The Tech Industry Just Realized How Big Whitney Wolfe’s App Is

Just in case you’ve not been following up recent happenings in the American tech industry, popular dating app Bumble turned a purchase offer worth $450 million fronted by Match Group. Match Group is the umbrella firm that owns renowned dating apps such as Tinder,, and OkCupid. According to sources close to the discussion, they intimate that the acquisition proposal was seen as an undervaluation of the dating app that has gained a lot of subscribers over the past few months.

Bumble has been in the news for all the right reasons. The dating app is gaining a lot of traction in a field that was previously dominated by Tinder. Whitney Wolfe has been the driving force behind the success of Bumble.
Representatives from Match Group refused to comment on the $450 million proposals to Bumble. An acquisition of Bumble would have meant that Whitney Wolfe, the brainchild of the app would go back to working with the enterprise he sued several years ago.

The history of how Bumble started dates back to 2012. During that year, Whitney Wolfe co-founded Tinder. She held the position of VP of marketing and helped launch the application which became an instant hit.

In 2014, Whitney Wolfe left Tinder citing various reasons ranging from sexual harassment. She left Tinder when the app had taken root and grown in big proportions. Whitney was able to settle with Match Group, Tinder’s parent group out of court and she went moved to establish her start-up.

Over time, Bumble has grown to become one of Tinder’s biggest competitors. The application has implemented a unique approach to dating. The approach is centered on ladies being the first ones to initiate a date when they discover a potential partner on the app. From the time Whitney Wolfe launched Bumble, she wasn’t able to monetize it until 2015. She introduced a subscription model that could see subscribers part with $9.99 every month for additional features on the app.

Whitney Wolfe ranks as one of the youngest and influential entrepreneurs in the field of technology. She believes that women should stand an equal chance of choosing who they want to date like men. For more info about us: click here.

Different Negative Attitudes Towards Dating Handled By Bumble Add From Whitney Wolfe

The interesting thing about the world of dating is that there is a lot that goes into successful dating. There are a lot of factors that people have to address. Even then, this does not guarantee dating success. For one thing, the most important factors in the success of dating are the two people that are dating. However, there are tons of people that are experiencing failure in dating. Therefore, they put a lot of blame on certain things. Among the things they blame is the apparent amount of options that women have compared to what men have.

Other things that men often blame are their looks. While looks do factor into popular dating success, they are not everything. One of the most important things to think about is making sure the profile is right. Also, in many cases, a lot of the flaws that people believe are holding them back can be fixed. For instance, all men have to do is get themselves in better shape and take better pictures. However, Whitney Wolfe has addressed another factor with her success dating app called Bumble. She has put some limits on the accounts so that women are able to enjoy their time without being bombarded.

Whitney Wolfe brings more fun to the dating game with Bumble. Men are also enjoying some of the benefits that come with Bumble. However, anyone that puts very little effort into themselves and their profiles are going to have a hard time getting a match. A lot of complaints in dating fashion come from men who do not put any type of effort into themselves.

They expect to be able to get a match when they don’t show any care for themselves. Even an app like Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble is not going to give them a lot of luck.

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