ClassDojo Gets Mindful in the Classroom

No matter how we organize our time, it seems that there are no shortage of distractions that take our attention off what we’d rather concentrate on. With so much distraction, our children find themselves unable to concentrate on their own schoolwork. It’s hurting their performance. ClassDojo is aware of this, and is relying on a little mindfulness to address the problem.

Mindfulness encourages regular meditation as a means to recenter people and allow them to focus. It’s become popular in schools. about 90% of teachers told ClassDojo that it’s a benefit for their students, but that same survey found that only 10% of students practice it regularly.

In response to these numbers, ClassDojo is pushing the “Mindful Moment” initiative–a series of videos that teach kids how to practice mindfulness. It was put together with the help of the founder of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Marc Brackett.

In Brackett’s estimation, mindfulness is a tool that reinforces emotional intelligence. Negative emotions can worsen distraction. Research shows that students and teachers alike experience negative emotions and it slows down their performance throughout the day. According to Brackett, with better emotional intelligence, both would have more productive days.

CEO Sam Chaudhary agrees with this assessment. As a founder for ClassDojo, Chaudhary wanted to help kids learn better by giving their parents a more direct connection to their classrooms. But without regular mindfulness, they won’t have the skill set needed to avoid distraction and center themselves in their studies. And they won’t be as successful in taking lessons from school to better their lives elsewhere.