How Does Wengie Prepare for Her Mornings (2016)?

Wengie, famous beauty blogger and YouTuber, often describes her morning routines, like she does in this video. In this one, she is demonstrated the steps she goes through to prepare for her day as of January 2016 (that’s summertime for her as she is in Australia).


Wengie, like most of us, has the most trouble with actually waking up and not just hitting the snooze button. She also tries to stay off social media first thing in the morning.


After waking up she either brushes or eats, or she eats and brushes. It depends on the day. At this part of the video, she shares a delicious looking vegetarian recipe made from tomatoes, mushrooms, and avocado, which she eats in front of large window while enjoying the view and watching Ted videos.


Wengie also says any motivational or inspiring videos really affect her day in a positive way. By staying off social media and the internet as a whole, she starts her day without any drama or negativity and usually learns something along the way.


After breakfast, there’s a few minutes of tidying up, like putting her dishes in the sink and making her bed. Making the bed is a relaxing task for her and her cat loves it too, a definite plus.


Her routine finishes out with skincare, makeup, and picking out her outfit. Her skincare routine skips the cleansing bit and starts with toning, then progresses to a facial massage and the all-important SPF application.


Her makeup is simple. She wears very little (a BB cream, eyebrow mascara, eye shadow, etc.), though she might dress up her lips if she’s going out, she says. She also shares her hair routine. She twists up her hair in loose pigtails at night and simply undoes them in the morning for soft, heat-free waves.


Choosing an outfit is also simple. For her demonstration, she chooses a ten-year-old pair of shorts, a cute white T-shirt, and some sneakers.


And just like that, she’s off, ready to face the day.


The Life Of Wearing Makeup

There are a few makeup struggles that most girls know about when they try to get ready in the morning or before going out with friends. Wengie offers a few of her major struggles and how you can fix them.


One of the things that some girls experience is to have a fake eyelash fall off. An easy way to fix this is to not wear them at all and use a black liner to make the eyelashes appear fuller. Getting lipstick on the teeth is very common. You might not even know that you have a yucky color on the teeth if you don’t apply lipstick in front of a mirror. Don’t use your finger to try to remove it because it’ll only smear. Carefully brush the teeth with a bit of water until the lipstick stain is gone.


Another makeup struggle is mascara that runs when you cry or when you wipe your eyes for any reason at all. There are waterproof mascaras available that can help prevent the product from running on the face, keeping the eyes and face beautiful. If you’re in the sun, then you probably know that your foundation can easily be wiped away, so unless you really need to wear it on the face, then don’t use concealer if you’re going to be playing sports or spending a lot of time in the heat. If you lose your makeup, consider getting a container to keep on the bathroom cabinet or on your dresser so that it’s all in one place.