Article Title: Zeco Auriemo – The Personal Who Brought Luxury Brands to Brazil

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Zeco Auriemo is known for helping JHSF grow to new heights of success after he took over the control of the company from his father, Fabio Auriemo, who founded the company in 1972. JHSF has real estate development operations running in not only in Brazil, but also in Uruguay, Argentina, and the United States. Zeco Auriemo understands that the real estate market is highly competitive and to grow and expand, one has to continually push the local boundaries to build a reliable brand and reach out to the target audience.

Zeco Auriemo also helped JHSF become a public company, and its shares are traded in the Brazil Stock Exchange. Along with developing residential and commercial complexes, JHSF also participates in hotel and shopping mall construction and management. It has developed some of the iconic shopping malls in the country, including Metro Santa Cruz and Cidade Jardim Mall. Some of the biggest international fashion brands were roped in by Zeco Auriemo to his malls, which have helped his malls achieve phenomenal success. Most people had to travel abroad to purchase luxury products, but Zeco made it possible for the locals and tourists to purchase them right in Brazil.

Zeco Auriemo is regarded as one of the brightest and most successful young entrepreneurs in the country. Recently, Zeco Auriemo has been keeping busy in the development of a luxury apartment in New York, which he plans to let out after construction. He believes that it would help JHSF establish itself as a brand in the United States, and would also add a steady source of revenue to the company’s turnover annually and help build a reputation outisde Brazil. He also has plans to expand its company to other countries as well where there is a great demand for luxury real estate for residential and commercial purpose.

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Earning an Extra Income Through Socialization

Paying bills and taxes are two of the most dreaded activities in the United States, and people are wishing to have a way on how they can earn additional income. The rise of freelancing in the United States opened a lot of opportunities for people who wanted to earn a decent amount of money. However, everyone started to feel confused because of the rules and regulations about their plans for creating a small business inside the university.

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Steve Ritchie the CEO of Papa John’s

Business is a great way to escape financial struggles and finally have economic freedom. Many people seek to venture in business for the purpose of getting additional income and also to have some sought of fulfillment. However, to own a business, one must be ready to face all the challenges that come along with it and be able to emerge victoriously. Owning a business also requires great leadership skills and the CEO must know how to interact and treat the employees since they play a great role in the success of the company.

Steve Ritchie has been working with Papa Johns for quite some time now. He got interested in the pizza company when he first tasted pizza from one of the pizza restaurants of Papa John’s. He fell in love with the pizza and this inspired him to want to work at the company. Lucky for him, he got employed. Steve Ritchie has been an ambitious and very hardworking person who has always worked to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. These qualities have made him become very successful and made him become promoted to be the company’s CEO.

Papa John’s is a famous pizza company that gained popularity not only because of the delicious pizza it makes but also the spectacular delivery services it offers to its customers. This made the company rise to greater heights and soon was ranked as the third largest pizza delivery company. Steve Ritchie started working with the company as a service representative and was paid a minimum wage. This did not kill his spirits but rather it motivated him to do better.

His hard work and determination in his work soon landed him the Franchise owner position. His great leadership skills and his ability to meet the company’s goals and objectives led him to be promoted to become the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Steve Ritchie worked his way up until he was recently made the company’s CEO. Papa John’s has absolute confidence in the leadership of Steve Ritchie. They trust his judgment and believe he is the best person that will lead the company to greater heights.