Isabel Dos Santos Helps Women Who Share Her Commitment to Determination and Hard Work

Isabel Dos Santos is a successful entrepreneur and business who has had an opportunity to speak in high profile conferences and other prestigious events. According to Forbes, she is worth about $2 billion, making her the richest woman in Africa. The daughter of the former president of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, has been committed to not only business causes, but also philanthropy causes. She is particularly looking to promote society through women empowerment and economic development.

Isabel Dos Santos has been at the helm of big companies in various industries in Angola and beyond. She has worked at companies in telecommunications, finance and construction. Dos Santos spent many years in England where she pursued electrical engineering at Kind’s College in London. She was invited by the Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace and Development where she highlighted what she does to improve the lives of people in her community.

When she is not busy with business pursuits or not attending to invitations to speak, Isabel Dos Santos engages draws attention to community leaders through her increased online press as well as international press. She often gives individuals who want to promote their communities a platform that increases their audience through her organization. Through dedication and hard work, she has created a large organization.

Women empowerment is at the center of  Isabel Dos Santos’s focus. She believes that Africa will have more innovators and drivers of the economy if women are advanced same growth opportunities as men. According to her, stigmatization of women at the workplace robs the economy major drivers. She is travels around Angola and beyond lifting women who have embraced passion and hard work to achieve their ambitions.

She is changing the future of many people through her causes. She leverages online content, speaking engagements and more to get issues of personal importance out there. According to BBC, Isabel is one of the most influential women in the world. Dos Santos acquired her wealth through taking stakes in large companies in Angola.  Today, she is working to promote the efforts of people in her community who share her commitment to determination and hard work.

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