Beneful: A Popular, Nutritious, Dog Food Brand

Beneful is a brand of dog food made by Nestlé PurinaStore PetCare. The Beneful brand offers wet dog food, dry dog food, and a variety of snacks. The name Beneful means ‘full of goodness’. Dogs and their owners like Beneful because it looks great, tastes delicious, and is nutritious. It’s one of the top 5 dog food brands based on sales. The Beneful line includes 8 types of dry dog food, 20 types of wet dog food, and 11 different dog treats.
1. Beneful® Dry Dog Food Originals

This product is available on Wal-Mart with real beef, chicken, or salmon. Dogs need protein and Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals is made with farm-raised beef. It also contains real carrots, peas, and spinach. Opt for the real salmon variety and your dog will get the omega fatty acids it need to keep its skin healthy and its coat shiny.

2. Beneful® Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight

Made with real farm-raised chicken along with the ideal combination of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients, this calorie smart product is designed to make it easier for your dog to attain and maintain a healthy weight. Its ingredients help to make your dog better inside and out while providing it with the nutritious ingredients it needs to keep it strong, healthy, and energetic no matter its breed.

3. Beneful® Wet Dog Food Incredibites®

Made with chicken, wild rice, tomatoes, and carrots, the product gives dogs they flavor they crave and the nutrition they need. It is protein-rich, balanced and 100% complete nutritionally. Plus it is broken down into small bites that your adult dog is sure to love. Beneful® Wet Dog Food Incredibites® comes in 3 oz cans, so it’s always fresh and ready whenever you want to give your dog a healthy treat.

4. Beneful® Dry Dog Food Playful Life

Properly balanced nutritious food is essential to give your dog the strength and energy to play. This product offers all that and more. Made with real farm-raised beef, eggs, whole grains, and vegetables to provide the taste, textures, proteins your dog needs for active muscles.

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Which Beneful Is Right For Your Dog ?

Beneful is dedicated to providing healthy dog food. When you get a bag of Beneful, you know that you are giving your dog high quality dog food with high quality ingredients . They won’t be eating it because they have to, they will be eating it because it tastes good.Check out some of these varieties that Beneful offers for your dog.

Beneful Original made with real beef dry dog food: It’s packed with antioxidants and flavor. Every bowl has a complete daily supply of rich nutrients to give your dog overall better health. And it’s tasty too. Your dog will love the taste this dog food offers. It is made with real beef, spinach, peas and carrots.
Beneful Original made with real chicken: Offers the same great goodness just in chicken flavored.
Beneful Originals made with real salmon: Is a bowl full of delight. Packed with all the the right nutrients your dog needs to be healthy.
Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food made with real chicken: Will help your adult dog maintain a good healthy weight while still getting excited for mealtime with this calorie-smart recipe. Give him 100% of the daily nutrients he needs,
Beneful Healthy Puppy made with real chicken: It’s not only packed with nutrients and antioxidants that your puppy needs, but also has calcium plus DHA that your young growing puppy needs to thrive and be healthy.
Beneful Playful Life dry dog food made by Purina with real beef and eggs: Fill your dog’s bowl with this protein-rich and full nutrition with real beef and egg. This is loaded with antioxidants and all the proteins found in eggs to help him thrive and be happy.
Beneful Incredible Bites made with real beef: Has the protein and nutrients your dog needs to be healthy, active, and happy. It has small bites of crunchy and tender bites. Good for small dogs as well.
Beneful Incredible Bites made with real chicken: Is a delectable bowl full of the right nutrients your dog needs and a taste he will probably love.