A Look at Serge Belamant the IT Guru

Serge Belamant was born to a tiller trader in 1953 at Tulle. His family later moved to South Africa when Serge was 14 years old. He then attended the Highlands North High School where he learned how to speak and write proper English. Serge was also athletic, and he played rugby as well as chess while in high school. Serge Belamant joined the Witwatersrand University in 1972 to pursue engineering, but he switched courses so that he could pursue computer science and applied mathematics. Two years later, UNISA gave Serge a chance to pick out information systems courses, and this made him discontinue his university studies. Serge Belamant did not graduate because he was forced to retake some of the units that he had already passed while he was at the university. However, he has a Ph.D. in Technology and Information Management.

Serge Belamant after that joined Matrix which was an engineering firm, where he worked on both small and medium-sized computers that were at the time trending. His significant roles were to develop applications on the machines that would be used in the analysis and optimization of the dam levels, as well as the prediction of future droughts. Years later, he was made the computer section head for the Pretoria, and Vereengineering road plan project at the center for scientific and industrial research in South Africa. His new role required that he used computerized statistical methods that he was now proficient in. Serge Belamant then served as the managing director of the Net1 Investment Holdings Limited from 1989 to 1995. Serge spent so many years working for Control Data Corporation (CDC) as a computer scientist, and this saw him winning many local and international IT awards.

The famous South African Saswitch ATM network was designed, developed and implemented by Serge while working for CDC. The Saswitch ATM network is rated as the third largest ATM switching network in the finance world. The system is just one of the patents that Serge owns, including other gaming inventions and biometrics. In 1996 and 1997, Serge was a consultant during the development of the Chip Off-line Pre-Authorized Card which took time before becoming popular in South Africa. Dr. Serge was elected as chairman and the director of the board of directors at the Net 1 UEPS Technologies Incorporation (formerly the Net1 Applied Technology Holdings Limited) in February 2003, and he held the position up to April 2017. From 31st May 2017, Serge Belamant has just been a business consultant with the company. He has however served on the board of directors for other companies that mainly deal with smart cards.