What is Naomi Campbell Up to These Days?

Naomi Campbell has led a professional modeling career to be envied, and at 46 years old she seems to be maintaining the natural beauty and fashion sense that propelled her forward. Along with being the first black model to be featured on the cover of Time Magazine, Campbell has been featured in over 500 different publications, graced the runways of the world’s top fashion designers, and made appearances in a great number of television programs and films. In 2012 Campbell began her involvement with the hit television series, “The Voice.” Campbell served as a supermodel coach, as well as the show’s executive producer. In addition to her professional achievements, Naomi Campbell has demonstrated her expert entrepreneurial skills in her charitable work throughout South Africa.

On November 3rd, Naomi made an appearance at the Wall Street Journal’s Innovator Awards. She wore a black floor-length gown that featured a revealing strappy top. Cambell’s shoulder length hair was pin straight and she donned long bangs that embraced her youthful face. In a public appearance one month earlier, Campbell wore another simple outfit that showed off her toned figure. This time it was an all white suit, with black embellishments, black peep-toe pumps, and a matching statement hat. The outfit was conservative but no less stunning than the evening gown she would awe with a month later.

While the look may be skin deep, Naomi has been busy working on deeper issues. Her charitable work once landed her side-by-side with Nelson Mandela. Today, she supports several charities that focus on healthcare, human rights, and the environment. She has also funded several of her own charities, including Fashion Relief and We Love Brazil. Her most notable contributions have been her continued commitment to helping disadvantaged women and children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Naomi Campbell is a rare example of a person who used their fame and skill to help others. She is confident in her ability to succeed and offers a genuine sense of hope for the future. Now, if only we could witness more celebrities like Naomi, then the world would surely be a better place.