Career life of DonataMeirelles

DonataMeirelles has brought a lot of growth at the Vogue firm. She serves as the director of the style in the company, and she is known for the classy and innovative ideas she has continued to bring for the sake of the company’s growth. She holds a lot of expertise in fashion and design. Her knowledge is visible from her style of dressing as well as her overall makeup. She has also taught many people on the various issues they should focus in case they want to succeed in the field of fashion.

Throughout her career, DonataMeirelles has learned to do things differently. She has continued to achieve significant successes, and she believes that her ability to adopt different approaches form their executives in the field of fashion and design has enabled her to be a great woman. Besides, she advises people to work hard and try out new things as this posses as a challenge to them to keep putting more effort into their careers. DonataMeirelles work is also perceived to be an extraordinary one, and she continues to overcome many problems through the encouragement she offers herself. She has also successfully brought a new dawn in the industry through the thoughts she shared with other people. To learn more about Donata Meirelles view her Crunchbase profile

On the other hand, the duo advocates for many research when it comes to moving forward in the fashion industry. According to Donata Meirelles, analysis enables one to earn new things and be on the know with the latest technology that keeps bringing changes in all the industries. She believes that research also allows one to acquire tactics to overcome the problems that they may experience while running their fashion and design company.

Additionally, she also encourages people to embrace creativity. She believes that visual acuity is the primary thing that showcases the level of creativity of an individual. According to her, an inventive entrepreneur must show diversity and flexibility. She also believes that a creative fashion stylist must be sure to attract the eyeballs of people from she dresses and handles herself. Her advises profoundly helped many people achieve their successes in the industry and the appreciation she continues to receive from many individuals has encouraged her to continue sharing her counsel with them. On the other hand, she also engages in charitable operations in the local community and she is known for the great support she offers at the AmFar firm.

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Fresh School Fashion and Herbalife

Herbalife Nutrition- a company that sells, promotes and creates dietary supplements, athletic nourishment, and self-care goods was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes. The estimated number of employees at Herbalife Nutrition is 8,000. The company headquarters is in Los Angeles, California. Since July of 2015, the company has been operating in ninety-five different countries.


This fall with the start of a fresh school term, there is a challenge for design, a component of the Advanced Study Program, International Manufacturing & Product Development, that has the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising students create a collection sportswear for the independent wholesalers of Herbalife Nutrition.


The students from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising who are participating will be required to be split into teams of two where they will be challenged to plan and create a united sportswear line that represents a fit and lively way of life. The participating students will show their ideas, materials, and strategies to the team of Herbalife Nutrition and the members of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising faculty. For their last challenge, the student teams must show how they are going to be merchandising their ideas into a united collection. Aside from having team objectives, each individual student will also have the chance to partake in the creating of their own personal design.


Rich Goudis, the Chief Executive Officer of Herbalife Nutrition stated that he was excited to work with a top fashion school like the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising faculty chose more than fifteen students to partake in International Manufacturing and Product Development. This program has already begun and will continue throughout the spring of 2019.

Barbara Bundy, the Vice President of the FIDM stated that this year will be the twenty-sixth year where the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising had collaborated with other brands to provide competitions of design for their students. She also stated that she is excited to work with Herbalife Nutrition who, like other companies, taught and challenged their students in fresh and inspirational ways.


The students who are partaking in the project will involve themselves personally in the international customer marketplace. This marketplace will allow the students to research consumers, Herbalife Nutrition’s independent wholesaler’s way of life and the international extent and power of professional athletes. The students will also have the chance to travel to many design hotspots around the world. Furthermore, the students will also attend Herbalife Nutrition’s yearly meeting taking place in Houston.


The Importance of Education When it Comes To Fashion and Art. And How Academy of Art University is The School to Go To

While there are a ton of people who can at least try to get started on their own business without getting a formal education, there are many reasons why people should get an education before getting started on a certain business. In the case of fashion, education helps a lot. One thing that education can do when it comes to art forms like fashion, getting an education at Academy of Art University can really give people the tools they need to move forward. For one thing, the classes offered at this school go into fashion in ways that people don’t think about.

There are many topics and aspects of fashion that people often don’t consider. However, when they are explored, they can bring forth some insights that are good for the path that the students want to pursue. One of the reasons that it is important to think about many different aspects of fashion is that this can help bring forth inspiration. One thing that is worth looking at is not just the design but the purpose behind the designs. Often times, the function of a design is what drives the fashion. As a matter of fact, many of the pieces of fashion that have lasted very long not only looked good but also served a great function.

Another good thing that Academy of Art University does is help people go to shows so that they can see what the trends are in the fashion industry. One thing that can happen is that people can get some kind of inspiration from the designs they see. Then they can work some of the ideas from various sources into their own type of style. They can get their audience very excited about the type of items they are offering them to try on.


Whitney Wolfe Creates Billion Dollar Dating App

There are lots of reasons to celebrate the success of Whitney Wolfe and her Bumble app. She has become very successful in the world of app technology because she has stayed on top of the innovations. This commitment to innovation is the thing that is allowing people to build a better relationship with potential mates. Whitney Wolfe was an important part of the dating app community in recent years because she was able to really give women a different perspective about dating.

Whitney Wolfe has stated that she feels that women will often lose their confidence in real time when they are meeting guys in bars or club settings. They may not quite have the confidence to actually go up to a man and make the first move. This is because of hundreds of years of tradition where men have always been the ones to make the first move and interact with women.

Whitney Wolfe knew that she was on to something good in the tech industry because she felt that the app world had started to mimic real-life with bars and clubs settings where singles would approach the situation the same. The man would be in position to make the first move, and the lady that was utilizing the dating app would have to wait on the man. Whitney Wolfe did not like this at all, and she also believed that with the poor treatment of women there was a need to change dating apps. This is what Bumble became. It was the change that Whitney Wolfe was anxious to see, but it would take courage to actually bring this change about.

Whitney Wolfe would change the dynamics of the dating app, but she was also aiming to change the control of networking and everything that women were fighting for with workplace equality through Bumble Bizz. This is another aspect of Bumble that allows women to connect with other females that are serious about the business of building their own business enterprises.

Whitney Wolfe created Bumble as a dating app early on, but now this app has become something of a social media movement. This may be the reason that the valuation for this app is a billion dollars. This type of money landed Whitney Wolfe on the cover of Forbes Magazine. Her dating app has become the thing that has fascinated millions of young single women and men.

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Whtiney Wolfe Hopes to Build Women While Recognizing Good Men

One of the common occurrences in feminism is the bad image of men. Whitney Wolfe does not like that kind of characterization. One thing that she believes in is the original point of feminism which was equality. She has started her career with the hopes of empowering women for something that is positive for all of humanity. One of her goals in her career is to get women to recognize the good men. She also wants to help women learn how to pick better men so that they don’t find themselves in a highly unfavorable circumstance that could be even more costly than they realize.

One of the statements she has made to feminism as a whole is that women have to give recognition to good men. There are men who support women and are willing to provide for them. They often are overlooked for many reasons. Often times, some of the needed traits are not always going to come in the most physically appealing package. One of the common issues with dating is that women often go through a few bad ones and write off the rest of the group as a whole. This is one of the common signs of dating apps as a whole.

With Bumble, women have an easier time finding good men. One thing that Bumble does which is helpful for both men and women is that it plays matchmaker for the women. It lets women know who is a match to them. It also gives them one match with a little bit of time to reach out to them. This is a much better thing for them than a ton of matches that they have to look through which can be very intimidating.

Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble app has not only made it easier for men to get into a relationship, but has also made it so that the relationships are going to be longer lasting and healthier for both men and women because of how well matched they are. Whitney Wolfe has provided both men and women the answer to all of the frustrations that are brought forth with Bumble.

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The Tech Industry Just Realized How Big Whitney Wolfe’s App Is

Just in case you’ve not been following up recent happenings in the American tech industry, popular dating app Bumble turned a purchase offer worth $450 million fronted by Match Group. Match Group is the umbrella firm that owns renowned dating apps such as Tinder,, and OkCupid. According to sources close to the discussion, they intimate that the acquisition proposal was seen as an undervaluation of the dating app that has gained a lot of subscribers over the past few months.

Bumble has been in the news for all the right reasons. The dating app is gaining a lot of traction in a field that was previously dominated by Tinder. Whitney Wolfe has been the driving force behind the success of Bumble.
Representatives from Match Group refused to comment on the $450 million proposals to Bumble. An acquisition of Bumble would have meant that Whitney Wolfe, the brainchild of the app would go back to working with the enterprise he sued several years ago.

The history of how Bumble started dates back to 2012. During that year, Whitney Wolfe co-founded Tinder. She held the position of VP of marketing and helped launch the application which became an instant hit.

In 2014, Whitney Wolfe left Tinder citing various reasons ranging from sexual harassment. She left Tinder when the app had taken root and grown in big proportions. Whitney was able to settle with Match Group, Tinder’s parent group out of court and she went moved to establish her start-up.

Over time, Bumble has grown to become one of Tinder’s biggest competitors. The application has implemented a unique approach to dating. The approach is centered on ladies being the first ones to initiate a date when they discover a potential partner on the app. From the time Whitney Wolfe launched Bumble, she wasn’t able to monetize it until 2015. She introduced a subscription model that could see subscribers part with $9.99 every month for additional features on the app.

Whitney Wolfe ranks as one of the youngest and influential entrepreneurs in the field of technology. She believes that women should stand an equal chance of choosing who they want to date like men. For more info about us: click here.

Different Negative Attitudes Towards Dating Handled By Bumble Add From Whitney Wolfe

The interesting thing about the world of dating is that there is a lot that goes into successful dating. There are a lot of factors that people have to address. Even then, this does not guarantee dating success. For one thing, the most important factors in the success of dating are the two people that are dating. However, there are tons of people that are experiencing failure in dating. Therefore, they put a lot of blame on certain things. Among the things they blame is the apparent amount of options that women have compared to what men have.

Other things that men often blame are their looks. While looks do factor into popular dating success, they are not everything. One of the most important things to think about is making sure the profile is right. Also, in many cases, a lot of the flaws that people believe are holding them back can be fixed. For instance, all men have to do is get themselves in better shape and take better pictures. However, Whitney Wolfe has addressed another factor with her success dating app called Bumble. She has put some limits on the accounts so that women are able to enjoy their time without being bombarded.

Whitney Wolfe brings more fun to the dating game with Bumble. Men are also enjoying some of the benefits that come with Bumble. However, anyone that puts very little effort into themselves and their profiles are going to have a hard time getting a match. A lot of complaints in dating fashion come from men who do not put any type of effort into themselves.

They expect to be able to get a match when they don’t show any care for themselves. Even an app like Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble is not going to give them a lot of luck.

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