OSI Food Solutions, Big Hearts Distributing and Delivering Kindness

Imagine having the ability to order food based on personal taste on a large scale. With the capacity to serve buyers on a worldwide basis, OSI Food Solutions, as a supplier, understands the balance between clients and customer demands. Find out, how you can purchase from this established company offering quality, nutritious edibles.

History of Company

With an acclaimed, respected presence, dating back over a century to 1909, OSI Food Solutions began with a Meat Market facility. By the 1950s, a secured contract with McDonald’s burgers was a huge success. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, dreams of success grandly emerged.

  • Demonstrated Ability to Serve on a Large Scale

Locations Around the Globe

From North America, Europe, the Asia Pacific and beyond, expansion has continuously grown throughout their history. For example, the company serves countries; such as, China, Australia, India and the Philippines, too.

  • Reaching Countries Around the World
  • Phenomenal Growth of Demand, Creates Remarkable Job Opportunities

Current Expanded Choices

Beside hamburgers, chicken, sausage, pork, hot dogs OSI Food Solutions offers restaurants and food chains the ability to select a variety of other personalized entrees and sides. Ordering products is an unique process. Buyers can purchase secularized spices based on local population’s preferences.

  • Unlimited Selections Offered Based on Specific Cultural Tastes Sets OSI Food Solutions Apart from Competitors
  • Products Offered Fresh and Frozen at 65 Facilities and Growing

Superior Quality Guaranteed

The company pledges to only serve products that meet the highest standard of excellence. There is a Branch within the organization that specifically deals with regulations and compliance’s. Headed by a team led by the esteemed Dr. Kenneth Petersen, every item carefully prepared.

  • Food Safety and Regulations Carefully Followed According to Region Specifications

Associations and Charitable Support

Staying connected to every community is of utmost importance for OSI Food Solutions. One way to do this is through locally, supporting and generously helping based on particular needs within a municipality. Sharing their success allows them to remain respectably associated in all of their public metropolitan locations. Examples include: food banks and the Ronald McDonald House.

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The History of OSI Group is Tied to McDonald’s and Chicago

For more than a century, OSI Group has been innovating the world of food production. It all started in a meat market in Chicago run by a German immigrant named Otto in 1909. After the company grew to be a wholesale market, Otto gave a lot of the responsibilities for the company to his sons who continued to help the company grow even more. If you have ever eaten at McDonald’s, you have more than likely eaten a product that was produced by OSI Group. This is because the sons of Otto struck an important deal with the company that would later lead to them expanding to the international market of food production. Even today, they are still one of the few major suppliers that McDonald’s trusts to produce their food.

When the company began as a meat market, it only employed a few people as a small operation run by a German immigrant in Chicago. In 1928, Otto rebranded the company to Otto & Sons. As OSI Group has expanded, they have managed to employ tens of thousands of people in their facilities in 17 different countries. As of now, there are approximately 65 facilities with plans to open more in the near future as part of their extensive expansion plans. The company has grown to be a part of the economic history of the United States and the midwest in particular.

After World War II, the United States saw a large amount of expansion economically. The modern suburb became popular and they were popping up all over the country and people were looking for new ways to make their lives more convenient. It was this combination of factors and more that caused McDonald’s and subsequently OSI Group to grow so quickly in the United States and later the world. When McDonald’s started its expansion outside of the United States, OSI Group began theirs as well and opened their first international facility. McDonald’s has become one of the most recognizable brands throughout the world and while OSI may not be as well known, they have become very important as well.


OSI Is A Food Supplier That Was Built On Hard Work And Good Decisions

The OSI company embodies the American dream perhaps more than any other company in existence today. It went from a small operation, founded by a German immigrant into a company that employs approximately 20,000 employees and 65 employees in 17 countries and has an OSI Group McDonalds partnership that has benefit both companies greatly.

In the early part of the 20th century, German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky opened a meat market and butcher shop in the Oak Park area of Chicago. By the end of the first world war he had moved into the wholesale part of the industry. The following decades were very successful for, what was now known as, Otto and Sons. They served the people of their community with a high level of quality and professionalism.

Otto and Sons saw another period of growth after the second World War. America’s suburbs were expanding and new businesses were thriving in the post-war economy. Ray Kroc began his enterprise around this time and fortuitously became acquainted with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons.

Ray Kroc was in the process of expanding a small, family run, restaurant named McDonald’s. Just before they opened the second location Kroc made a handshake deal with Otto and Sons to be the sole provider of fresh beef for all of the McDonald’s locations. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership began and grew from that handshake deal. The following decades saw great success for McDonalds and Otto and Sons, which was now known as OSI.

Advancements in technology allowed OSI to expand to supplying other types of food like sausage, pizza, and many more in addition to the OSI Group McDonalds partnership. Additionally, as McDonald’s expanded internationally OSI did as well. Their first international foray was into Germany which was followed by multiple subsequent expansions.

OSI Group has also won multiple awards for their environmental consciousness, including the 2016 California Green Business Award. OSI has adapted and thrived throughout its history and its leadership promises to continue that into the future. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership is one of the pinnacle partnerships in business history.

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OSI Group Transitions into a Global Giant in Provision of Food Solutions

Following a century of innovations, the OSI Group McDonalds today runs as one of the largest companies providing food solutions globally. OSI started operating as a family-owned butcher shop (Otto & Sons) serving the Chicago neighborhoods. With about 65 facilities spread across 17 different countries, OSI’s growth presents a significant part of economic history in America and is still evolving into globalization.

One of the significant milestones in OSI’s growth journey was its agreement with McDonald’s to supply fresh ground beef to their first franchise. As McDonald’s continued to grow, OSI did improve as well. It became the primary supplier of the growing number of McDonald’s restaurant in various regions. It was a crucial development for the company.

In its efforts to develop into a global corporation, OSI Group McDonalds heavily relied on a series of technological innovations in enhancing its operations. The cutting-edge technology significantly strengthened its business relationship with McDonald’s in meeting its demand for consistent, affordable, and consumer-driven products. The reliable process of freezing food using liquid nitrogen helped OSI tap new product expansion opportunities in the market.

The entry of Sheldon Lavin as a partner to the company and later its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer speeded up the transition process at OSI. He served a very significant role in its capitalization efforts. Through his vast experience in investments and the banking sector, Lavin continues to help OSI develop across international borders. According to the Forbes 2016 list consisting of the largest private companies in the U.S, OSI Group McDonalds emerged as position 58 with 6.1 billion dollars in sales.

Additionally, the growth of the firm into a premier food provider in the globe is as a result of successful expansion efforts, joint venture, and several acquisitions. Its joint operations with the Taiwan-based K&K Foods emerges as its initial expansion efforts. It has also expanded its European market by acquiring a considerable share of Baho Foods. Another significant step is the acquisition of the Creative Foods Europe which helps it serve the growing demand of its products in U.K. Nonetheless, OSI purchased the Tyson Foods processing plant in Chicago in support of its continued growth and product diversification process.

OSI Group McDonalds operations seek to preserve the environment and ensure sustainability. Due to its great concern for the environment, OSI received the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor Award in 2016.

OSI Food Solutions Awarded

OSI Food Solutions is an Aurora based organization that produces and packages meat products that are popular among global customers. The firm, established by a Otto Kolschowsky, a renowned investor who had just immigrated to the United States from Germany. The organization was initially known for the production and supply of the best meat products thanks to its founder. Otto started by offering his services to immigrants from his country before expanding to sell his products to American citizens in Chicago. By offering people the great services they needed, the businessman grew the meat company, increasing the brands he was manufacturing so that they could suit the people who did not enjoy having meat. Beef is a product that is popular, and it is used in the production of many snacks. The beef brought by OSI Food Solution was the best, and it was ordered by giant companies in the United States. One of the companies is McDonalds, and it led to the growth of the company. By making large orders, the institution managed to serve more people and expand its storage facilities.

Large productions are difficult to produce in any market. The ingredients have to be inspected and kept in the best state, and this can only be carried out by people who are experts. With the massive expansion taking place, OSI Food Solutions had to bring in more professionals who would ensure that the customer gets to enjoy a healthy and delicious product. At the moment, OSI Food Solutions gives employment to twenty thousand professionals who are based in various destinations. These people are involved in making meat patties, fish, bacon pizza and healthy vegetable products that are delicious.

OSI Food Solutions got a respectable award several months ago. The institution was named to be one of the top 100 companies that are based in America. This is not the first award that will be received in the company. Reports show that the institution has been recognized by Forbes and many other prestigious platforms that are in the world. Competition keeps getting worse with each passing day, and the global company has to put in more efforts to remain in the right books with the people.

CEO Sheldon Lavin and OSI Food Solutions ‘ Commitment to Sustainability

The CEO and Chairman of OSI Industries Sheldon Lavin has made sustainable food processing part of OSI’s business practices. Sustainable food processing is the integration of consumption, distribution, processing and waste management.

The practice benefits the community in which a food processing facility operates economically, environmentally, and socially. As a forward thinking company, OSI has always embraced the latest advancements in food processing technology.

The business that would become OSI Industries a multinational producer and distributor of restaurant supplies began in 1909 as a small butcher shop established by Otto Kolchowsky in a suburb of Chicago. By the 1950s the business had become Otto and Sons Inc. (OSI).

In 1956 OSI began supplying frozen patties to McDonald’s. OSI operated solely within the US prior to 1970. That was the year the man who would take OSI global Sheldon Lavin became a consultant to OSI.

During the seventies, McDonald’s was growing rapidly and as one of McDonald’s main suppliers, OSI had a chance to grow with them. Satisfying McDonald’s increased demand for burgers meant a significant expansion of OSI’s production facilities would be necessary.

Sheldon Lavin arranged the financing OSI needed to expand. The bank that provided the loan wanted to protect their investment by having Sheldon Lavin become a full partner at OSI. Mr. Lavin demurred agreeing to act as a consultant instead.

In 1975 Sheldon Lavin would become a full partner after helping OSI to secure capital to finance the company going global. That was the year the Otto and Sons Incorporated became OSI Industries.

Wanting to ensure that OSI could meet its ever-increasing demand for burgers it was at the request of McDonald’s that Sheldon Lavin began devoting his full attention to OSI. Not long after that Sheldon Lavin became CEO of the company. After the two Kolchowsky brothers retired Lavin gained full control of OSI.

The commitment that OSI Industries has made to good corporate citizenship has garnered the company the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award. Other honors include the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour, the California Green Business Award, and the Global Visionary Award.

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OSI Group and McDonalds Restaurant Shares a Story of Success

Many people might not realize this but the OSI Group played a critical role to McDonald’s initial success. As a matter of fact, when the restaurant had first started it was OSI’s hamburgers and cheeseburgers that people were enjoying. While McDonald’s received all of the press for their fantastic cheeseburgers, fries and shakes; it was the OSI Group that played a critical role in the success of McDonald’s. This is the story of OSI Group McDonalds and how these two companies helped each other to become world class food industry businesses.

OSI was originally known as Otto and Sons. It was created in 1909 by a German Immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. According to family history, his company was such a success that he was able to start wholesale operations. Being a wholesale business allowed Otto and Sons to fulfill large orders of meat products for businesses.

While Otto and Sons was enjoying its success in the meat market, Ray Croc was an agent for a couple named the McDonald’s. He opened up a restaurant for these two people and it was a fairly decent establishment. Apparently, business was good because Ray Croc had decided to purchase the place from the McDonald’s. By the time Kroc had acquired the McDonald’s eatery, the company had been in business for nearly 15 years. So, the organization had a solid name in the community.

Kroc had figured out a way to “automate” food service. His methods allow him to create a simplified process for getting meals to customers within a short amount of time. He needed a meat supplier for his cheeseburger and hamburger products. He eventually heard about Otto and Sons and decided to use their services. According to legend, Kroc shook hands with the Otto’s sons and the company began making beef patties for the organization.

OSI Group McDonalds got its start at this point. Otto and Sons was rebranded OSI Group in 1975. They continued their relationship with McDonalds as a meat supplier. OSI Group McDonalds are now two giant organizations in the food industry. Their products has fed billions of people all over the world. OSI Group McDonalds continue great success in the market and both organizations have excelled in the food industry business.

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Positive Articles on OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the largest global suppliers to the world. It is currently leading in the foodservice industry by carrying multiple food brands. They house over twenty thousand employees and have more than sixty-five facilities in seventeen different countries. Their international headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois.

Some of the top news articles covering this company come from the biggest websites such as foodandbusinessnews.net and gazetteday.com. These are just to name a few. In the article of foodandbusinessnews.net, it says that OSI Group acquired Baho Food. Most of their food consists of deli meats and snacks better known as convenience foods. The president and COO David G. McDonald stated: “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe.” This adds eighteen more countries in Europe. John Balvers, the Managing Director of Baho Foods expresses his excitement in joining the OSI Group. Both of these men’s statements show that they are very excited about moving forward with OSI. John Balvers also stated that he and his team will stay with OSI and continue to grow the company.

In gazetteday.com was an article on September 5, 2017, they elaborate on the expansion of OSI Group as it continues to grow internationally as more and more people continue to enjoy their products. This article also covers the purchase of Baho Foods as well since this was one of the biggest moves the company has ever made. Another one of their major purchases was Flagship Europe in 2016. This added on the expansion of frozen poultry, pies, and other condiments. In June of 2016, they also purchased a food plant which was going to be shut down in Chicago. It was originally run by Tyson Foods and it was purchased for $7.4 million dollars. As they continue to expand worldwide they show that safety is their number one priority by using the latest technology of metal detectors and X-ray equipment to spot any unknown objects in the food. Through charity, persistence, and safety OSI Group will continue to remain a number one company around the world.

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Key Acquisitions By OSI Industries That Made It A Major Player In The World Of Meat Distribution

Started over 100 years ago, OSI industries has reported persistent growth in all its fields of operation, characterized by its continuously burgeoning size. This transition has seen it evolve from a stand-alone corner butcher shop on the outskirts of Chicago in 1908 to a family-owned meat distribution company and the eventual meat processing and distribution giant it has become.

To achieve this fete that saw it feature among the top meat distribution companies in the world, the OSI management has made several acquisitions to complement their processing facilities. Some of the most impactful acquisitions include:

Moy Park and Amick farms

The turn of the millennium saw OSI Industries speed up its expansion and diversification program, a Sheldon Lavin’s brainchild started in the 1970s. This program would see the company shift its attention towards poultry meat and informed its decision to acquire the European based Moy Park Company in 2000. A breakthrough in the poultry industry would, however, come through in 2006 when the meat processor acquired the vertically integrated Amick Farms located on the East Coast.

Tyson Foods

With an increased demand for OSI Industries products in the country, the Sheldon led outfit sought to expand its operation with the acquisition of Tyson Foods. According to the company management, the Chicago based food processing plant helped the brand boost its processing capacity while opening up new growth opportunities and creating room for product diversification.

Baho foods

Traditionally, OSI Industries concentrated in building new processing facilities from down-up whenever they sought to expand their global market. This made expansion quite expensive and painstakingly slow. Sheldon Lavin sought to change this by recommending brand acquisitions as an alternative.

The new strategy would have maximum effect in Europe with the acquisition of such food processing companies as Baho Foods that operates in Netherlands and Germany. The brand specializes in processing meat and other food products and was, therefore, an easy target considering that its processes aligned with OSI’s expansion and diversification agenda.

Turi foods

After establishing solid footholds on the North American and European meat markets, OSI Industries sought to make a mark in Australia. The move culminated in a merger between OSI Australia and the poultry meat specialist Turi Foods to form the larger Turosi Pty Ltd.

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OSI Food Solutions is a global giant in provisional of food services and in the provision of retail brand services. OSI is a well-constructed firm with prestigious services hence making it the private firm most developed. OSI Food Solutions firm provides excellent services in the development, producing and distributing food services at international levels. By the year 2016, OSI Food was awarded the prestigious honor award by the British Safety Council that monitors exemplary management in managing the environment. The awarding ceremony took place at the Luncheon hall city in London 2016. The OSI Food has experienced employees that have enhanced the firm prosperity in the well-established environment. The firm employees include the sanitation group leader with the mandate of assisting the supervisor and other employees in the production functions. Again, the firm has the labor operations, general utility machine, general labor packing, and traffic supervisors with his deputy, and maintenance mechanic employees among many other employees.

The OSI firm clients are in the rise every single day and in the recent past; they raise the amount of chicken supply in an attempt to meet their customer needs. The demand for the consumption of chicken rose from 6% in the past to 8%, and the demand was expected to escalate as the days were running. OSI Food Solutions firm has made several achievements in the corporate world, and as such, the bought the Baho Food company aiming at expanding her market capacities in entire Europe. The Baho Food Company has its five-affiliate companies in the Netherlands and in Germany. Through the Baho Food corporate, OSI Food expects to invest and reap the profits from the eighteen European states. In addition to that, OSI Food Solutions bought the two thousand square foot of Tyson Foods in Chicago the investment they aim at adding more investments to their infrastructures. The Tyson Food spokesperson reported that they closed in 2015and they decided to amalgamate with the OSI Food Solutions. Further, the OSI Food obtained flagship in Europe, and therefore they will have an opportunity to supply frozen chicken. The corporate is leading in the USA due to her distinguished services it provides to their clients.

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