Sandy Chin Provides Tips on Mentorship

As an investment management expert, Sandy Chin boasts of over 20 years of experience in her respective sector. Ever since launching her own financial services firm by the name of Tidal Bore Capital, Chin has been working tirelessly to bring optimal management solutions to those are in need of them.

Having launched her own firm with the support of her mentor, popular investment expert William Leach who currently serves as Head of Research at Tidal Bore Capital, Sandy Chin has been a vocal advocate for mentorship and guidance.

Drawing from her own experience and how it helped her reached heights of success, Sandy Chin has vowed to mentor young women who are starting out in the world of finance.

Considering her dedication to the cause, Sandy Chin recently sat down with an online publication to share her top tips of mentorship for those who want to help others with their experience.

  1. Show Your Protégé That They Are Important

Sandy Chin maintains that a mentor should acknowledge the importance of their protégé. This establishes a two way cycle of respect. She mentions that a mentor should always ensure to never turn down a chance to listen to them, and should show a deep interest in what they have to say by asking relevant questions.

  1. Make Sure to Share Your Knowledge Whenever You Can

Sandy Chin mentions that a mentor should always be open to sharing their knowledge on industry matters. No matter how small an anecdote could be, it could be very valuable to a protégé.

  1. Understand the Power of Networking

Sandy Chin also maintains that a mentor should be able to open new doors of opportunities for their mentees. This helps them explore their options as they advance in their careers and forge meaningful professional relationships on the way.

  1. Be Open to Answering Questions

According to Sandy Chin, a mentor should always be open to answering questions whenever they can without a frown on their forehead. This allows the protégé to be more comfortable in their learning experience.

  1. Don’t Be Hesitate in Sharing Lessons of Past Mistakes

Sandy Chin maintains that a mentor should never hesitate from sharing their past mistakes with their mentees, so the younger minds could learn from them and only walk the route of success.

For some mentors, it can be difficult to grasp the concept of their actions having a profound effect on their mentees. Sandy Chin maintains that is what needs to be changed, since they need to understand that their actions have a deeper meaning to their protégés than they might think.

Make certain to follow these tips and dive a little deeper into the relationship to provide value that lasts.


What to know about Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is a force to reckon with in the finance industry. His success is owed to the many years working in the field that has made him rise various ranks for more than ten decades, to the position of a managing director in Switzerland’s Hinduja bank. He has professionally worked with different banks in the United States of America as well as Europe.


Anil Chaturvedi has been of great help in the banks that he has worked for, most notably in the field of private banking, commercial banking and investment banking. Anil is a professional who has undergone schooling and has managed to acquire an MBA in business as well as an economics B.A. These are some of the top qualifications that qualify him to hold the senior positions in the banking sector. He is also well equipped with skills such as solution seeking, problem-solving, and being an enthusiast. He has applied these skills in the banking industry in his home country, India, as well as abroad.



Anil holds the position of an investment banker, whose primary role is ensuring that all the cash in the institution is used accordingly. During the great recession period in 2008, most of the investment policies drastically hanged with so many individuals losing their hard earned cash. Anil ensured that the bank’s investments he was working on were appropriately made. All bankers had learned the hard way on bad investments during this period, including Anil. Anil Chaturvedi was in the frontline in the spearheading the launching of mobile banking in some areas of India, making monetary transactions secure and fast. Anil Chaturvedi worked hand in hand with Amazon to improve e-commerce operations in the banking industry. All clients should be very keen to ensure that they make the right decisions when it comes to investing, so as not to lose their money.


Anil is an alumni association member of Delhi’s management faculty. He plays the role of ensuring individuals reconnect after completing their studies. It is healthy to meet up old buddies and catch up and probably do business. In all the banks Anil worked with, he increased the market share that earned him the title “magician” among his colleagues.

George Soros ValueWalk

In a single day of the year 1992, a billion dollar from the Bank of England was graciously pocketed by George Soros. Soros who was then 66 years and the Founder of Quantum Funds literally took the bank to its knees. This came about when he bet the British pound as the currency was struggling to be sustained due to the global recession.

Understanding the circumstances through which Soros made a fortune in just a day may require some basic know-how of exchange rate among countries. Also, you should have an idea of the macroeconomic tools various governments use stabilize their economy and making money through the use of hedge funds. Though hedge funds were not popular among the people then, it was through it which George Soros and his group of traders brought the British currency begging for help. This is recorded as the greatest financial bet during the 20th century.

The Genesis of this financial bet was when European countries after the World War II decided to come together under an umbrella of trade to boost their economy and bring them together to ensure their security and peace. This was also to enable them to compete favorably with the United States. This subsequently gave birth to the European Union which by that time didn’t have a single currency. So in 1979, the Union introduced a mechanism called the European Exchange Rate Mechanism on made respective countries set their exchange rate to others. This was to prevent the capital market being the dictator of their rates. The Deutschmarks was then used as the basis by which other countries will set their rate since Germany then, had the most resilient economy among its counterparts. So the exchange rate was agreed to be set at 6% plus or minus of their agreed rate.

With this deal, respective countries were required to also take part in the market since just living it into the hands of traders could be devastating and bring their economy into crises. So the management of currencies by governments on is really a big deal as whether the currency would devalue or appreciate demands some strategic policy directions and implementations, especially when managing an economy with a fixed exchange rate.

Britain joined the ERM in 1990 and had to set its rate at 2.95 Deutschmark per Pound and was obliged to keep the exchange rate at 2.78 and 3.13 Deutschmark. George Soros and his team took advantage of an economic recession of the Britain and predicted the Pounds Sterling was going to fall and bet $1.5 billion which was later increased to $10 billion and they did this through the short stock procedure. As other people followed suit, the Pound eventually fell almost 15% to the Deutschmark and 25% to the dollar.

To Britain, it was a black Wednesday but to Soros and his allies, it was an awesome Wednesday

Sam Tabar Continues To Make a Difference

No matter what career a person chooses, it’s difficult to stand out from the competition. With many people vying for recognition, standing head and shoulders above everyone else can at times feel impossible. Yet despite all the obstacles put in front of them, some people never give up and eventually find themselves standing on top of the career ladder. This has been the professional life of attorney and capital strategist Sam Tabar, who for many years has worked with clients on matters of extreme importance. Whether meeting with Wall Street executives or with investors for a hedge fund, Sam has always taken the time to ensure all questions were answered and that each session was handled in a professional manner.

Deciding to initially enter the business world as an attorney, Sam immediately put his education from Columbia Law School to good use. Accepting a job as an Associate with a leading law firm, Sam found himself immersed in many important issues related to hedge fund compliance and regulations. Taking it upon himself to do as much research as possible on the subject, he was always able to answer whatever question came his way. Getting rave reviews from his clients, it was clear Sam had indeed found his niche.

However, after deciding it was time to get out of his comfort zone, Sam made the decision to put his financial strategy skills to the test. Always interested in the analysis of world financial markets, he chose to focus his attention on such nations as China and Japan. Making one flight after another from New York to Hong Kong or Beijing, LinkedIn is a great indication of how Sam used his skills in world financial strategies to put executives at ease and help them and their firms reach whatever goals they may have had. In this capacity, he was able to use his skills in strategic planning to implement global marketing strategies that helped one company after another. Meeting regularly with some of the world’s foremost business executives, Sam was always well-versed in what needed to be said and done in order for a company to make it big in the financial world.

Still in demand by numerous firms, Sam continues to work hard finding new ways to use financial strategies in order to meet a company’s financial goals. In the years to come, it’s expected that more and more of his strategies will be used across the world.  Sam Tabar’s SlideShare makes evident what else he’s done in his career.

CCMP Capital – Wading Through The Challenges

Every decision, from repaying a loan to investing in stocks and bonds, has costs and benefits. These benefits can be personal, but most of the time it is financial. The experts at CCMP Capital will help you make better decision whether you are dealing with a big issue or a small one. These decisions typically involve money and CCMP Capital will show you how to be careful with it so you have a sound nest egg for the future.

Well known personal finance expert, private equity investor and philanthropist Stephen “Steve” Murray founded this company. He graduated from Boston College with a degree in economics and later complete Master’s degree in Business Administration. Steve Murray contributed a lot to the success of CCMP Capital. Unfortunately, due to health issue, the company lost him in 2015.

CCMP Capital has experts who are well-trained and qualified to provide products and services related to finance, such as underwriting service, capital management, fund raising, mergers, acquisitions, and retirement planning. They take into account the fact that their clients have motivations that can go way beyond simple number crunching. They teach their clients how to invest safely and how to remain loyal to investment. From savings plan to investing in real estate and more, CCMP Capital has solutions for investors from all walks of life. The experts like Steve Murray have answers to all their clients’ questions and concerns.

CCMP Capital’s products and services are a rare melding of personal finance and investment at an important time when money buys everything people need for a sound future. It is much more than just numbers. Their strategies are designed to help clients make real-world financial decisions and improve their financial lives as well. They have strategies in place that are a great framework for creating wealth. The experts combine their knack and expertise for getting to the heart of the money matter and help clients and investors succeed in their undertakings. They are not like the firms that promise big return in a small amount of time, but rather a firm that takes realistic approach when it comes to investing money in the market. They take a more useful approach by discussing everything they know with their clients. They provide finance tools that clients can deploy to build a better financial future for themselves.

Wall street’s Steve Murray CCMP Capital is a pioneer in providing finance products and services to individuals and institutions alike. Because of the experts’ training in capital management and varied experience in the field, they see the world of finance through an entirely unique lens. Their proven and time-tested strategies have been very beneficial in the past as well. In essence, clients can make important life choices through CCMP Capital.