the company shift its attention towards poultry meat and informed its decision to acquire the European based Moy Park Company in 2000. A breakthrough in the poultry industry would, however, come through in 2006 when the meat processor acquired the vertically integrated Amick Farms located on the East Coast.

Tyson Foods

With an increased demand for OSI Industries products in the country, the Sheldon led outfit sought to expand its operation with the acquisition of Tyson Foods. According to the company management, the Chicago based food processing plant helped the brand boost its processing capacity while opening up new growth opportunities and creating room for product diversification.

Baho foods

Traditionally, OSI Industries concentrated in building new processing facilities from down-up whenever they sought to expand their global market. This made expansion quite expensive and painstakingly slow. Sheldon Lavin sought to change this by recommending brand acquisitions as an alternative.

The new strategy would have maximum effect in Europe with the acquisition of such food processing companies as Baho Foods that operates in Netherlands and Germany. The brand specializes in processing meat and other food products and was, therefore, an easy target considering that its processes aligned with OSI’s expansion and diversification agenda.

Turi foods

After establishing solid footholds on the North American and European meat markets, OSI Industries sought to make a mark in Australia. The move culminated in a merger between OSI Australia and the poultry meat specialist Turi Foods to form the larger Turosi Pty Ltd.


A Look at the Achievements of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist as well as a great leader. His businesses in the real estate, tourism and hospitality industries have been very successful. The success has led to his recognitions widely. He has been featured as one of the most influential Arabs in a popular list. The Dubai-based billionaire looks to expand his business to Asia.

Early life

The DAMAC owner was born in 1952/1953 in the UAE. As a young boy, he helped his father in their family business. The business built him experience-wise and in the process, he developed the helpful heart. While operating his family’s shops, he sold watches.

He was sponsored by the UAE government to study Economics and Industrial Engineering in the University of Washington in the United States. He multitasked learning with selling apartments, his early source of income. After graduating, he proceeded to work in a company that built his experience significantly.

Hussain Sajwani banked on his ideas to get money. When he realized he was good at it, he decided to start a catering business which grew rapidly to become a global company with presence in over 3 continents.

DAMAC Properties

While pondering about viable investment opportunities, he realized that the real estate sector was very lucrative at the time. He didn’t hesitate to start a real estate business which now goes by the name DAMAC Properties. The company grew rapidly to develop prestigious towers in Dubai.

While developing and investing, the forward vision of the UAE government caught his attention. He decided he would support projects that would propel UAE forward. DAMAC Properties went public, then, global. The property development company prides itself of developing over 17,900 homes as well as over 44,000 units. Being featured as one of the fastest growing companies in the world by Forbes was its epitome of success.

Hussain Sajwani’s Vision

The DAMAC owner’s attention has been attracted to the status of the economy across Asia. The middle-class is growing bigger each day. The fast-growing economy in the Asian countries is a good recipe for investment. According to Sajwani, he is going to increase DAMAC Properties’ presence in China. The renowned businessman is a calculated risk taker.

Other Portfolio Businesses

Hussain Sajwani is also affiliated to DICO Investments, Akyon Maldives Resort as well as Mina Al Sultan Qaboos. See Sajwani’s accolades.

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Jacob Gottlieb Establishes His Latest New York City Venture, Altium Capital Management

Altium Capital Management is a company that is led by its founder and chief executive officer Jacob Gottlieb. It is based in New York City and it only invests in healthcare firms. When choosing what to invest in Jacob Gottlieb uses research tactics that uncover growth companies that feature great medical advances. Founded in July 2018, the first company that Altium Capital Management invested in was Oramed Pharmaceuticals. This healthcare firm, in which Altium Capital took a 5.61% stake, is innovating by developing an oral treatment that can be used in place of the use of a needle for diabetics.

One of the first financial firms that Jacob Gottlieb worked at was Merlin BioMed Group. He joined this firm in 2000 as a portfolio manager. Merlin was founded by entrepreneur Stuart Weisbrod who also specializes in healthcare investing. These two colleagues are once again collaborating on investments as they share an office space on Wall Street. While Jacob Gottlieb is managing Altium, Stuart Weisbrod is running his own financial management firm, Iguana Healthcare Partners.

Jacob Gottlieb only invests in publically traded companies at Altium. This can include medical devices firms, biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmaceutical, healthcare information, and healthcare service firms. He brings to the table his educational background as he was trained as a medical doctor at the New York University School of Medicine.

After he left Merlin BioMed Group, Jacob Gottlieb had started another hedge fund management company. This was Visium Asset Management with which he was highly successful. This company, which started with $300 million in 2008, was managing $8 billion in capital as of 2016. In addition to his office in New York, he also had offices in both London and San Francisco, two other financial capitals of the world.

However, in that year disaster struck. Three executives of Visium were investigated by the SEC and FBI and charged with insider trading as well as mismarking. All three were arrested and this development meant that Jacob Gottlieb had to wind down his company and return investor’s money even though he was found to not have been at all involved in these activities.

3 Reasons Why Southridge Capital is a Market Leader in Investment Market

The 2008 economic crisis changed the investment world significantly. One of the things that changed is the management of investments. One of the companies that are synonymous with investment management is Connecticut based entity. Southridge Capital continues to set the pace in this financial niche. What are some of the factors that make Southridge Capital the market leader?



One of the factors that make this company the industry leader is their variety of services. Southridge has one of the most diverse services in the financial world. Over the years, the company has been able to expand their services. Currently, the company offer services in investment banking to different companies and more importantly it offers securities and brokerage services. The securities brokerage services niche is currently a gold mine for investors but it is one of the most confusing niches to venture. Fortunately, Southridge has walked with thousands of clients in making securities brokerage niche the ultimate investment field. In addition, investment banking is also one of Southridge important operational niche.


Another reason why Southridge Capital is one of the best companies in this niche of investment in their workforce. Human resource is vital in the investment world. Fortunately, the company, through well-structured recruitment procedure has been able to be a home to the best workforce any company can wish to have. The human resource is vital in making trends interpretation and recommending the way forward for their customers. Having a strong workforce according to the company is due to their openness while hiring. The company in the past has been classified as one of the best employees in this particular niche, thanks to the company’s philosophy and principles. For more details visit Crunchbase.



Finally, the company is exceptionally great at being receptive to changes in investment niche. Unlike other sectors, this particular world of investment banking and securities is ever changing. The CEO, Steve Hicks believes that for a company to have an impact, changes are critical. One of the recent consideration the company is keen on is how to take advantage of the cryptocurrencies. The CEO is certain that this development will have an impact in the future of investment banking and securities. You can visit their Facebook page.


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Improve your Life With Dherbs Cleanses

Not all detox cleanses are created the same. When You’re Ready To enjoy the benefits that a natural body cleanse offers, it is imperative the time to choose great brand is taken. Only with the right brand will you receive the many incredible benefits that come with a body cleanse. But, with so many names out there, how can you decipher the good from the bad and choose a product that exceeds expectations?

It is easy to discover the best brands when you research the options. The Internet is a great place to start learning, but if you ask friends and family for their recommendations, you’ll get amazing results as well. When you research the cleanses and the brands, Dherbs is a name that you likely discover. Many people have found this brand to be unique and worthwhile and so will you. Read more reviews about Dherbs at

Founded in 2004, this brand has become a well known name to those in the health and wellness industry. People trust the brand to deliver quality products that enhance their life without causing them debt in the process. Some cleanses are so overpriced it is hard to buy them withoutmaking a sacrifice or two. It should never be this way. The Brand is known for creating a line of more than 200 all natural supplements designed to help various health ailments and conditions. But, it is their cleanses that has made the brand such a popular one.

Dherbs offers an assortment of cleanses designed to remove tose harmful toxins from your body, instantly improving your energy, decreasing risk for diseases and ailments,and otherwise helping you live the best life that you want to live. The 20-Day Cleanse is the most popular of the cleanses offered from the brand. All cleanses sold by the brand are guaranteed or your money back.



Alastair Borthwick: Journalist, Author and Broadcaster

Alastair Borthwick is a man who is remembered for writing two very popular but very different books. Each of his two main works have remained in print for a number of years, and they continue to be read as great examples of their genres to this day.

Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen, Scotland. His family later moved to Glasgow where Mr. Borthwick attended high school. He left school and began working at the Glasgow Herald beginning in 1929. While working for this paper, Mr Borthwick began to write about hill walking in the Highlands of Scotland. He was particularly interested in interviewing working class people who were beginning to take up this activity which once was considered an activity only for the well to do. As a result of Mr. Borthwick’s articles, many more people began coming into the Highlands for weekend adventures.

In 1939, Alastair Borthwick authored a book entitled “Always a Little Further” which dealt with his experiences among the working-class people who were walking and climbing in the Scottish Highlands. Many consider this book to be among the best written about walking and outdoor activity in Scotland.

World War II saw Mr. Borthwick’s life and writing move in an entirely different direction. He became an intelligence officer with the 5th Battalion serving in North Africa and throughout the European continent during the course of hostilities. Mr. Borthwick wrote an influential history of the battalion with which he served called “Sans Peur, a History of the 5th(Caithness and Sunderland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders.”

When World War II came to an end, Alastair Borthwick and his wife Anne moved to Jura, and Mr. Borthwick began his association with the BBC. The later part of Mr. Borthwick’s life would be spent in the production of television programs. He would go on to produce over 150 programs for Grampian TV in Scotland. These broadcasts covered a wide variety of subject matter.

In retirement, the Borthwicks lived on a farm in Ayrshire. Alastair Borthwick was moved to a nursing facility before his death in 2003.

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Paul Mampilly Has Taken Up A New Position At Banyan Hill

Paul Mampilly has been around the block when it comes to the financial industry, putting his hands into a wide variety of different markets over the years. Because of this, Paul Mampilly is a perfect candidate to take on a senior editor position at Banyan Hill Publishing. Paul has been highly successful in his investing career and has a great deal of knowledge to share with his readers at Banyan Hill. Paul’s success shows for itself and his information is trusted by most investors out there today. Paul started out his career in Wall Street, where he spent more than a decade building up his financial knowledge on various different stock markets.

Currently, Paul writes on a weekly basis at Banyan Hill Publishing, releasing several different newsletters, such as Profits Unlimited and True Momentum. Paul has only just begun providing his insight at Banyan Hill Publishing, but he already has a large number of dedicated readers that look for his newsletters each week. According to Paul, his current focus is finding the trends in the market through research and analysis to provide good investment strategies to investors. At this stage of his career, Paul Mampilly is happy to share his knowledge, not just because it helps the industry grow, but also because there are thousands of Americans who are or have struggled for years that can finally become successful and take control of their financial futures.

Although a great deal of the information that Paul Mampilly has shared at Banyan Hill Publishing thus far has been from his time in the industry, especially on Wall Street, Paul still does a lot of research today. The industry is always evolving and markets continue to change over the years, which is why Paul Mampilly always takes the time to learn and improve on Paul Mampilly’s methods. Even Paul makes mistakes and admits to failures, but this is part of the learning process in investing and any good investor goes through it.