The Chainsmokers Earn the #3 Spot For Longest-Running Top Dance Album

The Chainsmokers may have already seen a lot of success with their singles that they released in 2018, but they are still seeing chart-topping sales for their last album, Memories… Do Not Open. Even though it has been over a year since the award-winning album, it is still topping the charts in the Dance category. This achievement makes the 2017 release the third longest running album to stay at the top spot on Billboard’s Dance charts.

With 34 non-consecutive weeks at the number 1 spot, it looks like it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If The Chainsmokers’ Memories… Do Not Open does happen to drop beneath that coveted position, it probably won’t be for that long. Billboard’s Dance and Electronic chart measures the most popular albums based on pure data instead of any opinions that may skew the results.

Tied with Memories… Do Not Open is the album Demon Days from the Gorillaz that was released 13 years ago. Even to this day, Demon Days still finds itself on the Billboard charts. Unfortunately for the Gorillaz, there isn’t much of a chance for Demon Days to hit the top spot again which looks great for The Chainsmokers. In just a few weeks, Memories… Do Not Open might secure the number 3 spot from the Gorillaz.

While there have been times when The Chainsmokers have lost the top spot to make room for other artists, it usually isn’t long until they hop back to number 1. An example is the weeks that directly followed EDM artist Avicii’s death. Both Drew Taggart and Alex Pall greatly respected Avicci and recognized his work during the Billboard Music Awards with Halsey and alone.

The Chainsmokers originally consisted of Alex Pall and Rhett Bixler. It wasn’t until 2012 that Drew Taggart replaced Bixler and they began became a DJ duo. Before creating the original arrangements that they are best known for, they began by remixing indie songs. They obtained international recognition when their single “Selfie” was re-released under Republic Records in 2014.

Lawrence Bender’s Movie; ‘An inconvenient sequel.’

This is a 2006 Oscar-winning movie that talks about truth and power. The film is produced by Lawrence Bender, who studied in the University of Maine and graduated in 1979. He went to Cherry Hill High School.

In this movie, former Vice President Al Gore quotes poet Wallace Stevens. Al Gore was in a bid to unify all nations and continents to accept and give the green light to the use of renewable energy and irreversibly say no to fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are drastically contributing to global warming. Vice President Gore continually makes trips to various countries in his campaign on climate leadership and training seminars. He consistently shows his enthusiastic participants how hazardous global warming has become in the last ten years.

In this movie by Lawrence Bender, Gore campaigns using reliable evidence. He persuasively points the melting glaciers in Greenland, floods and the rise in sea levels in the streets of Miami. He also points out the record-breaking levels of drought and heat that have been witnessed around the globe. He doesn’t forget to mention the Noah- like storms and hurricanes that have led to spread of the zika virus.

Lawrence Bender reflects Gore’s passion for teaching nations about the consequences of global warming. Gore’s ambition in the movie is to see countries change for the better through the use of renewable energy. Gore is warmly welcomed in the nations that he visits, and he is given royal treatments anywhere he goes. He attends the 2015 Climate change in Paris France and another conference in India where most leaders agree to switch to clean energy but reluctant to sign the agreement.

Due to his determination, Gore never takes a no for an answer. He makes an initiative to contact solar city CEO Lyndon Rive to draw a strategy on how to deal with India. Pointless to say Gore is a happy man as he gets a yes that he was yearning for. However, President Trump calls to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Lawrence Bender expresses Gore’s intentions that global warming is a fight and that everybody should rally and invest on clean energy.

What is Naomi Campbell Up to These Days?

Naomi Campbell has led a professional modeling career to be envied, and at 46 years old she seems to be maintaining the natural beauty and fashion sense that propelled her forward. Along with being the first black model to be featured on the cover of Time Magazine, Campbell has been featured in over 500 different publications, graced the runways of the world’s top fashion designers, and made appearances in a great number of television programs and films. In 2012 Campbell began her involvement with the hit television series, “The Voice.” Campbell served as a supermodel coach, as well as the show’s executive producer. In addition to her professional achievements, Naomi Campbell has demonstrated her expert entrepreneurial skills in her charitable work throughout South Africa.

On November 3rd, Naomi made an appearance at the Wall Street Journal’s Innovator Awards. She wore a black floor-length gown that featured a revealing strappy top. Cambell’s shoulder length hair was pin straight and she donned long bangs that embraced her youthful face. In a public appearance one month earlier, Campbell wore another simple outfit that showed off her toned figure. This time it was an all white suit, with black embellishments, black peep-toe pumps, and a matching statement hat. The outfit was conservative but no less stunning than the evening gown she would awe with a month later.

While the look may be skin deep, Naomi has been busy working on deeper issues. Her charitable work once landed her side-by-side with Nelson Mandela. Today, she supports several charities that focus on healthcare, human rights, and the environment. She has also funded several of her own charities, including Fashion Relief and We Love Brazil. Her most notable contributions have been her continued commitment to helping disadvantaged women and children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Naomi Campbell is a rare example of a person who used their fame and skill to help others. She is confident in her ability to succeed and offers a genuine sense of hope for the future. Now, if only we could witness more celebrities like Naomi, then the world would surely be a better place.