Jason Hope: Making IoT Experts

Every day countless Americans depend on technology to carry out their days. They communicate with spouses, plan trips, and check their e-mails. Many people stand in line for the next big thing or have purchased home assistants that let them gather information by simply asking the device. This new technology with IoT gives consumers an easy, hands-free world that they are keen to explore. Futurist Jason Hope sees the world that IoT can offer. While they are already wildly successful, Hope has looked at the growth of these IoT related devices and believes that they are going to explode in popularity very soon.

Jason Hope is a graduate of Arizona State University, where he received his undergraduate degree in Finance. He later returned to ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business to obtain his MBA. While these qualifications indicated a successful early career, his experience is what has made him an expert in his field. After starting a technology business in mobile communications, Hope began to expand into other areas. He eventually took up investing and biotechnology. He has also become a very dedicated philanthropist. His portfolio of companies continues to grow, and he has proven that he is very good at anticipating the technology markets. Truly, if Jason Hope believes that IoTs are the future, consumers can take that to the bank.

Hope’s e-book is just another brilliant work in a string of his successes. The difference with this project is that Hope wants to bring his tech-savvy methods to his readers. The book, “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” is a wonderful resource for many people that might be looking for more information on the IoT. It is available for purchase on Amazon.com for immediate use. In it, he talks about how to use IoT devices and the future of the network. He also discusses security, which is on the minds of a lot of people in this technological society.

Hope explains in this book that the IoT, is simply the network that allows devices to remain interconnected. This can be smartphones or tablets, even cars. It has grown in popularity over the years with the introduction of smart appliances and even smart houses. According to Hope, the future is in these types of devices. It is his hope that he can prepare his readers for this future now and give them a leg up amongst their peers. Through Hope’s e-book, anyone can become an expert.

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Jason Hope Sets Sights on the Internet of Things

Jason Hope would probably scoff if you called him the future of the tech industry but in the back of your minds, you both would realize it is potentially true. Hope is a world renowned futurist, a public speaker, and a published author. He is also a talented entrepreneur who has been turning the mobile processing world upside down through his work with the company Jawa, his own start up. For years now Jason Hope has been focusing on establishing method that monitors market trends and helps him to target disruptive technology in order to come out ahead of the pack. Using these methods he has stumbled upon perhaps his biggest target yet: the Internet of Things.

Whether you are addicted to latest Silicon Valley news or not, you probably are already at least moderately aware of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is a concept that explains how all of our technology and our daily life objects interface with the internet. Now, we aren’t speaking just of your traditional devices like your cell phone or your laptop. We are talking about your shoes. Your refrigerator. Your house lights. Jason Hope believes that the internet will become such a potent part of our lives that it will interface with everything — and we mean everything.

For Jason Hope the Internet of Things offers the best of all worlds. It is a tech revolution that will inspire, inform, and educate our day to day lives. Imagine a world where everything was made as efficiently as possible. Now imagine a world where that efficiency has helped to curtail waste while making us wealthier and happier as a result. It is a reality that could be here within years. Public transit, city officials, first response teams and more are already utilizing the Internet of things to help improve their work. Hope believes that bigger changes are coming in the future and that they will spread beyond entertainment and civic mechanisms in order to fully saturate our daily lives. We believe in this future, but do you?

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