Tim Ioannides on Dermatology and business

When it comes to matters medical dermatology, Dr. Tim Ioannides is no stranger. He has managed to venture into a field that many would rather avoid. This, he says was made possible only through his passion and dedication towards achieving his goals. Tim Ioannides is not your ordinary dermatologist. He has managed to blend his talent with strong business acumen. After working with a few dermatologists, Dr. Tim decided to venture on his own. He founded Treasure Coast Dermatology; a facility that deals in medical dermatology.

However, the road to success in his venture has not been smooth. He has had to deal with various challenges and obstacles along the way. One of these has been the perception that most dermatologists do not care much about the welfare of the patient but more about money. He took a personal approach to his practice by ensuring he created a lasting relationship with his patients. Tim noted that without compassion and empathy, it would be an uphill task succeeding in this venture. As such, he stays close not only to his patients but also his staff for the sake of the company’s reputation and growth. In a recent interview, Dr. Tim lay bare some of his secrets to success.

Asked where he got the idea to start up his medical outfit, Dr. Tim reckoned that through his earlier practice, he noticed how many patients were suffering with little help. He recognized the importance of medical dermatology and took action to fill the gap. Since the modern world is focused more on the cosmetic section of dermatology, he wanted to set himself apart by helping improve the medical dermatology industry. His main focus when opening his company was to ensure as many patients as possible get access to personalized care to their ailments through expert services.

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