Seattle Genetics is led By Clay Siegall in Implementing Modern Treatment Therapies

As the region’s dominant firm that specializes in biotechnology, there are questions about the possibility of Seattle becoming a target for being acquired by growing companies in the industry. A quick look at Seattle’s geographical location explains the lasting impression that the company has created in most people over the last years. Located at Bothell’s Business Park is the head office of the technology company that commits to developing scientific strategies for treatment. The cluster of buildings is in beige. The finishing of the foundation hardly screams of the edgy science embedded in the building. However, the third building in the lobby constitutes a green sculpture. It depicts a human antibody.


Human antibodies dictate the operations of Seattle Genetics. The company has been conducting research, studying as well as manipulating antibodies for years. Since 1998, the organization has been formulating treatment options for various diseases. The operating ability of the firm lies in its capacity to connect antibodies with different elements like therapies. Antibodies deliver toxic payloads into cancerous cells. This is with the aim of destroying the internal formation of the cell. This is one of the leading strategies that could sell off Seattle Genetics to high-ranking investors. According to some medical professionals and citizens, Seattle Genetics is big enough to become a pharmaceutical company given its excellent track record of performance. This could be the next big thing the community has been asking for.


Seattle Genetics boasts of having a huge market niche with the worth of the company being approximated at $10 billion. The employee base of 900 has a leader behind it. Dr. Clay Siegall is the head cheerleader of this genetics company. He has been committed to developing treatment methods through his extensive background in medicine. Clay joined Seattle Genetics in 1998. He is the president as well as the chief executive officer of the organization. Clay has extensive experience in research. He is a leader and incorporates all the fundamental requirements of a leader in guiding Seattle Genetics to achieve maximum best results. As the chairman of the board, Clay is in charge of decision making. Seattle Genetics has topped some of the lists of pharmaceuticals across the world as a top service provider for genetics based drugs and therapies. Through Clay’s guidance, Seattle Genetics has implemented ADCETRIS, an antibody that fights cancer. Clay Siegall is instrumental to Seattle Genetics. He is a perfect pace setter in the field of medicine.