IAP Worldwide Work Ethics

IAP is a world-class specialist in facilities management and providing global-scale logistics. The company has more than 2,000 employees located in over 25 countries worldwide. IAP strives to solve both the public and private sectors challenges experienced by its customers. The company is determined to engage the unexpected ranging from natural disasters to overseas battlefields. Interestingly, IAP Worldwide is experienced in planning, coordinating and executing complex technical and logistical challenges. They are specialists in the management, maintenance, and operation of remote research facilities, military installations, and civilian facilities. For over 60 years, IAP has built a reputation as dependable and responsive service provider that not only meets, but exceeds customer expectation. IAP Worldwide has its headquarters at Cape Canaveral, FL. It also maintains offices outside the US like in the UK and the Middle East.

IAP’s Accomplishments
IAP takes great pride in integrating exceptional skills and expertise to form a cohesive workforce that outweighs individual experience by far. Furthermore, IAP’s employees are highly committed to the company’s mission that is unmatched in the industry, earning it a top position among the best employers worldwide. Importantly, IAP Worldwide Services is constantly seeking to hire talented and passionate candidates willing to make a difference in the world. It also integrates and leverages its competencies to provide solutions to diverse and subtle challenges faced by its customers.

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IAP’s culture is based on healthy competition and respect for each other. Each employee contributes unique competencies and knowledge to form a powerful workforce for good. Working at IAP will make you feel a deep sense of equality, commitment and ongoing recognition of individual efforts. At IAP Worldwide, the human resource department seeks to hire experienced, dedicated professionals in areas like operations, logistics, engineering and many other specialty areas.

IAP is committed to empowering its employees with relevant knowledge and resources to execute their duties safely and efficiently. As such, employees’ contribution to the overall success of the organization is significant. Together with the human resources professionals, IAP Worldwide Services employees strives to provide world-class levels of customer gratification. The HR department endeavors to develop and execute support programs and structures which add value to the company’s reputation and its employees. IAP Worldwide do everything possible to create a satisfying and rewarding working experience for all its employees. In all its interactions with the customers and staff, IAP Worldwide lives out its core values that include ingenuity, respect, responsibility, integrity, and focus.