The Evolution of Finance: Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a company based in Melbourne, Australia that specializes in shareholder financing. The company currently has three offices in Australia, with one in Perth, one in Melbourne, and the final one in Sydney. In addition to these offices, Equities First Holdings also has offices in Hong Kong, the UK, Singapore, Switzerland, and Thailand, with the company headquarters in the United States in Indiana.

Equities First Holdings History

Equities First Holdings began in 2002. This company provides financing option to its clients. It accomplishes this by supplying capital against stocks so their customers can meet their needs, both personal and professional. It offers loans based on risk assessment associated with stocks, bonds, and the Treasury. Since 2002, Equities First Holdings has completed over 700 individual transactions, totaling over 1 billion in assets.

Meet the Founder

Equities First Holdings founded by Al Christy, Jr in 2002. He currently serves Equity First Holdings as Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Before founding this company, Mr. Christy already had over 20 years experience in developing and managing financial institutions. He is an expert long-term financing and planning, emerging market development, cash-flow management, and global resource development. Mr. Christey is a life-long athlete and played two sports all through college at Indiana University. He also played minor-league baseball on several teams before deciding to follow his dream of being an entrepreneur.

This company has shown tremendous growth and provides many opportunities for expansion. It will continue to evolve and attract more clients as the years go on.

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