A DherbsA Day Keeps Doctors Away

Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” What one puts into their bodies will determine the benefit we get out of our bodies. The healthier one eats, the more nutrition one feeds their blood, heart, digestive system; the stronger one’s body can function, plus return us a healthier, longer life.

A body can not accomplish this alone. It can be difficult to obtain all the nutrients as well as the vitamins one need to maintain a healthy system. Just as a car needs to have a tune up, bodies need a little help when one slouches on hearty meals, Dherbs.com will be there to pick up that slack.

Keep your body in top working order with delicious teas, get rid of the toxins with easy to follow 20 day cleanses, pump vitamins A, B, C, D, K through your body with all-natural ingredients such as dandelion root, elderberries, lemon balm, cinnamon bark plus a plethora of bountiful ingredients too numerous to name. Visit: https://www.facebook.com/dherbsfamily/

Give your immunity a boost with Dherbs.com’s Anti-V tea. All-natural, delicious herbal tea that offers therapeutic support to cleanse your circulatory system, as well as combat toxins that try to attack you from the inside, allowing beneficial bacteria (yes that is a thing) grow.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, though many times people find themselves too busy to get the right amount of fruits or veggies in their diet. Dherbs.com offers a myriad of unique supplements to give you that quick boost of all you need in one healthy dose. One one easy to swallow capsule, Electric Greens Combo offers you the benefits of eating an entire portion of 12 different healthy greens, filling you with vitamins, detoxing waste from your body, not to mention balancing your body’s pH.

If your body needs a boost to help you feel your absolute best, check out all of Dherb’s products for more information.

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Sussex Healthcare: Englands Finest End-of-Life Care Company

Sussex Healthcare is one of the largest and most reputable end-of-life care facilities in Southern England. With most of its facilities near the southern coast, Sussex Healthcare has become a renowned name for its care of the elderly and neurologically challenged young adults.

Sussex Healthcare has been in business for over two decades now, opening its doors in 1985. The end-of-life care group now operates 20 facilities. Some of these facilities are nursing facilities while others are unique building such as high-tech gyms and state of the art daycare centers.

Sussex Healthcare operates under the motto of care plus leisure for its patients. Sussex believes that their patents need not only medical care but the ability to socialize and participate in group activities. Their centers have specialized chefs that cater, not only to the whole, but to individuals on a nutritional basis. Sussex claims to offer physical, emotional, spiritual, and emotional care. To do this, they give individuals both open and relaxed rooms to enjoy.

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Of course, to run such an operation requires a highly-trained staff. Sussex Healthcare is a master of training. Sussex has partnered with multiple healthcare organization including the National Hospital for Neurology, St. Thomas, Guys, and the Royal Hospital for Neurological Disorders. This partnership allows them to train all of their employees in Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care. Sussex Healthcare has an employee emphasis on compassion. What do employees receive for all of this hard work? Sussex compensates employees extraordinarily well and helps them with many things such as continued education.

To understand why Sussex Healthcare is such an expansive and great group of facilities, one has to understand its founders. Shiraz Bohani is a big part of the hospitality and comfort experience that Sussex Healthcare offers. Bohani simultaneously works for Splendid Hospitality which is a 20 hotel large hospitality group. On the other side of the coin, Shafik Sachedina – the other owner – has expertise in the medical field. Sachedina was a dental surgeon for many years.

With an incredible group of employees, state-of-the-art facilities, and an emphasis on compassion, Sussex Healthcare stands out in the world of end-of-life care. This stand-out reputation has allowed Sussex Healthcare to expand rapidly, and more facilities seem to be popping up constantly. With an influx of requests, Sussex Healthcare seems to always need more facilities. This is for good reason, Sussex Healthcare has some of the best and most reputable nursing homes in England.

Preparing For Your Lifeline Screening Test

Lifeline Screening offers a very good priced and convenient medical screening system. The company offers the same tests that are available at a hospital or a medical screening facility and it is much more convenient. Many people today avoid seeing a doctor on a regular basis because it takes so long to get an appointment and they don’t feel like they have anything wrong.


Illness has a much better chance of being cured when it is caught in the early stages, and that is where Lifeline Screening comes in. Some of the more popular screenings include a limited electrocardiograph, ultrasound, and finger-stick blood testing. All testing results are readily made available to your doctor at no extra cost, as a doctor must ultimately interpret the results of the screenings.

The limited electrocardiograph determines if a person has atrial fibrillation, which is an irregular heartbeat. A-Fib, as it is called, can be very dangerous as it can cause blood clots which can cause a stroke. If this condition is present your doctor should be made aware of it as soon as possible.

Ultrasound testing is another popular procedure. Ultrasound is the same type of testing that a new mother has done in order to find out if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl. Ultrasound gives the medical personnel a “live” view of what is going on inside of the human body in real time.

With Ultrasound the flow of your blood can be observed which is a key to the discovery of possible blockages. A Carotid artery screening is going to look at the flow of blood of the neck arteries. A screening of the abdominal and ankle arteries give an indication of any cardiac problems. A bone scan will give an indication if there is a possibility of osteoporosis.

A simple finger-stick blood test is enough with just a few drops of blood to create a full lipid blood panel. With this information, the levels of both good and bad cholesterol can be measured and analyzed. The glucose, or blood sugar level is also measured to determine if you have diabetes. Liver enzymes are analyzed to determine if you have any liver disease.

Preparation for your screening with Lifeline Screening is very easy. When you make your appointment, the Lifeline personnel will advise you to wear loose-fitting clothing. Ladies should wear slacks and a loose fitting blouse and men should wear comfortable pants and a sports shirt. If you are going to have a blood test, fasting for 6 to 12 hours is recommended.

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Dherbs.com Vegan Herbal Cleanse is Making People Feel Way Better

Sheryl Underwood is an American comedian, actress, and television host. Sheryl’s always in the spotlight so it’s important she looks good all the time. She’s been working out with her trainer, eating well, and she recently added a new secret weapon to her weight loss routine. Sheryl went to Dherbs.com and found their vegan herbal cleanse, and in a few short days she lost five whole pounds! That’s right, five pounds! Sheryl meditates, drinks water, eats healthy, but she knows that sometimes, that just isn’t enough. With Dherbs, she’s able to kick her health goals into overdrive to get where she needs to go. She doesn’t get there through crash diets or quick fixes, but through a natural cleanse that’s all vegan and easily accessible on Dherbs.com.


Dherbs is a 20 day natural cleanse that you can find on the web and by phone. Dherbs works with the immune system to promote weight loss and increase energy. It helps to eliminate cravings,and get rid of toxins from the inside out. I’ve tried it too, and I’ve never felt better. I figured if it worked for a super celebrity like Sheryl, it could work for me too. Not only that, but tons of other people across the web have used Dherbs too.


For Sheryl, it was important that she look her best. She’s president of her Los Angeles based Sorority called Zeta Phi Beta. Right after she started Dherbs, she gave a big speech in front of her sorority sisters at their annual gala, including toasting to the First Lady Michelle Obama. Sheryl had to look good for this huge moment in her life. With exercise, meditation, water, a great attitude, and ESPECIALLY with Dherbs, Sheryl was able to deliver her speech with confidence.


On Dherbs, Sheryl lost five pounds in a few short days. I think that if anyone has the desire to look good and feel great, whether you’re a celebrity or an ordinary person, Dherbs.com can help you accomplish your goals. I was especially happy because it’s all natural and vegan, so it fit in with my diet. I would definitely recommend it, and Sheryl Underwood clearly does as well.  Compare prices on Amazon, or you can also read more about them on Facebook.

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Why Sweetgreen is Considered a Lifestyle Brand

Sweetgreen is a fast food chain of restaurants that serves simple, healthy, and seasonal dishes. The company was started by college friends and colleagues Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman. The three wanted to start a restaurant that serves fresh, healthy, and tasty food in a fun environment within Washington, D.C.

Nathaniel Ru and his friends attended Georgetown University and were in their final semester when they thought of their idea. They found a space that coincidentally was owned by their then landlord. After weeks of persuasion, the landlord finally decided to rent them the space only if they found investors and came up with a feasible business plan.

Today, Sweetgreen runs several chain restaurants in major American cities including Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. The company has plans to expand nationally and cover more cities. It is backed by big-time investors like Daniel Boulud, Danny Meyer and Steve Case. So far, it has opened restaurants in 40 locations since its inception in 2007.


Creating a Brand

According to co-founder and co-CEO, Nathaniel Ru, the company is keen on creating a national brand that is different, fun, and offers healthy food. He added that Sweetgreen is bent on creating value to its customers. The three founders are largely regarded as tech pioneers in the restaurant industry because they carry out up to 30 percent of their transactions online using their official website. They also have a mobile application.


Management Strategies

The three co-founders are always thinking of how they can improve their management strategies to become more efficient. Currently, they shut down their corporate offices at least 5 times per year and carry out all their activities in their restaurants. This allows them to stay close to their customers.

Furthermore, they operate without a national headquarters. The co-CEOs all operate bicoastal. Nathaniel states that the company is not a believer of a huge corporate headquarters, rather they like to decentralize their activities.


Serving the Immediate Community

Nathaniel further reiterates that Sweetgreen restaurants do not serve a huge national corporate, rather every restaurant serves its immediate community. This is another reason why the company decentralizes its management. Today, the company operates as a lifestyle brand. It infuses fun activities into its operations including music, yoga classes, and cross-promotions with fitness clubs and gyms. Each store has a unique design that resonates with the local culture and community around it.


Assisted Living Improved Through The Manse on Marsh facility

Assisted living facilities have become a necessity due to people having busy schedules. Assisted living facilities are modest apartments that focus on giving assistance to people who are unable to care entirely for themselves. The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility located in San Luis Obispo, California. Some of the services provided by assisted living facilities include;

• Preparing meals
• Housekeeping
• Medication assistance
• Laundry

Services provided in the Manse on Marsh
They provide quality living facilities for senior citizens. They offer them a unique lifestyle where they get to live independently at very fair prices. The facility is close to social amenities providing each member with accommodation services to suit their individual needs.
Manse on Marsh offers Fine dining and casual bistro, according to Yelp reviews. Their room services include comprehensive housekeeping with the following services

• Bed and bath linen services
• Personal laundry
• Chauffeured transportation
• A Lifeline alert system
• Fitness and wellness centers

They value the comfort and safe care of all residents. The Manse on Marsh assures the residents from their Twitter of five check-ins in a day to monitor both health and service delivery. Ailing residents have 24-hour access to technicians and caregivers.

The facility is a free environment where residents make their choices in regards to services and housing. They offer a variety of living arrangements which include;

• Single bedroom suites
• Two bedroom cottages
• Studios
• Private homes with up to 3 bedrooms
• Free-standing cottages with full-sized kitchens

The facility has an Atrium building used as a common area for many people visiting the residents it has a movie theater, library, salon, among other services.

Manse on Marsh offers both permanent and temporary living facilities. Temporary facilities also get full access to all services provided. Some of the temporary services and facilities provided are

• Cal Poly seminars
• Shopping
• Exercise classes,
• Games fields
• Dime horse racing,
• Church services

The Manse on Marsh aims to change the common perception on retirements home. They employ qualified staffs who provide senior citizens with living conditions bettering their quality of life. They have managed to make assisted living a service worth the resources and suitable for anyone joining them.  Contact them online, or read through the blog at TheManseBlog.com for further information.