Why Elysium Health Have Taken overDietary Supplement Market

Elysium Health Company has taken a different step in marketing dietary supplements. Elysium Health has whirled drugs used to increase the lifespan of animals in laboratories into an over-the-counter pill that you can ingest and live much longer. The mastermind of this, or rather the idea is from Leonard Guarente. Leonard is an MIT Biologist who believes that the aging process can be altered through the perfection of metabolic process.

Elysium is a health technology company aiming to change people’s perspectives concerning their health. Formed with a qualified staff and scientific advisory committee, Elysium has worked unprecedentedly on health matters, targeting to make scientific innovations available to all individuals globally. They are committed to solving tough challenges in health using scientific innovations, which helps to increase the lifespan of individuals as possible. Collaborating with a great team of scientists, Elysium Health has been able to sway new experimental changes into the production of efficient products which help people take care of their health.

For instance, their first scientifically-sound product, Basis, is a product meant to keep in check metabolic health. Basis is composed of nicotinamide riboside (NR) and pterostilbene. This compounds; Nicotinamide riboside, and pterostilbene are known to boost the level of the coenzyme NAD+ and to maintain sirtuins proteins. Consequently, NAD+ mad sirtuins work hand in hand to improve metabolic processes including respiration. Regardless of that, scientific studies confirm that Basis is a safe product for daily use as it does not result in any harmful side effects.

Elysium Health strategy in the marketing of Basis, indicates a change in the mind of Leonard. Formerly, Guarente Leonard used to work with a company known as Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, which was purportedly meant to examine resveratrol, a compound present in red wine. Resveratrol was also believed to combat aging, helping victims of diabetes add years to their lifespan. Not long, Resveratrol, after being bought by a drug company recognized as GlaxoSmithKline failed its test and was out of the market.

Focusing on helping individuals increase their lifespan, Elysium Health came up with the idea of marketing Basis as a dietary supplement. Since then, Basis has been proved profitable as it has widely been sold in the market. Approximately, the demand of Basis is growing at the rate of 7% yearly. Remarkably, the growth rate of the demand has doubled in online sales.

Unfortunately, Elysium Health co-founded by Eric Marcotulli, and Guarente Leonard refused to name its financial supporters, yet it has some abnormal state supports. For instance, its board incorporates Daniel Fabricant, who served in FDA as the chief of dietary supplements and currently as a CEO of Natural Products Association. The organization additionally has five Nobel Prize champs exhorting it, including neuroscientist Eric Kandel, researcher Thomas S├╝dhof, cause of-life scholar Jack Szostak, and the 2013 laureate in science Martin Karplus.http://www.marieclaire.com/health-fitness/a12502968/extensionists-antiaging-immortality/

Simple Ways To Care For Your Hair

There are many ways to care for your hair and make it healthier as well as shinier looking. Many different things affect the health of your hair so being sure to have a good hair care routine is a great way to ensure it is always it’s healthiest and looking it’s best. These are just a few simple ways to make sure the hair is always at its healthiest and shiniest.

One of the first tips to having healthier hair is to not over wash it. Over washing the hair can strip it of essential oils and cause it to look dull and lifeless. Instead try only washing the hair a few times a week. This will ensure you are not stripping the hair of its natural oils.

Another great tip for having healthier hair is to have a diet that is full of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables offer tons of healthy nutrients that help the hair to grow. Many of the vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables can also make hair look shinier and feel softer.

Avoid using harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals such as sulfates can strip the hair of the essential oils it needs to remain soft and healthy. Using products such as the cleansing conditioner from Wen by Chaz is a great way to cleanse the hair while also conditioning it. Wen hair care system was created over 15 years ago to give women cleaner healthier-looking hair. The Chaz Dean brand of cleansing conditioner offers a deep cleaning while also offering a nourishing conditioner. Wen hair care products are available on QVC, Sephora and many other stores nationwide.

These are just a few simple ways to care for your hair. Caring for your hair is very important as hair can become dry, damaged and brittle. Being sure to follow a diet that is rich in healthy ingredients as well as avoiding harsh chemicals is the best way to have healthier shiny your hair.

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EOS for Smooth Lips

Many lip product connoisseurs spend ages attempting to find that perfect shade or sheen. With so many options out there, it is easy to overlook fantastic products. Although everyone is different, there are a handful of cult favorites that are simply impossible to hate. Evolution of Smooth is one of those brands.

With a modest price tag and adorable spherical packaging, EOS has made a name for itself after xSparkage raved about the brand on YouTube many years ago. Boasting lasting moisture and delicious scents, the little balm sold at retailers such as Target and Walmart was the staple of countless beauty gurus. Plus, at under four dollars a pop, it is an affordable way to perfect your pout without breaking the bank. Check out their products on Ulta.

There are a few age-old tricks to keep your lips looking their best, but sugar scrubs and oils are not the most convenient options. Lip balms that can be tossed into a bedside table or purse are fast, easy, and give those lips some well deserved love.

Leave it to Evolution of Smooth to cure those cracked lips and give you a pretty pout. With flavors such as vanilla bean, strawberry, and mint, there is a little something for everyone. EOS even carries shimmer spheres for a fun and sassy look, so give them a go!

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Makeup and Beauty NewsMakeup and Beauty Tips Online

Long before the Internet people had to go through a lot of trial and error. Sometimes a woman could go to a department store in a mall and get cosmetics salespeople to apply some makeup. They could see what it would look like to buy some blush or eye shadow because workers in department stores were trying to sell products. Today, women do not have to sit at makeup counters as test out different products. Women can log on to their favorite sites and get the makeup tips from their favorite bloggers.

People like Wengie have taken over the Internet and introduced a lot of people to the makeup world. So many people check out Wengie because she has a channel that is constantly updated. She shows the world many different makeup tricks, and that is why she has become the top Australian Asian Channel. People in the United States have also discovered her because she addresses some cosmetics tips that are connected to an American audience.

Wengie tends to draw on inspirations and looks from American artists like Ariana Grande, and this is what gives her a presences with Americans. She is young so she has managed to grab the attention of a lot of people that are in their late teens and early twenties. People at these ages can relate to her and what she is doing online. They are familiar with the makeup application concepts that she presents.

That is the spirit of millennials. They share everything, and this makes it easy for people from all different parts of the world to get exposed to different hairstyles, makeup, clothing and fashion accessories. The Internet is filled with a large selection of styles that are perfect for people with a wide variety of different interests. Bloggers do their best to give people something new and unique to try. Wengie gains a lot of attention because she shows people how to master concepts like the “Smokey Eye” application for makeup. All of these things can be quite helpful for women that have a ton of different cosmetics to consider.