Greg Secker; a Foreign Trading Legend

Inspiration is the fluid that fuels most ambitions and goals into happening. For Greg Secker, his inspiration to doing business was out of love and care for other people. He noted how difficult it was to maneuver the trading game for people without knowledge. Even acquiring the necessary education was quite a task. He had the drive to enable people to access these tools and resources in the trading sector. He started the business to better the lives of many at little or no risk. Before all that, he first had to make money. He put the knowledge he had into programs. This provided a program with learn to trade which allowed him to work from home. Within 3 to 6 months of telecommuting, he gathered some good money, better than what he made in the corporate world. A great amount of what he made, he reinvested, and it bore great amounts.

Every entrepreneur experiences doubt at some point in their businesses. For Greg, he had his doubts when he started, so much he almost gave up. He decided to take back a few steps and trace his way ahead again, correcting any wrongs that saved his business. He decided to do workshops for Learn to trade where people in his situation could get solutions and not have to do trial and error as he did. His family and friends have greatly contributed to his success. Through their support and business ideas, he has experienced growth. The business icon has also succeeded from learning from other people’s situations. He also says that the same family and friends were his first clients and students. They spotted his progress and went to him for tips and ideas. He is most proud of his ability to convert all he knows into actions or resources and tools that people can use to improve their lives. Greg Secker recently bought a box with a pack of cards that he uses to explain that there is no limit to what people can do even in business. Just like magic tricks for magicians, magic can happen in businesses with just a little push.

About Greg Secker

Greg is a 42-year-old philanthropist, entrepreneur, international speaker and master trader. He graduated from Nottingham University in 1997 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences. He started his career at Thomas Cook Financial institution before he changed to foreign exchange. His position as Vice President of Mellon Financial Company gave him so much exposure in the foreign trading sector. It is with this knowledge that founded Learn to Trade within just three months.

Four years ago, he founded the Knowledge to Action group. This is a group of companies that work together in teaching people how to excel in trading.