Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc new move to addressing Title Defects

The Issue of Title Defection

The issue of title defection is a critical challenge facing the budding and flourishing estate market, albeit in the recent years. A number of people are of the opinion that it derails the smooth transition of assets while others feel it is a major driver to foreclosures. According to the National Title Clearing, Inc. the above issues can be addressed by availing the necessary property records to foster title conveyance. It is in this connection that it has launched a revamped website where clients can access property reports online in a simplified way.


Driving Factors

Title defect mostly arises when one party lays claim on a title whose property is owned by someone else. However, the invalidity of a title may also arise from the following factors;

  • Negligence while filling in real estate documents
  • Failing to remove previous encumbrances and other liens thereby jeopardizing the marketability of the title
  • Simple wording issues that may infringe the real estate standards in the particular locality
  • Failing to include all the necessary signatories thereby inhibiting the title transition process.


Available Services in NTC Website

Through their novel website, NTC’s customers can access the following services regarding a particular property;

  • Checking the tax status (plus) report
  • Generating tax status report
  • Checking the current owner report
  • Inspecting the assignment verification report services


Sourcing and Using the Data

According to the NTC’s C.E.O, the company is devoted to ensuring that customers are able to secure property reports in a simple, fast, and step-by-step process. The reports are developed from actual land records and can be accessed by any residential property across the country. The data is obtained from a wide array of sources and the process incorporates the aspect of automation and human verification. Eventually, this enables the company to service a large number of America’s giant lenders and especially the ones mandated with the auditing of compliance regulations. NTC attributes its success to its ability of having a full and clear understanding of the needed end results by the clients.


About Nationwide Title Clearing, Incorporation

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a Florida based company founded in 1991. It is a privately-owned, award-winning, and leading research and document-expert research provider to the residential mortgage industry for over two and half decades. It provides its services to the America’s giant mortgage lenders, investors, servicers and its documents are recorded in 3600+ counties across the nation. Its mission is ensuring accuracy in research and document processing to preserve the country’s land records while protecting the homeowners and supporting the mortgage banking industry. In 2015, the company was ranked position 3108 out of the 5000 fastest growing companies in the U.S. In five times, NTC has won the Tampa bay top 100 workplace designation.

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