JD Distributes Fruit Produce from New Zealand to China

JD.com has looked to expand its business operations to a number of overseas markets in recent years. One of these markets is New Zealand and the south Pacific. Jingdong has recently acquired kiwi fruit from New Zealand and has completed its first delivery of the year of fruit products. With this delivery, JD will look to meet one of the highest demands for fresh produce in China. In order to complete this delivery, Jingdong has partnered up with a couple of top companies in the horticulture industry. Along with these two other companies, JD will continue to acquire and deliver fresh produce to its retail stores for Chinese consumers to purchase on a regular basis.

Since the demand for fruit has skyrocketed in China in recent months, JD has looked to expand its distribution of fresh produce. The company was able to find a dependable source of fresh produce in New Zealand. The country is one of the leading producers of kiwi fruit. Chinese consumers have been very fond of the kiwi fruit and Jingdong has looked to satisfy their demand for this product. Jingdong has looked to form an alliance with New Zealand since it is a leading supply source of the in demand fruit. JD is now selling the fruit product at its stores as well as a couple of other retail chains that it is affiliated with.

Since JD has been acquiring and delivering kiwi fruit to China from New Zealand, it has been able to benefit the company, Chinese customers and the economy of New Zealand. By distributing the kiwi fruit, Jingdong has been able meet the demand for young middle class consumers who are conscious of their health. It has also been able to drastically increase it revenues and also help New Zealand add and maintain thousands of jobs in its agriculture industry.

By partnering up with other horticulture companies as well as importing fruit products from New Zealand, Jingdong has been in position to expand its business operations to more international markets. The recent delivery of kiwi fruit from New Zealand has helped JD improve its logistics network as well. The recent partnership that JD has formed will likely help the company further establish itself as one of the world’s leading retailers.

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Flavio Maluf Is Supporting Sustainability and Well Being of Local Communities

The 67 years old, Flavio Maluf has been at the forefront in growing Eucatex to becoming a large scale producer of products such as door MDPs, floors, wood fiber sheets, varnish among other products. Flavio Maluf is the chair of the company and apart from helping it achieve a leading position in the market, he has also supported sustainability initiatives as well as social actions that enhance Eucatex’s relationship with people in the surrounding communities.

The majority of the company’s products are produced from Eucalyptus. Established in 1951, it has never experienced the problem of a shortage of raw materials. This is because it invested in large tracts of land and reforestation back in 1962 and over the years, it has been self-sufficient, not needing to source raw materials. Its operations have been in favor of environmental sustainability. Follow Flavio Maluf on Twitter.

Flavio Maluf is also the leader behind the development of Environmental Education Program, which began 19 years ago as an environmental sustainability initiative. The program is also supported by various municipal governments of Brazil. They company disseminates information on environment preservation to the attendants of the program, the majority being students from public schools. They are also educated on the value of correct management of forests and how the eucalyptus serves as a raw material of the company’s products.

Other topics that are discussed during the program are the benefits of urban planting, methods of tending to young trees and on recovery planting. Flavio Maluf’s company has received more than 27,000 guests so far, through this program. Eucatex also values the relationship it shares with the community which is the reason the company specialists visit the homes regularly. They seek to find out if any of the company activities may be interfering with their quality of life. Flavio Maluf developed this initiative to find ways of improving the people’s quality of life as well as their well being.

He helps the people earn income through the Apiculture program for the families that live in areas close to Eucatex forest. They are allowed to produce the honey from the eucalyptus forest. The company also creates over 1000 jobs for the locals.

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OSI Food Solutions Quality Food Production Practices

OSI Food Solutions is the leading world supplier of value-added food commodities. They produce a wide range of meat products which they sell in their food chain stores. Being an American company, its international headquarters are based at Aurora, Illinois. The company operates retail and food service industries. They source, process, and distribute food allowing them to deliver custom made food products in accordance with the customer’s order. The company has slightly above 65 facilities spread out in 17 countries across the world and a total of 20,000 employees. OSI Food Solutions was first established in Oak Park, Illinois as family meat butchery then it gradually expanded and in 1973, the company opened their first high capacity meat plant before setting up its business in other parts of the world including the UK.

OSI Food Solutions focuses on providing quality and safe foods for its clients that are within the food safety requirements, therefore securing their brand name. To ensure this, they employed qualified staff whom in addition receive annual training and undergo a well-defined good manufacturing practices training as one of the requirements for orientation in the company. In addition, they pass their products through multiple standards and government requirements on food safety together with their very own annual quality audits to ensure consistency in the quality of their products.

OSI Food Solutions regularly set standards and regularly checks their performance against the same to see whether they are still on track or not. This has enabled them to deliver quality products that meet the set food standards and exceed customer expectations, thus remaining relevant and highly competitive in the market. Their committed and experienced management team has also seen the company make critical decisions concerning marketing strategies that have yielded positive returns to the company.

Throughout their operations, OSI Food Solutions put into consideration proper environmental conservation measures whereby its activities never degraded the environment. The report from the environmental audit done by the British Safety Council in the period 2015 – 2016 showed that the company attained five stars. Following the report, they were awarded the reputable Globe of Honor Award for the year 2016 by the British Safety Council in an event held at Drapers’ Hall on 25th November 2016.

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Signs and causes of burnout in workplaces.

Employee burnout is becoming a major concern for many businesses today. With many organizations investing in their workforce, burnout is adding unnecessary costs to businesses since it means that employees might miss work or even need medical expenses. It is in the interest of employers to ensure that their organizations are free of burnout. Maintaining a close relationship with the employees will ensure that you can pick out employees who are developing symptoms of burn out with ease. An employer who is ready to fight employee burn out understands the importance of having a healthy working environment. It is most likely the best thing that will determine a business that will excel and one that won’t in modern times.


As an employer, when you see your employee becoming easily irritable or even late or absent from work, that is a sign that they might be experiencing burn out. Other signs could be a drop in productivity or loss of enthusiasm. As an employer, you need to understand that these symptoms do not just mean that the employee is frustrated with the work or are going through personal challenges. It could mean that the working environment is not favourable. Do not mistake such signs for laziness; it could be something to do with the job or working conditions. Burnout associated with work occurs when an employee feels exhausted emotionally and physically. Mostly, it comes after overexposure to stressful conditions.


As an employer, you need to understand what burn out is and what causes it. When you familiarize yourself with these matters, you’ll stand a chance to spot cases of burnout in your employees even before they turn detrimental to your business. Learn more: http://jrccblog.net/


Employee burnout arises from overworking or even feeling under-appreciated. When employees are tasked with work that is more than they can handle within stipulated time frames, it could lead to burnout. On the other side, employees can develop burn out when bored or under-stimulated to perform their tasks. Job insecurity and harassment are other possible causes of burnout in workplaces.


About Paul Saunders


Paul Saunders is the CEO of James River Capital Corp, an alternative asset investment firm. He has been in the finance sector for the past three decades and has seen a lot as far as the management of employees is concerned. He believes that employees who take the above points seriously are likely to have organizations where burnout is unheard off. It is the role of the employer to motivate their team and they, therefore, need to have the basic understanding of such matters, You cannot stop something that you have no idea about. If you want to stop employee burn out, Paul Saunders says that you should start by learning what it means, how you can detect it and how to resolve it. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn


Organo Gold – Choose from a Wide Range of Coffee flavors

If you love to have coffee often then why not have a coffee that also offers many health benefits. One brand of coffee that is known to help with accelerating weight loss cycle and boosting the metabolism of the body is Organo Gold. It contains a traditional Chinese mushroom by the name of Ganoderma Lucidum and helps people achieve their weight loss goals with ease. If you are working out regularly and trying to cut down weight from your body, but not getting any positive results, then Organo Gold would certainly bring you closer to your weight loss goals.

Organo Gold is a brand that many people are using worldwide because it provides health benefits and is affordable as well. You do not have to spend a lot to get a month’s quota. It does not come with any side-effects, and the best part is that it tastes delicious. It has many different flavors for people to choose from. It means that one does not have to get bored drinking just one flavor every day. They can try different products and pick ones that they best like from Organo Gold. It will allow people to look forward to a brand new coffee flavor when they wake up in the morning.

Organo also offers many other health and wellness products that you can buy from its distributors. If you seek an income-earning opportunity, then become one of the distributors of the company is definitely a good idea. As the demand for the products of Organo increases worldwide, becoming its distributor is definitely a good option.


Unroll.Me makes inboxes easy

It is not ideal to put up with a cluttered inbox. More times than not, it reaches the point to where email after email can turn a space into one where junk and important emails are jumbled together. Considering that we need constant access to that email about a crucial meeting or interview, we can’t let them get lost in the shuffle.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what ends up happening and we regret signing up to those hundreds of newsletters that give us things from limited-time deals on food to petitions to sign. These are everyday struggles that we deal with; everyday struggles that led creators Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald to come up with Unroll.Me.

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As a way to organize inboxes, it sorts through everything someone is subscribed to and helps that individual figure out whether or not it’s worth keeping the subscription. This works through something calledThe Rollup” which can be set for a specific time to sift through the inbox. Jojo and Josh went through similar journeys to reach where they are as partners. Once Josh reached the name of “unroll”, the two embarked on a quest to declutter inboxes. Though it may not necessarily be an original idea, Unroll.Me stands out for being easy to use especially for unsubscribing and that helps them be a world apart from their competition.

Unroll.Me co-creator and CEO Jojo Hedaya has made certain that it is clear what him and Josh Rosenwald had been aiming for. Making unsubscribing a breeze for users and hand them power to manage their inbox properly. Jojo heads the company as the development lead for Unroll.Me and since its official launch, the last five years of its existence has seen the company pull in millions of users that have been taking advantage of their service.


OSI Food Solutions, Big Hearts Distributing and Delivering Kindness

Imagine having the ability to order food based on personal taste on a large scale. With the capacity to serve buyers on a worldwide basis, OSI Food Solutions, as a supplier, understands the balance between clients and customer demands. Find out, how you can purchase from this established company offering quality, nutritious edibles.

History of Company

With an acclaimed, respected presence, dating back over a century to 1909, OSI Food Solutions began with a Meat Market facility. By the 1950s, a secured contract with McDonald’s burgers was a huge success. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, dreams of success grandly emerged.

  • Demonstrated Ability to Serve on a Large Scale

Locations Around the Globe

From North America, Europe, the Asia Pacific and beyond, expansion has continuously grown throughout their history. For example, the company serves countries; such as, China, Australia, India and the Philippines, too.

  • Reaching Countries Around the World
  • Phenomenal Growth of Demand, Creates Remarkable Job Opportunities

Current Expanded Choices

Beside hamburgers, chicken, sausage, pork, hot dogs OSI Food Solutions offers restaurants and food chains the ability to select a variety of other personalized entrees and sides. Ordering products is an unique process. Buyers can purchase secularized spices based on local population’s preferences.

  • Unlimited Selections Offered Based on Specific Cultural Tastes Sets OSI Food Solutions Apart from Competitors
  • Products Offered Fresh and Frozen at 65 Facilities and Growing

Superior Quality Guaranteed

The company pledges to only serve products that meet the highest standard of excellence. There is a Branch within the organization that specifically deals with regulations and compliance’s. Headed by a team led by the esteemed Dr. Kenneth Petersen, every item carefully prepared.

  • Food Safety and Regulations Carefully Followed According to Region Specifications

Associations and Charitable Support

Staying connected to every community is of utmost importance for OSI Food Solutions. One way to do this is through locally, supporting and generously helping based on particular needs within a municipality. Sharing their success allows them to remain respectably associated in all of their public metropolitan locations. Examples include: food banks and the Ronald McDonald House.

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“Detecting instances of employee burn out “

Paul Saunders, the founder and CEO of James River Capital Corp, is advising other business executives and employers what to do in order to maximize productivity in their organizations. He has singled out employee burn out as one the main causes of poor performances in business organizations. When employees suffer from burn out, they will not deliver to the satisfaction of the employee. They will not be giving their organization an edge over other business. It is a matter that should be a concern to any employer who would like to achieve success in the modern business environment. The role of employees in an organization is becoming more advanced. As a result, many organizations are focusing on the welfare of the employees as they look for means of making their organizations more profitable.


Paul Saunders is giving out tips to employers on what they should do to eliminate burn out in their organizations. When employees are going through burn out, they will underperform and consequently affect the business they are working for. To prevent such cases from arising in workplaces, employers need to develop strategies of dealing with employee burn out. The first thing is to be in a position to notice burn out in employees. Once you identify signs of burn out, you should apply necessary measures to help the affected employees to restore confidence.


Paul Saunders describes the main signs of employee burn as loss of confidence, a shift of attitude, and lack of motivation. Any employee who shows either of these signs needs to be engaged since they could be affected by burnout. When employees feel that the workplace is no longer favorable, they will change their attitude towards work. It is the role of the employer to check what is causing the problem and to rectify the situation. As an employer, you should consider using a pacifying approach when engaging your employees so that they can openly tell you where things are going wrong.


Employers should facilitate a business environment where employees feel they are treated well. When the productivity of an employee suddenly dwindles, this is a sign that something is not going well. Some of the reasons why employees may fall into burn out include harassment, abuse, discrimination and other things that might happen in the workplace. Supervisors and managers need to be taught how to deal with employees so that they do not end up doing things that might be the cause of burn out.


Paul Saunders acquired James River Capital in 1995. From a young age, he wanted to work in the finance sector. He started in the investment banking sector and later moved to investment and trading where considers merit to be important than a position. Learn more: https://investor.com/rias/james-river-capital-corp-133297


Earning an Extra Income Through Socialization

Paying bills and taxes are two of the most dreaded activities in the United States, and people are wishing to have a way on how they can earn additional income. The rise of freelancing in the United States opened a lot of opportunities for people who wanted to earn a decent amount of money. However, everyone started to feel confused because of the rules and regulations about their plans for creating a small business inside the university.

One of the most common products being sold by agents working for Organo Gold is their coffee products. Each sachet of products sold by an authentic reseller are being examined, to see if it would match what was shown in the microscope awhile ago.

People wanted to invest in a fast food restaurant because it can sell a lot to people, especially during the peak days. And they can also use the Organo Gold products to get more people into working with them.

Many resellers of the product have already resorted to Google to search what the real deal for Organo Gold is, and a majority wanted to open up their place at the picnic area. People who rely on Organo Gold for their income should practice hard work and determination, and they can use it freely without other people dictating them.

Organo Gold, according to its founders, will continue to grow for another set of years. There will be many changes that can be seen, especially for those who are viewing the night sky from the balcony.

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The History of OSI Group is Tied to McDonald’s and Chicago

For more than a century, OSI Group has been innovating the world of food production. It all started in a meat market in Chicago run by a German immigrant named Otto in 1909. After the company grew to be a wholesale market, Otto gave a lot of the responsibilities for the company to his sons who continued to help the company grow even more. If you have ever eaten at McDonald’s, you have more than likely eaten a product that was produced by OSI Group. This is because the sons of Otto struck an important deal with the company that would later lead to them expanding to the international market of food production. Even today, they are still one of the few major suppliers that McDonald’s trusts to produce their food.

When the company began as a meat market, it only employed a few people as a small operation run by a German immigrant in Chicago. In 1928, Otto rebranded the company to Otto & Sons. As OSI Group has expanded, they have managed to employ tens of thousands of people in their facilities in 17 different countries. As of now, there are approximately 65 facilities with plans to open more in the near future as part of their extensive expansion plans. The company has grown to be a part of the economic history of the United States and the midwest in particular.

After World War II, the United States saw a large amount of expansion economically. The modern suburb became popular and they were popping up all over the country and people were looking for new ways to make their lives more convenient. It was this combination of factors and more that caused McDonald’s and subsequently OSI Group to grow so quickly in the United States and later the world. When McDonald’s started its expansion outside of the United States, OSI Group began theirs as well and opened their first international facility. McDonald’s has become one of the most recognizable brands throughout the world and while OSI may not be as well known, they have become very important as well.