George Soros Returns to the Election Scene

Political donator George Soros has become involved in the Presidential Election of 2016. Soros had previously donated to the campaign against George W. Bush in 2004, and has now returned to the political donations arena.

George Soros made a fair amount of money in the commodity trading markets, and has amassed a large amount that he now wishes to donate to the election campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton. He apparently has become more engaged politically according to observers. Soros has criticized the Republican nominee Donald Trump and has decided to donate in favor of Hillary, who he has known for a while.

Political commentators say this is a good sign for Hillary. Other donors have also donated, such as Tom Steyer and Donald Sussman, also Haim Saban has contributed to the Clinton campaign. Soros has contributed to the voting rights trust, run by the Clinton lawyer Marc Elias. Soros also donated to Democratic Senate Candidates and planned parenthood, the charity. Soros in 2004 tried to block George W Bush from becoming President, but was unsuccessful in his campaign. He was unfortunately upset at this attempt and was away from politics but now his return is a boost to the Democratic Campaign.

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This time around he seems to be determined to help their race, and hopes that he can help Hillary Clinton’s campaign to win the Presidency. Incidentally, Soros has also donated to philanthropic causes and has launched a club of secretive donors. It seems that Soros and Clinton have a good working relationship that may build a future platform for election.

As far as donations, Mr Soros donated $7m to a group called from priorities USA, an democratic action group. He is also considering donating more to this group, and has also donated to a group called America Votes on Forbes. There are observations that Soros and President Obama don’t get along, but that Soros has a good relationship with Hillary and this is crucial for the Democrats’ success. Soros, it is believed donated privately to political contribution groups. Soros was planning to attend the Democratic Convention in 2016, and has known Hillary Clinton for a number of years. He will be a key player in the 2016 election campaign and it will be interesting to see whether his donations have a an outcome, and whether he will continue to donate.

Soros has been a great friend to the Democratic Campaign, and they hope that his advice and influence, and knowledge of markets and economics will be a big boost them- George Soros is certainly a Democratic key player.