Sandy Chin Provides Tips on Mentorship

As an investment management expert, Sandy Chin boasts of over 20 years of experience in her respective sector. Ever since launching her own financial services firm by the name of Tidal Bore Capital, Chin has been working tirelessly to bring optimal management solutions to those are in need of them.

Having launched her own firm with the support of her mentor, popular investment expert William Leach who currently serves as Head of Research at Tidal Bore Capital, Sandy Chin has been a vocal advocate for mentorship and guidance.

Drawing from her own experience and how it helped her reached heights of success, Sandy Chin has vowed to mentor young women who are starting out in the world of finance.

Considering her dedication to the cause, Sandy Chin recently sat down with an online publication to share her top tips of mentorship for those who want to help others with their experience.

  1. Show Your Protégé That They Are Important

Sandy Chin maintains that a mentor should acknowledge the importance of their protégé. This establishes a two way cycle of respect. She mentions that a mentor should always ensure to never turn down a chance to listen to them, and should show a deep interest in what they have to say by asking relevant questions.

  1. Make Sure to Share Your Knowledge Whenever You Can

Sandy Chin mentions that a mentor should always be open to sharing their knowledge on industry matters. No matter how small an anecdote could be, it could be very valuable to a protégé.

  1. Understand the Power of Networking

Sandy Chin also maintains that a mentor should be able to open new doors of opportunities for their mentees. This helps them explore their options as they advance in their careers and forge meaningful professional relationships on the way.

  1. Be Open to Answering Questions

According to Sandy Chin, a mentor should always be open to answering questions whenever they can without a frown on their forehead. This allows the protégé to be more comfortable in their learning experience.

  1. Don’t Be Hesitate in Sharing Lessons of Past Mistakes

Sandy Chin maintains that a mentor should never hesitate from sharing their past mistakes with their mentees, so the younger minds could learn from them and only walk the route of success.

For some mentors, it can be difficult to grasp the concept of their actions having a profound effect on their mentees. Sandy Chin maintains that is what needs to be changed, since they need to understand that their actions have a deeper meaning to their protégés than they might think.

Make certain to follow these tips and dive a little deeper into the relationship to provide value that lasts.