CEO Sheldon Lavin and OSI Food Solutions ‘ Commitment to Sustainability

The CEO and Chairman of OSI Industries Sheldon Lavin has made sustainable food processing part of OSI’s business practices. Sustainable food processing is the integration of consumption, distribution, processing and waste management.

The practice benefits the community in which a food processing facility operates economically, environmentally, and socially. As a forward thinking company, OSI has always embraced the latest advancements in food processing technology.

The business that would become OSI Industries a multinational producer and distributor of restaurant supplies began in 1909 as a small butcher shop established by Otto Kolchowsky in a suburb of Chicago. By the 1950s the business had become Otto and Sons Inc. (OSI).

In 1956 OSI began supplying frozen patties to McDonald’s. OSI operated solely within the US prior to 1970. That was the year the man who would take OSI global Sheldon Lavin became a consultant to OSI.

During the seventies, McDonald’s was growing rapidly and as one of McDonald’s main suppliers, OSI had a chance to grow with them. Satisfying McDonald’s increased demand for burgers meant a significant expansion of OSI’s production facilities would be necessary.

Sheldon Lavin arranged the financing OSI needed to expand. The bank that provided the loan wanted to protect their investment by having Sheldon Lavin become a full partner at OSI. Mr. Lavin demurred agreeing to act as a consultant instead.

In 1975 Sheldon Lavin would become a full partner after helping OSI to secure capital to finance the company going global. That was the year the Otto and Sons Incorporated became OSI Industries.

Wanting to ensure that OSI could meet its ever-increasing demand for burgers it was at the request of McDonald’s that Sheldon Lavin began devoting his full attention to OSI. Not long after that Sheldon Lavin became CEO of the company. After the two Kolchowsky brothers retired Lavin gained full control of OSI.

The commitment that OSI Industries has made to good corporate citizenship has garnered the company the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award. Other honors include the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour, the California Green Business Award, and the Global Visionary Award.


OSI Group and McDonalds Restaurant Shares a Story of Success

Many people might not realize this but the OSI Group played a critical role to McDonald’s initial success. As a matter of fact, when the restaurant had first started it was OSI’s hamburgers and cheeseburgers that people were enjoying. While McDonald’s received all of the press for their fantastic cheeseburgers, fries and shakes; it was the OSI Group that played a critical role in the success of McDonald’s. This is the story of OSI Group McDonalds and how these two companies helped each other to become world class food industry businesses.

OSI was originally known as Otto and Sons. It was created in 1909 by a German Immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. According to family history, his company was such a success that he was able to start wholesale operations. Being a wholesale business allowed Otto and Sons to fulfill large orders of meat products for businesses.

While Otto and Sons was enjoying its success in the meat market, Ray Croc was an agent for a couple named the McDonald’s. He opened up a restaurant for these two people and it was a fairly decent establishment. Apparently, business was good because Ray Croc had decided to purchase the place from the McDonald’s. By the time Kroc had acquired the McDonald’s eatery, the company had been in business for nearly 15 years. So, the organization had a solid name in the community.

Kroc had figured out a way to “automate” food service. His methods allow him to create a simplified process for getting meals to customers within a short amount of time. He needed a meat supplier for his cheeseburger and hamburger products. He eventually heard about Otto and Sons and decided to use their services. According to legend, Kroc shook hands with the Otto’s sons and the company began making beef patties for the organization.

OSI Group McDonalds got its start at this point. Otto and Sons was rebranded OSI Group in 1975. They continued their relationship with McDonalds as a meat supplier. OSI Group McDonalds are now two giant organizations in the food industry. Their products has fed billions of people all over the world. OSI Group McDonalds continue great success in the market and both organizations have excelled in the food industry business.

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Genucel Makes Life Easier Everyone That Wants To Slow Down Aging

Genucel is making the process of aging so much easier. This has helped many people transform their faces and reduce the effects of aging. This is easily a company that has the ability to help those that struggle with things like puffiness around the eyes. It has become a company that has managed to grow by building a company with a number of products that can accommodate people that are worried about the aging process.


It is the vitamins and peptides that play a significant part in helping you reduce the aging process. These are elements that are part of the Genucel line. That makes it possible for people to slow down the aging process and feel younger. There are people that say that being young is a state of mind, but it can be difficult to feel young when you get up and see puffiness around your eyes. If you have droopy eyelids it can be difficult for you to feel young when you are looking like someone that is aging poorly when you look in a mirror.


What Genucel does is give you the ability to feel young by helping you look young. You have the ability to change your skin and make it tighter. You have products from Genucel that can help you make your skin look smoother. These are all things that people desire when they are trying to change the way that they are viewed when it comes to their personal appearance.


A person that has access to Genucel products has the ability to change their lives and improve their livelihood. When you can slow down the wrinkles and stop the puffiness on your face you feel better about yourself. You are a lot more inclined to go out and enjoy your day.


Genucel is the company that has made the process of reversing aging more practical. This company has executives in place that realize that everyone does not have the same skin tone. There are people that have oily skin. Others may have for dry patchy skin. There are some people that are more porous than others. All of these things are factors to consider when any type of aging reversal creams for anti-wrinkle creams are created. With Genucel there are a number of unique applicators that you can apply based on the type of skin type you have. This makes the process easier.

Gareth Henry Explains The Benefits Of Investing In Hedge Funds

Every investor gets into the stock markets with the hope of reaping big and in the shortest time possible. Inexperience and ignorance of the current trends, however, seems to always stand in their way. According to Gareth Henry, an actuarial science graduate from the University Of Heriot-Watt Of Edinburgh in Scotland, these investors often get into bond and equity. Visit

The current economic trends across the globe have long shifted. Bonds and equity, though key players in the stock markets, no longer offer as much in returns in investment as they did years ago. Gareth, therefore, encourages these investors to focus their attention on the more dynamic hedge funds because of their diversified portfolios.

Why hedge funds

Gareth Henry appreciates that no investment is 100% risk-proof. Hedge funds, however, offer investors more options for the diversification of their investments with different return variations. The diversified portfolio, therefore, cautions an investor against huge losses as it is unlike for all their investment portfolios to crash at the same time.

Unlike bonds and equities, hedge funds have the flexibility to perform better in both bearish and bullish markets. Gareth Henry notes that most of these alternative investment firms are run by seasoned investors that understand how to take advantage of either market conditions either for short and long terms.

The experienced trader is also of the opinion that stock and bonds portfolios follow a predictable pattern thus making. This makes less exposed to market volatility. Hedge funds, on the other hand, thrive in more volatile markets.

The contrast, in this case, lies in the fact that while the predictability of the traditional makes them more secure, the volatility in the hedge funds raises the possible returns on investments to levels that bonds may never hit even in the most favorable market conditions.

More about Gareth Henry

Gareth started his finance career at Schroders Investment Firm in 2000 where he worked as the Director of Strategic Solutions. He worked here for seven years before joining Fortress Investment Group in 2007. At Fortress, Gareth is tasked with marketing the investment firm in the Middle East, Europ, and the United States.



Top Ways in Which Herbalife Nutrition Promotes Wellness and Healthy

Health experts who once studied the effects of positivity within workplaces are learning that the same applies to all areas and stages of life. Creating a positive and supportive environment is what helps most people to live healthier and more active lives. The Herbalife Nutrition dealers saw the need to effect positive changes to their people, and they dedicated themselves to helping various communities eat right and get in good shape.


Herbalife Nutrition was established in the 1980s. It is a worldwide nutrition company whose main agenda is to make all the people in the world live healthier and happier. The company distributes health and nutrition products to more than 90 countries across the world. These products include individuals aimed at targeted nutrition, personal care, fitness, and energy as well as weight management. Here are several ways in which Herbalife promotes wellness and healthy living.


Supports New Mothers Nutritional Needs


Expectant mothers have a set of nutritional requirements that are unique and different from those of other women. Herbalife Nutrition experts explore why their nutritional needs are unique and provide them with some practical, healthy advice for the new and exciting stage in their lives. This includes new boosters from Herbalife Nutrition.


It is not possible to meet all the new women’s holistic nutritional requirements with diet alone. Even the well-rounded, balanced and strategic dietary plans can still lack vital nutrients. Currently, there is a nutritional boost from the Herbalife nutrition that can help you fill the gap.


The Herbalife Nutrition’s New Mom and Wellness Booster contain the best blend of key minerals and vitamins that help to support and supplement the new mothers’ diet. The formula includes vitamin and Vitamin A for boosting their immune system and calcium that helps sustain and build strong bones and teeth.


Helps to Feed Your Microbiome


While the probiotics are provided with the most press attention, the prebiotics is the major superstars functioning behind the scenes. Instead of feeding human beings directly, they feed the friendly and helpful bacteria which live in your gut and provide a wide range of benefits. Prebiotics are not broken down by the saliva like other sugars and pass to the upper digestive system where they settle onto the microbiome of the living bacteria.


Herbalife Nutrition experts consider inulin as the best prebiotics you can consume. It is always difficult to get enough inulin in the current diets even if you eat healthily. Luckily, there is Herbalife Nutrition’s Simply Probiotic formula that provides you with the easiest way to getting a healthy dose of inulin.


OG Juan- The Bro Talk

Juan “OG” Perez is one of the closest friends of billionaire business mogul and rap extraordinaire Shawn “Jay Z” Carter. Sean Carter is the owner of the Roc Nation entertainment company. OG Juan is the Sports President of Roc Nation and his wife Desiree Perez is the COO of Roc Nation. They both are longtime friends of the Carters. Desiree is reported to be the backbone of Roc Nation. Sean Carter is well known for keeping his closest friends and family members in key positions and financially secure. His wife Beyoncé is also billionaire in her own right.

Earlier this year OG Juan celebrated his 50th birthday in high celebrity fashion by attending the best clubs and restaurants in Manhattan. The party included a $13k dinner at Zuma in Mid-town, a $9k round of drinks at Made in Mexico, and to top it off; the party wound down at Playroom, New York city’s finest celebrity hotspot. The price tag for this extravaganza was reported to be over $90,000.Sean Carter was happy to write a verse with the lyrics citing the birthday bill was on OG Juan and not on him.

That statement was reinforcing the fact that Sean Carter’s friends are wealthy enough to carry a $91,000 club bill on their own, without him having to pick up the tab. It was reported that 40 bottles Shawn Carter’s Ace of Spades premium champagne was passed around to other tables.OG Juan one grew up in Harlem and OG Juan attended Brandeis High School in mid-town Manhattan. He met Jay Z Sean Carter in 1996 a year after the Roc Nation label was formed.


Positive Articles on OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the largest global suppliers to the world. It is currently leading in the foodservice industry by carrying multiple food brands. They house over twenty thousand employees and have more than sixty-five facilities in seventeen different countries. Their international headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois.

Some of the top news articles covering this company come from the biggest websites such as and These are just to name a few. In the article of, it says that OSI Group acquired Baho Food. Most of their food consists of deli meats and snacks better known as convenience foods. The president and COO David G. McDonald stated: “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe.” This adds eighteen more countries in Europe. John Balvers, the Managing Director of Baho Foods expresses his excitement in joining the OSI Group. Both of these men’s statements show that they are very excited about moving forward with OSI. John Balvers also stated that he and his team will stay with OSI and continue to grow the company.

In was an article on September 5, 2017, they elaborate on the expansion of OSI Group as it continues to grow internationally as more and more people continue to enjoy their products. This article also covers the purchase of Baho Foods as well since this was one of the biggest moves the company has ever made. Another one of their major purchases was Flagship Europe in 2016. This added on the expansion of frozen poultry, pies, and other condiments. In June of 2016, they also purchased a food plant which was going to be shut down in Chicago. It was originally run by Tyson Foods and it was purchased for $7.4 million dollars. As they continue to expand worldwide they show that safety is their number one priority by using the latest technology of metal detectors and X-ray equipment to spot any unknown objects in the food. Through charity, persistence, and safety OSI Group will continue to remain a number one company around the world.

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Freedom Checks Exemptions

This is a form of tax exemption that was passed into law in 1987 by Congress. It requires that master limited partnerships, MLPs, be exempted from tax but give up 90% of every dollar earned in its operations back to the investors. Although freedom check might sound like a federal government run program and is supported by federal laws,, it is a non government program. Though Freedom checks closely resemble dividends, they are referred to as distributions by the MLPs. MLPs are firms that deal in energy related businesses Eg, natural gas and oil extractions.

How Freedom Checks Came to Be

Before being passed into law the then president, President Nixon, supported the need for the United States to maintain its independence through the production of its own energy. He, therefore, supported the creation of laws that attracted more investors, American, into the energy sector by giving them a reward for investments. The reward was exempting MLPs and their shareholders from the federal income tax. Such policies have made Americans, over the years, invest heavily in domestic oil and gas production.In most cases, freedom check investments require bigger investments to get the estimated $160 thousand dollars quarterly. Some of the organizations that have invested in checks, Reuters and Motley Fool, have reported large returns on investments.

Small is also not left out, they can buy shares, freedom check shares, and get sizable returns on investments with a 50 dollars to 100 dollars startup. Shares from freedom check can generate up to four times what other government investment programs like social security and 401k can. Another advantage that this program has is that it has no age limit nor has it income limit.For a company to eligible for the MLP tax exemption, it has to be getting 90% revenue from their manufacturing or production, storage, transportation, and processing within the country and agree to give 90 cents of each dollar earned to their shareholders /investors, a very lucrative investment opportunity with the huge amount of money each and every year. Currently, freedom checks are issued by an exclusive group of 568 companies.


TMS Health Solutions Offers an Alternative Treatment to Improve the Quality of Life for People with Clinical Depression

TMS Health Solutions offers an alternative treatment to people experiencing clinical depression. This type of depression is one that often causes feelings of anxiety and worthlessness, which could affect a person’s desire to live. The traditional treatment for clinical depression is prescription medication. Unfortunately, of the 14 percent of people living in America who will experience an episode of depression, 40 percent of the patients treated for this condition will be treatment resistant. This means the prescription medications will not work to counter the debilitating mental effects of clinical depression.


The treatment provided by TMS Health Solutions could be used in conjunction with prescription medications or as a process all by itself. This form of therapy has been cleared by the FDA as a non-invasive means of eliminating the effects of clinical depression. Known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, this form of therapy uses a type of magnetic pulse to change the polarity of neurons in the brain. This is accomplished by attaching magnetic strips around the crown of the head. Trained technicians use a device to focus the magnetic energy in areas that can stimulate the nerves and then depolarize them.

As a procedure provided in a clinical environment, patients undergoing TMS therapy do not experience any down time. They are able to go back to resuming their daily living tasks immediately afterward. The process itself could take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to complete. This method was developed by the team at TMS Health Solutions as a way of helping people with clinical depression improve the quality of their lives.

Founded by Dr. Richard Bermudes in 2007 as a way of bringing hope to people experiencing clinical depression, TMS Health Solutions has grown to where it recently opened a new facility in San Francisco, California. The new clinic adds to the existing three other facilities TMS has in Northern California. The new clinic will employ a staff of board-certified clinicians, which will include a board-certified family psychiatric mental health nurse named Sasha Bergeron. Additional medical professionals at the new clinic will include Richard Bowdle, M.D. And Oana Galicki, M.D.

Organo Gold: Revolutionizing the Coffee Culture

Coffee is a staple drink in the society and many parts of the world. It’s rooted in many cultures and September is dedicated to celebrating the beverage. Even so, some people don’t get to celebrate this day since they are held up at work. But, the coffee culture, especially in the Asian communities, continues to grow. For Organo Gold, the primary objective of their business is offering clients the world best coffee. The company understands what the market holds for their consumers. That’s an aspect they continue to uphold regardless of the intensity of work. Organo Gold uses infused mushroom coffees and teas to give clients some sense of accomplishment.

Producing High Quality Coffee

Since its inception, Organo Gold has been giving clients more than other coffee manufacturers can provide. Not only does the company offer the best coffee in the industry but also ways to make money. Organo Gold shows clients how to sell their coffee through multilevel marketing. Behind the success of Organo Gold is Bernardo Chua. He is the co-founder and head of operations. Chua is a master of multilevel marketing, and he spearheads direct sales. Having garnered vast knowledge on Ganoderma and its great health benefits while growing in the Philippines and working for a company that specializes in the selling of the products, Chua expanded his brand beyond coffee.

Supporting Entrepreneurs

With Chua’s assistance, Organo Gold has transitioned into one of the most admired brands in the world. The company is giving people the ability they require to improve their work. Many users can now purchase high quality coffee. As long as Organo Gold continues to thrive, consumers will receive the help they need not only to market their brands but indulge in healthy products. The company hopes to support more emerging entrepreneurs to venture into multilevel marketing.