Chamonix’s subsidiary, Genucel partners with Women aware in the war against domestic abuse

Even though domestic violence is an issue of universal concern, it is quite more rampant in some regions of the United States than others. For instance, acts of domestic violence are quite widespread in the state of New Jersey because in every seven minutes, someone somewhere within this state becomes a victim of abuse.

Even though all genders experience domestic violence, women are often on the receiving end more than men. The statistics further show that in the US, approximately one in seven men has undergone domestic abuse while 25% of women have experienced some abuse.

Unfortunately, such acts tend to lower the self-esteem of the victims, causing them to lack self-worth and indulge in acts of violence. It is, however, important to note that self-violence among such victims is not always physical. In fact, the majority of the victims are violent towards themselves by harboring thoughts of self-harm.

Fortunately, there are ways that these victims can attain self-love again. One way is through tangible self-care methods as they tend to restore the victim’s ability to note their self-worth. For instance, having a self-care routine helps the victim regain physical as well as emotional stability.

It is for this reason that Genucel, one of Chamonix’s affiliates recently joined hands with a nonprofit organization known as Women Aware to offer beauty bags to women and children who have undergone domestic violence. These beauty bags from Genucel by Chamonix contained toiletries and a string of Genucel products which will promote self-care among the victims, hence promoting healing.

Based in Middlesex New Jersey, Women Aware is a charity organization whose primary initiative is to give a helping hand to battered families in New Jersey. As noted earlier, women often experience domestic violence at a higher rate than men which is why the organization primarily focuses on providing essential amenities as well as a recovery programs to women and their family. The organization organizes various charity activities through which it raises money so it can continue offering support to such families. For instance, last year, it launched the moving beyond abuse 5k race &charity walk which besides raising funds, is also a way that victims can recover from the emotional trauma that they undergo after abuse.

How Genucel supports Women Aware’s initiatives

With the help of companies like Genucel, the nonprofit organization is able to help even more victims of domestic violence. For instance, besides offering financial support to the 5k walk, Genucel continuously offers grab bags which contain the company’s anti-aging products to the victims, to aid in their self-care routines, and promote recovery.

According to chronicleweek, anti-aging products are of the essence to the victims as they help prevent premature aging caused by depression, sleeplessness, and other mental disorders brought about by the acts of domestic abuse that they may have undergone. In conjunction with Women Aware, Genucel hopes to help those who are victims of domestic violence regain their self-esteem so that they can face life with confidence again.