After Seven Years, Patient ClassDojo Finally Pays.

Every investor will always want to realize returns on investments within a period of seven years. This hasn’t been the case with ClassDojo that has taken long before realizing returns.

Based in San Francisco, ClassDojo is probably the new education technology project that started operations long ago without making any profits. However, it has gained great numbers with at least a teacher in almost all U.S.A elementary and middle schools using the tool. Furthermore, in every six families with a kid less than 14 years one uses the app regularly.

It was launched in August 2011 and it has been committed to serving teachers and schools for free but lately, it came up with a solid plan for its sustainment by making parents subscribe monthly so as to use it at home with their children.

Nicknamed “ClassDojo Beyond School” the application will comprise of features that seek to aid parents bond with their kids via meditation, expression activities and mindfulness training.

Sam Chaudhary, ClassDojo’s co-founder, and CEO argues that children spend a lot of time at home and this time converted to learning.

A second-grade child mother in Florida Seminole County, Ford was full of praise of the tool terming it effective and has brought to life teachers and parents expectations. She said an interview that her rude and unruly in classroom daughter has changed to learning on how to be responsible.

ClassDojo is just more than points. The application includes short videos that guide parents through meditation, expression activities and mindfulness training with their kids. Self-reflection is also another tool where children record video responses. Chaudhary believes he can create important interactions and conversation among families through these shared activities.

All the activities that are carried out on the Beyond School do not require much time. According to ford, her daughter only spends 15 minutes a day. Ford further reveals that she spends much time regularly communicating with her daughters’ teachers on ClassDojo’s school app.

Chaudhary reflects there seven-year survival without money and credits the patience of its investors. In February 2019, the application will be available publicly for a monthly subscription.