Sheryl Underwood and A Cleanse That Works Fast!


There are so many different ways to lose weight today, it is insane and the options are endless! You can get surgery done, quick and easy. You can do overnight wraps to help you squeeze into that fancy dress for your husband’s work dinner party. You can get a trainer or sign up to have healthy meals delivered to your house. Like stated before, the options are truly endless!

But there is the difference of being in it to lose the weight and in it to be healthy. While both are good, one is way more important than the other. The cool news is with, it is both healthy and fast! The results you want, you will get! And you will get it quickly! You don’t believe it? Just ask Sheryl Underwood!


Sheryl Underwood’s Experience

In an interview with Steve Harvey on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Sheryl Underwood shares a quick excerpt on her detox with Dherbs. Through working out with her trainer, eating healthier, meditating and praying, and taking her Dherb’s detox supplements, she lost five pounds in just a few days. But the great thing is, Sheryl went about this detox the healthy way. Instead of just using the supplements and continuing to consume unhealthy food, she combined all aspects and took the supplements with her changed lifestyle. And her results? Phenomenal, and in just a few days! Sheryl Underwood is a well known comedian, actress, and television host for the CBS show The Talk.


A Bit Deeper Into The Detox Cleanse

While there are many different detoxes available, Let’s spend a little time looking into the 20 Day Cleanse by on Amazon. The point of the 20 day full body cleanse is to clean out all your organs and the crappy stuff in your system. Included in this detox are seven different formulas, and six of those are in tablet form and the final seventh is in activated charcoal that you simply add to water. Each individual formula concentrates on an organ/system to cleanse.

  1. Formula 1: Blood and Lymphatic
  2. Formula 2: Cardiovascular
  3. Formula 3: Gallbladder and Spleen, Liver
  4. Formula 4: Respiratory and Lungs
  5. Formula 5: Kidney, Bladder and Adrenals
  6. Formula 6: Colon and Digestive
  7. Formula 7: Taken before you sleep at night to get rid of leftover toxins and waste.

So for twenty days, you take doses of these supplements in sets of five every two to three hours. Your diet, while being on this detox, should also be completely raw vegan! Which means no animal products whatsoever, and only raw veggies, fruits, juice, plant oils, legumes, and raw nuts. No added dairy or processed sugars of any kind. Why raw? Because when you cook foods, they lose their nutrients. With raw, you are keeping it completely natural.  Learn more by reading the full review from TrustPilot, or their many user reviews on the Yelp page for