Led By David Zalik, GreenSky Credit Is A Fintech Company Heading Higher

The name David Zalik doesn’t mean anything to the average person. If Zalik could maintain that anonymity, then he definitely would remain in the background. However, he founded financial technology company GreenSky Credit in 2006. His company has grown from a small fintech company into one of the darlings of the industry. It’s a profitable company with a bright future, and 2018 could be the best year for the company yet.

A Relatively Unknown Company By Today’s Standards

As a fintech company, most people would expect GreenSky Credit’s name to be plastered everywhere. Zalik started the company over a decade ago and has remained behind the scenes since then. He has resisted going public or taking on major institutional investors to grow the company. In fact, Zalik maintains a majority of the ownership in his company, which is somewhat uncommon among fintech companies.

What Service Does The Company Provide?

GreenSky Credit is a fintech company rather than a lender. The company works with nearly 20,000 contractors across the country. When these contractors visit a homeowner, they offer services for home improvement projects. From there, Zalik’s company connects potential borrowers with banks willing to lend the necessary funds. GreenSky provides up to $65,000 for each home improvement project.

Contractors can secure a loan approval for a homeowner in seconds. For interested homeowners, a contractor takes their information and plugs it into a smartphone app. The app connects with GreenSky Credit and its network of banks. An approval comes in less than 60 seconds, and then homeowners are ready to renovate their homes. Typically, contractors pay GreenSky a commission, and banks pay a service fee as well.

A Great Setup With Very Little Risk

Since GreenSky Credit doesn’t own the loans, the company faces little risk. A default on a loan doesn’t hurt the company as much as the bank. Still, it’s necessary to point out that positive loan performance means the bank provides more money to GreenSky. The company profits from both contractors and the lenders without assuming much risk. A long-term loan provides an ongoing source of revenue for the company each year.

Rumors Of An Initial Public Offering Arise For GreenSky

GreenSky Credit recently made the first steps toward making an initial public offering. The company has been private since its inception in 2006. By going public, Zalik and GreenSky stand to make a lot of money. An IPO isn’t guaranteed but does show how successful the company has been to this point. Annual revenue reached $250 million in 2017 and is expected to hit $400 million for 2018. With such an incredible business model, Zalik’s company stands to keep making more and more money as time goes on.


Glen Wakeman is Enabling Entrepreneurs to Succeed in Business

Glen Wakeman is a successful business person recognized worldwide for his entrepreneurial, innovative and mentorship skills. Wakeman is known to be the co-founder of the Launchpad Holdings LLC, which he developed to ease the work of the other entrepreneurs worldwide in formulating ideas into workable plans. He’s a holder of Bachelor of Science in Economics degree from the University of Scranton and Masters in Business Administration. Wakeman is well celebrated with a vast work experience in business, entrepreneurial and management related tasks.

For more than twenty years, he worked with GE Money company (http://www.glenwakeman.com/glen-wakeman-blogs/). He expanded the company by extending its operation in a total of nine nations. That made the company to enjoy increased revenues up 2 billion dollars. The company also created more employment. With time the company expanded its operation in more countries to the extent of recognition as an international company. He engaged the company in many deals and created numerous products. Currently, He is the president of Nova Four. Glen Wakeman’s new company acts as a guide company in the field of capital access and development. He executes CEO duties on training and Board obligations as methods for managing the changes.

His passion for business led him to come up with Launchpad, a system that has enabled entrepreneurs to formulate ideas and reduce failure rates. He is determined in enabling businesses to excel by following a successful method of enhancing performance, which includes; adjusting vision and strategies, integrating business processes with new technologies and limiting interruptions in business activities. He embarks on making various ideas a reality and encourages that business should focus on the use of technology to enjoy rapid and quality results.

Launchpad works as an online based system that was launched in Miami in 2016.One of the advantages of using the system is that it aids in developing business plans well suited for specific businesses as well as inducing ideas on investments, growth and raising capital. The system platform also allows interaction between which is a significant boost to clients as they get to make consultation whereas the company can conduct surveys. The system’s client base has increased significantly and is experiencing an accelerating growth. Wakeman believes that clients will benefit from its services.