JD Distributes Fruit Produce from New Zealand to China

JD.com has looked to expand its business operations to a number of overseas markets in recent years. One of these markets is New Zealand and the south Pacific. Jingdong has recently acquired kiwi fruit from New Zealand and has completed its first delivery of the year of fruit products. With this delivery, JD will look to meet one of the highest demands for fresh produce in China. In order to complete this delivery, Jingdong has partnered up with a couple of top companies in the horticulture industry. Along with these two other companies, JD will continue to acquire and deliver fresh produce to its retail stores for Chinese consumers to purchase on a regular basis.

Since the demand for fruit has skyrocketed in China in recent months, JD has looked to expand its distribution of fresh produce. The company was able to find a dependable source of fresh produce in New Zealand. The country is one of the leading producers of kiwi fruit. Chinese consumers have been very fond of the kiwi fruit and Jingdong has looked to satisfy their demand for this product. Jingdong has looked to form an alliance with New Zealand since it is a leading supply source of the in demand fruit. JD is now selling the fruit product at its stores as well as a couple of other retail chains that it is affiliated with.

Since JD has been acquiring and delivering kiwi fruit to China from New Zealand, it has been able to benefit the company, Chinese customers and the economy of New Zealand. By distributing the kiwi fruit, Jingdong has been able meet the demand for young middle class consumers who are conscious of their health. It has also been able to drastically increase it revenues and also help New Zealand add and maintain thousands of jobs in its agriculture industry.

By partnering up with other horticulture companies as well as importing fruit products from New Zealand, Jingdong has been in position to expand its business operations to more international markets. The recent delivery of kiwi fruit from New Zealand has helped JD improve its logistics network as well. The recent partnership that JD has formed will likely help the company further establish itself as one of the world’s leading retailers.

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