George Soros Predicts European Union in Danger

Change is an inevitable and constant force in all aspects of life and it is no different for the European Union. This is a political union which is known as the EU was originally established to provide common foreign, economic, Justice and security policies. Economic giant George Soros provided opinions in an interview that the EU may actually be experiencing its last gasp as Russia invades the Ukraine the peace of Europe is now being threatened more than any time since the Cold War.
There are other challenges that Soros sees and stated on to the European Union and the mass migration of people from the Middle East into Europe is testing the system of open borders and it is harming the common market. Soros called Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany the “Chancellor of the Free World”, because of her role in directing the reaction of the European Union in the challenges they face today. She assumed this position by resisting Russian Aggression.

Due to these reasons the European Union is on the verge of collapse. Soros believes that it is not just one issue but a slow steady stream of challenges and the leadership never really dealt with any of them in a decisive manner. Now there are five or six significant problems facing EU at the same time they are seemingly becoming overwhelmed.

George Soros has been a founder of the philosophy of the open society in Eastern Europe which supports human rights and democratic ideals in a society once controlled by The Soviet Union. That makes it difficult to understand why these countries present so much resentment and opposition to the current refugee problem. Soros believes that it is due to the lack of diversity in the country to begin with. Therefore, those who arrive with different cultures and religious beliefs do not fit in well and problems have erupted.

Soros believes that two of the countries that are threatening the EU are Hungary and Poland. Each has adopted leadership that is reminiscent of democratic leadership between World War I and World War II. They are based on religious unity and nationalism which can lead to a destruction of the democracy in those countries. Even though the countries have been successful both economically and politically, they do not favor participation in the European Union they would rather be operating independently. The rules of the EU can be viewed a binding and limiting to some countries.

George Soros has been involved in developing democratic thinking in Europe and the fact that he can see the collapse of the European Union as a distinct possibility should be an alarm to the rest of the world. With a lack of cooperation comes the potential for conflict and with that the potential for war. Sorros advocates a united immigration policy that would bring the leadership of Europe together, rather than a policy dominated by the nationalism of individual countries.