Krishen Iyer Taking Entrepreneurship to another Level

Entrepreneurship has been an integral part of Krishen Iyer, and as such he has ever since endeavored to pursue his dreams to the best of his capabilities. Currently, Krishen Iyer is the founder as well as the chief operating officer of Managed Benefits Services which is based in Carlsbad. It is an insurance marketing firm the first of its kind that offers both services under one roof. Krishen Iyer grew up in California where he attended San Diego State University and specialized in public administration. As he already knew what he wanted to do in life, he went head first into the insurance filed where he encountered substantial success.




The result was that he established MNP insurance. Krishen put a lot of effort and commitment into it, and in 2015 it was ranked in the Inc. 5000 list due to its exceptional performance as well as service delivery. Afterward, Krishen saw a niche that many had overlooked and decided to act upon it. That was when Managed Benefit Services was born which was initially Quick link Marketing. The company merged two services at once as it aims to generate leads for its clients as well as provide tailored marketing tools to fit their specific businesses.




This is coupled with offering insurance packages that suit different purposes without restricting options as regular insurance firms do. Krishen Iyer has shaped his company in a way that they use quality analytic tools to generate leads which have a high probability outcome. Krishen Iyer is not all business as he makes time to donate top philanthropic endeavors that give back to the less fortunate. He has been involved with the relief efforts in Haiti to the Krishen Iyer also makes time for his family as it is the next item that has most priority after his passion.