Dr. Dov Rand Contributions to Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine

Medical complications are some of the harsh realities associated with getting older. However, Dr. Dov Rand believes that this should not be a reason to fear to be a senior citizen. Although there are tons of medical facilities that treat complications brought by age, his organization is different in its approach to these complications.

Dr. Rand — fluent in English, Russian, and Spanish — believes that technology and well-thought procedures are the solutions to all aging complications. Under Healthy Aging Medical Centers, he has continuously invested in better technologies and more importantly — in research. Dr. Dov Rand understands the significance of research and better facilities in medicine.

Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Of Yeshiva University) graduate also understands the importance of qualified and motivated employees. In the last 15 years, for example, he has set the precedence of rewarding his employees with some of the best salaries. Remunerating employees well — according to Dr. Dov Rand — is one of the simplest yet significant ways to improve productivity.

In addition to giving his employees some of the best salaries, he understands the importance of providing each employee a chance to advance in their career. Through these approaches, Dr. Rand has created one of the best working spaces in the medical world — specifically in rehabilitation and physical medicine.

Dr. Dov Rand also understands the importance of professionalism and expertise in medical practice. He is one of the few medical professionals that do not have any reports on malpractice by the relevant boards. He is also one of the few experts that have smooth relations with the medical boards.

This record exhibits Dr. Rand as one of the most proficient individuals in the competitive world of rehabilitation and physical medicine. According to him, this record also reflects his personal beliefs on medical professional and more importantly, the responsibility he has on his clients. In addition, Dr. Rand is one of the best ranking medical professional — rehabilitation and physical medicine — in the USA.

The story of Dr. Rand is incomplete without mentioning his love for technology and more importantly medical technology. He is an avid follower of tech-related trends, and Dr. Dov Rand is one of the believers that the future of the medical world depends on technology advancements.

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