After Seven Years, Patient ClassDojo Finally Pays.

Every investor will always want to realize returns on investments within a period of seven years. This hasn’t been the case with ClassDojo that has taken long before realizing returns.

Based in San Francisco, ClassDojo is probably the new education technology project that started operations long ago without making any profits. However, it has gained great numbers with at least a teacher in almost all U.S.A elementary and middle schools using the tool. Furthermore, in every six families with a kid less than 14 years one uses the app regularly.

It was launched in August 2011 and it has been committed to serving teachers and schools for free but lately, it came up with a solid plan for its sustainment by making parents subscribe monthly so as to use it at home with their children.

Nicknamed “ClassDojo Beyond School” the application will comprise of features that seek to aid parents bond with their kids via meditation, expression activities and mindfulness training.

Sam Chaudhary, ClassDojo’s co-founder, and CEO argues that children spend a lot of time at home and this time converted to learning.

A second-grade child mother in Florida Seminole County, Ford was full of praise of the tool terming it effective and has brought to life teachers and parents expectations. She said an interview that her rude and unruly in classroom daughter has changed to learning on how to be responsible.

ClassDojo is just more than points. The application includes short videos that guide parents through meditation, expression activities and mindfulness training with their kids. Self-reflection is also another tool where children record video responses. Chaudhary believes he can create important interactions and conversation among families through these shared activities.

All the activities that are carried out on the Beyond School do not require much time. According to ford, her daughter only spends 15 minutes a day. Ford further reveals that she spends much time regularly communicating with her daughters’ teachers on ClassDojo’s school app.

Chaudhary reflects there seven-year survival without money and credits the patience of its investors. In February 2019, the application will be available publicly for a monthly subscription.

A Look at Serge Belamant the IT Guru

Serge Belamant was born to a tiller trader in 1953 at Tulle. His family later moved to South Africa when Serge was 14 years old. He then attended the Highlands North High School where he learned how to speak and write proper English. Serge was also athletic, and he played rugby as well as chess while in high school. Serge Belamant joined the Witwatersrand University in 1972 to pursue engineering, but he switched courses so that he could pursue computer science and applied mathematics. Two years later, UNISA gave Serge a chance to pick out information systems courses, and this made him discontinue his university studies. Serge Belamant did not graduate because he was forced to retake some of the units that he had already passed while he was at the university. However, he has a Ph.D. in Technology and Information Management.

Serge Belamant after that joined Matrix which was an engineering firm, where he worked on both small and medium-sized computers that were at the time trending. His significant roles were to develop applications on the machines that would be used in the analysis and optimization of the dam levels, as well as the prediction of future droughts. Years later, he was made the computer section head for the Pretoria, and Vereengineering road plan project at the center for scientific and industrial research in South Africa. His new role required that he used computerized statistical methods that he was now proficient in. Serge Belamant then served as the managing director of the Net1 Investment Holdings Limited from 1989 to 1995. Serge spent so many years working for Control Data Corporation (CDC) as a computer scientist, and this saw him winning many local and international IT awards.

The famous South African Saswitch ATM network was designed, developed and implemented by Serge while working for CDC. The Saswitch ATM network is rated as the third largest ATM switching network in the finance world. The system is just one of the patents that Serge owns, including other gaming inventions and biometrics. In 1996 and 1997, Serge was a consultant during the development of the Chip Off-line Pre-Authorized Card which took time before becoming popular in South Africa. Dr. Serge was elected as chairman and the director of the board of directors at the Net 1 UEPS Technologies Incorporation (formerly the Net1 Applied Technology Holdings Limited) in February 2003, and he held the position up to April 2017. From 31st May 2017, Serge Belamant has just been a business consultant with the company. He has however served on the board of directors for other companies that mainly deal with smart cards.


Marc Beer and His Mission to End Pelvic Floor Disorders

Marc Beer has taken the fight against pelvic floor disorders to the next level by securing financing for his women health startup, Renovia, Inc. He successfully raised $42 million in venture debt and Series B round. The women health startup now is set to move forward with development of four main products including the new generation of the Leva device. Renovia is a pharmaceutical company that is committed to improve the lives of women living with pelvic floor disorders around the world.


According to a research, urinary incontinence affects over 250 million women across the world. Mr. Marc Beer’s company has been dedicated to developing diagnostic and therapeutic products to treat the disorders. Since inception, the company has made incredible progress with some of its products receiving FDA approval. The company’s Leva device received FDA approval in April this year.


He raised $32 million in Series B round and $10 million in venture debt. Big players in the healthcare industry participated in Series B round conducted by the New York-based Perceptive Advisors and Missouri-based Ascension Ventures. The funding will boost the company’s efforts significantly with the development of the four pelvic floor disorder treatment products.


Marc Beer was excited by the move of the players in the industry to support him in his fight against the disorders. He has so far received unwavering support from the leading investors in the healthcare industry. He said in a statement that the investors shares his vision of improving the lives of women across the world who are suffering from pelvic floor disorders. Using cutting edge technology and solutions, he aims to make valuable data accessible to customers. The data generated will inform better pelvic floor disorder treatment options, build on the existing knowledge and eventually, promote the understanding of the disorders. The efforts are directed towards reduce healthcare costs in the long-run. Learn more:


The renowned healthcare entrepreneur has led a noble career in the industry. He was a strategic consultant in OvaScience, a pharmaceutical company which later merged with Millendo Therapeutics. Marc Beer is the CEO as well as Co-founder of Renovia, a Boston-based medtech company. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry with a specialty on development and commercialization in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic as well as device industries. He a BS graduate from Miami University, OHIO.


He founded ViaCell and established it over time to have over 300 employees and later, go public. The company was acquired in 2007 by PerkinElmer. He is also a member of the board of directors of Erytech Pharmaceuticals. Marc Beer is also the Founding Chairman of committee of Good Start Genetics’ board of directors. He also holds prestigious positions in Minerva Neurosciences. He is also a member of Miami University Business Advisory Council. He served in other prestigious positions.


Paul Mampilly, an American Investor

Mr. Paul Mampilly is a renowned investor in the United States of America and a founder of the Profits Unlimited newspaper. He works at Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor too. Paul founded the paper with the aim of guiding investors into stock s which prime to shoot higher. Paul Mampilly also is the manager of two popular trading services, True momentum, and Extreme Fortunes. Paul joined Banyan Hill in 2016, and currently, he is specialized in finding wealth InTechnology, growth investment and unique opportunities for the Main Street Americans. Paul Mampilly was born in 1933 India while it was still an impoverished country, but later he came to America.

He has a master’s degree from Fordham University located inside New York City he has worked in many organizations and showed excellent performance in his profession. This prominence has given him a good reputation, and it is the reason behind his success. In 1991, Mr. Paul started his working career and worked as a portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. From there he assumed top positions in large banking firms including the Deutsche Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Later he became the principal manager of Kinetics Asset Management. It is under his expert management that the firm’s assets raised to $ 25 billion, this showed how Paul Mampilly was highly skilled in investment. He grew the company’s investment from $50 million to $88 million.

Paul also has a significant record in his stock investment. In 2012, he invested in Sarepta Therapeutics while it was still at its infancy stage and helped in developing the company. He has also invested in Netflix but later sold the gain. Many companies and corporates recognize his business contribution towards their expansion and development though he retired at an early age of 42 years. Though after his retirement he has decided to focus on making money for Main Street Americans. In 2016, Paul Mampilly began writing Profits Unlimited with the purpose of finding a stock that shoots higher. Besides he is also a contributor to many newsletters in the country, he is a role model to the modern generation.


Sheldon Lavin Makes Sure OSI Is About More Than McDonald’s

When the first McDonald’s restaurant opened in 1955 in Des Plains, Illinois, the hamburger specialist wanted to find the best meat on the market. The future global company was a small, family-owned hamburger restaurant with an ambitious manager who began working with a local butcher, Otto and Sons. The growth of McDonald’s coincided with a major period of expansion taking place at what has become OSI which is now one of the world’s leading meat suppliers to restaurants and retailers.

Much of the success of the OSI Group can be placed at the door of CEO Sheldon Lavin, who was given the opportunity to become involved with the company in 1970. The veteran investor was working in the banking industry when he was asked to broker a loan to help OSI expand and found himself asked to take an ownership stake in the meat manufacturer to ease the concerns of the bank providing the loan. Although he turned down the offer of an ownership stake, Sheldon Lavin did take on an advisory position with OSI which expanded over time to see him take up the role of CEO.

The development of both OSI and Sheldon Lavin can be placed firmly at the door of McDonald’s. In the late-1970s, further investment was being sought in the OSI Group and the management of McDonald’s wished to keep their long-time partner on board for a prolonged period of time. McDonald’s asked members of the OSI Group to find a full-time role for Sheldon Lavin in the company to ensure the success already achieved continued.

Both Lavin and OSI have paid back the faith shown in them by McDonald’s in terms of the success they have achieved. OSI is now a globally-recognized brand with a presence in 17 countries. Although Sheldon Lavin is now seen as a veteran investor, his belief in technology driving the food industry and OSI remains unshakeable as the company continues to grow.

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Serge Belamant Inventions and Software Patents

Serge Belamant was born in 1953 in Tulle, France. At the age of 14, he relocated together with his family to South Africa. He Attended Highlands North High School where he learned how to speak and write the English language. After this, he joined Witwatersrand University to take on engineering but changed to computer science and applied mathematics. In the third year, he took various courses in Information Systems through the UNISA program.

Serge Belamant began his early career by joining Matrix, an engineering firm which was a BKSH division, a large civil engineering company. He worked on small and medium IBM computers using element analysis software. He was later assigned to head the CSIR computer section in the PWV road planning project. His computer aptitude and skills help him win an award in systems analysis expertise in 1982.

Serge Belamant is an ingenious inventor and software designer, and he filed patents to cover inventions. The following are patents that have already been granted to him by the United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO) as well as pending ones.

Verification of Transactor’s Identity – this system was created by Serge Belamant to facilitate the transaction process between two parties. This system has an account and identity verification capabilities to verify the transactor’s identity and also an account that he has with the financial firm. An independent verifier operates this process. This patent was assigned to Net 1 UEP Technologies Inc. on November 15, 2014.

Financial Transaction With Varying Pin – this invention by Serge gave provision of financial transaction device that allowed financial transaction at a POS station, ATM, internet, or login into a business account and generating a PIN, in correspondence to the provided biometric identifier. This patent was filed on September 4, 2013, by Net1 UEPS Technologies Inc.

Designation of Electronic Financial Transactions – this invention addresses the electronic financial transaction system that has an identifier designation that sets means of determining a designation of an identifier supplied by a transactor depending with his circumstances. This invention by Serge Belamant was filed on November 16, 2012.

Other inventions and patents filed by Serge include Verification of transactors identity filed on November 15, 2007, and Method and tools for game control submitted on August 3, 1998, invented by Serge and Gavin Shenker.

A DherbsA Day Keeps Doctors Away

Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” What one puts into their bodies will determine the benefit we get out of our bodies. The healthier one eats, the more nutrition one feeds their blood, heart, digestive system; the stronger one’s body can function, plus return us a healthier, longer life.

A body can not accomplish this alone. It can be difficult to obtain all the nutrients as well as the vitamins one need to maintain a healthy system. Just as a car needs to have a tune up, bodies need a little help when one slouches on hearty meals, will be there to pick up that slack.

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Give your immunity a boost with’s Anti-V tea. All-natural, delicious herbal tea that offers therapeutic support to cleanse your circulatory system, as well as combat toxins that try to attack you from the inside, allowing beneficial bacteria (yes that is a thing) grow.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, though many times people find themselves too busy to get the right amount of fruits or veggies in their diet. offers a myriad of unique supplements to give you that quick boost of all you need in one healthy dose. One one easy to swallow capsule, Electric Greens Combo offers you the benefits of eating an entire portion of 12 different healthy greens, filling you with vitamins, detoxing waste from your body, not to mention balancing your body’s pH.

If your body needs a boost to help you feel your absolute best, check out all of Dherb’s products for more information.

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OSI Group Transitions into a Global Giant in Provision of Food Solutions

Following a century of innovations, the OSI Group McDonalds today runs as one of the largest companies providing food solutions globally. OSI started operating as a family-owned butcher shop (Otto & Sons) serving the Chicago neighborhoods. With about 65 facilities spread across 17 different countries, OSI’s growth presents a significant part of economic history in America and is still evolving into globalization.

One of the significant milestones in OSI’s growth journey was its agreement with McDonald’s to supply fresh ground beef to their first franchise. As McDonald’s continued to grow, OSI did improve as well. It became the primary supplier of the growing number of McDonald’s restaurant in various regions. It was a crucial development for the company.

In its efforts to develop into a global corporation, OSI Group McDonalds heavily relied on a series of technological innovations in enhancing its operations. The cutting-edge technology significantly strengthened its business relationship with McDonald’s in meeting its demand for consistent, affordable, and consumer-driven products. The reliable process of freezing food using liquid nitrogen helped OSI tap new product expansion opportunities in the market.

The entry of Sheldon Lavin as a partner to the company and later its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer speeded up the transition process at OSI. He served a very significant role in its capitalization efforts. Through his vast experience in investments and the banking sector, Lavin continues to help OSI develop across international borders. According to the Forbes 2016 list consisting of the largest private companies in the U.S, OSI Group McDonalds emerged as position 58 with 6.1 billion dollars in sales.

Additionally, the growth of the firm into a premier food provider in the globe is as a result of successful expansion efforts, joint venture, and several acquisitions. Its joint operations with the Taiwan-based K&K Foods emerges as its initial expansion efforts. It has also expanded its European market by acquiring a considerable share of Baho Foods. Another significant step is the acquisition of the Creative Foods Europe which helps it serve the growing demand of its products in U.K. Nonetheless, OSI purchased the Tyson Foods processing plant in Chicago in support of its continued growth and product diversification process.

OSI Group McDonalds operations seek to preserve the environment and ensure sustainability. Due to its great concern for the environment, OSI received the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor Award in 2016.

OSI Food Solutions Awarded

OSI Food Solutions is an Aurora based organization that produces and packages meat products that are popular among global customers. The firm, established by a Otto Kolschowsky, a renowned investor who had just immigrated to the United States from Germany. The organization was initially known for the production and supply of the best meat products thanks to its founder. Otto started by offering his services to immigrants from his country before expanding to sell his products to American citizens in Chicago. By offering people the great services they needed, the businessman grew the meat company, increasing the brands he was manufacturing so that they could suit the people who did not enjoy having meat. Beef is a product that is popular, and it is used in the production of many snacks. The beef brought by OSI Food Solution was the best, and it was ordered by giant companies in the United States. One of the companies is McDonalds, and it led to the growth of the company. By making large orders, the institution managed to serve more people and expand its storage facilities.

Large productions are difficult to produce in any market. The ingredients have to be inspected and kept in the best state, and this can only be carried out by people who are experts. With the massive expansion taking place, OSI Food Solutions had to bring in more professionals who would ensure that the customer gets to enjoy a healthy and delicious product. At the moment, OSI Food Solutions gives employment to twenty thousand professionals who are based in various destinations. These people are involved in making meat patties, fish, bacon pizza and healthy vegetable products that are delicious.

OSI Food Solutions got a respectable award several months ago. The institution was named to be one of the top 100 companies that are based in America. This is not the first award that will be received in the company. Reports show that the institution has been recognized by Forbes and many other prestigious platforms that are in the world. Competition keeps getting worse with each passing day, and the global company has to put in more efforts to remain in the right books with the people.

Paul Mampilly Dominates Wall Street

The senior editor or Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly, is a former Wall Street investor and hedge fund manager, who joined the team with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. Profits Unlimited, his research service, is geared at helping amateur investors discover profitable stocks that are projected to grow significantly over the long term. Today, Mr. Mampilly has grown Profits Unlimited into one of the most successful investment services provided by Banyan Hill Publishing, and now hosts upwards of 130,000 subscribers. In addition to Profits Unlimited, he also provides several other services through Banyan Hill Publishing, including Rapid Profit Trader, Extreme Fortunes, and True Momentum.

About Paul Mampilly, he was born in India, where his family struggled to elevate above the impoverished conditions of the time. Eventually, he was afforded the opportunity to attend college after his father relocated to Dubai to enter the oil trade. In 1991, Mr. Mampilly was awarded his first job opportunity on Wall Street, working at Bankers Trust as an account administrator. Building a successful resume due to his profitable exploits, his services became highly requested, working for industry mainstays such as ING, Sears, Deutsche Bank, and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Eventually, Kinetics Asset Management came knocking, and he joined forces with the hedge fund, then valued at $6 billion.

During his business tenure with Kinetics Asset Management, he was able to average a 26 percent annual return, raising the value of the hedge fund to $25 billion. Additionally, Kinetics Asset Management was named one of the best hedge funds of the era by Barron’s Financial and Investment News. At the age of 42, Paul Mampilly retired from Wall Street and sought a new career path. Although he is still highly active within the investment community, in his new profession, he seeks to assist Main Street Americans in strengthening their portfolio. Recently, he has begun advising his subscribers on a budding new technology – the Internet of Things, which he feels will be the next market-disrupting investment. According to Paul, the IoT, in conjunction with the millennial generation, create a new sector that will affect virtually every substantial market.